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Intermediate Yooho. Anyone out there?


Roleplaying is like air. Without it, I die.
Hey ya’ll. V2r2 here looking for a rp partner. I personally prefer doing mxm and mxf rps, but I am open to fxf. I am looking for a yearlong rp partner who is willing to do two to four big paragraphs a day. I understand some scenes may not require a huge response, and quick fire is fine. However, when we are both immersed into the roleplay, big paragraphs would be absolutely wonderful.

Plots: Plots:

After a horrible breakup with someone Muse B(You) has been dating for the past five years, Muse B cleans up their life, undergoing a startling transformation to their personality and even (gasp!) signing up for a dating website. They meet Muse A (me).

Muse A(me) is an asexual celebrity. They are also hot as hell and have a voice from heaven itself. Fans keep trying to ‘turn’ them, to the point Muse A has to disappear right after concerts, sneaking away from everyone, including security. On their way home after a concert, they get lost in a shady part of town and bump into Muse B(you), who recognizes them instantly. What now?

Muse A(me) committed a crime and was sent to jail. Muse B(you) is the communal shrink of the jail. Muse A also happens to have been very close friends with all the cops in the area before being sent to jail. The crime and the person don’t quite line up. Muse B, can you figure out what really happened?

Muse B (you) is an artist with a sharp mind and a horrible talent to get into sticky situations. While Muse B is probably the smartest person in town, their sharp tongue and bluntness along with a tendency to procrastinate has caused them to fail high school. Muse A (me) is the kicker on Skymark Secondary School’s football team and basketball extraordinaire. No matter how hard they try, however, they cannot get their grades up. Muse B offers to tutor Muse A for some money to pay the rent. Muse A falls for Muse B, and falls hard.

Muse A(me) is a tattoo artist for Lock&Ink, the biggest tattoo parlor in all of Dragedge City. He is also part of Dragedge’s most notorious gang. Muse B(you) is a member of a rival gang sent to take Muse A down a notch after he dared tag (graffiti tag) on your gang’s territory.

Muse B(you) was quiet, good kid until they met Muse A(me). Then they got into drugs and everything went to hell.

That’s all I have for now. I’ll be adding more as I think of more.

I have been roleplaying for about three years now and I like to think I am a half decent writer. If you disagree, feel free to offer feedback in pms. I would love to get better; the only way to do that is rp with a person who is a stronger writer than me.

No homophobia/transphobia/pedophilia/racism/sexism/ageism/ and anything else you can think of which ends in either ‘ia’ or ‘ism’. I am not willing to do rape, suicide scenes, or incest (About incest. Sorry about that. All those who are into it, please feel free to have fun with your consensual, of age partner. Simply not my cup ‘o tea.).

Anyway, that’s all. Please feel free to pm me if you are interested. I am dying to start a roleplay. If you have any ideas of your own, please, please, please, come talk to me.