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What Would Your Character Do


The Phoenix
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Damian wouldn't take the option because the only thing he'd have to say to everybody would also fall on deaf mans ears for the most part ("Don't shoot back.")

Wanda wouldn't take the option, but she's not a speaker anyway.

Aleah would make it a point to tell people to love more.

Andi would probably tell people to dare more (because life is an adventure not yet lived)

WWYCD if they could change one trait (either physical or characteristic), what would it be?


Teller of Stories, Singer of Songs.
Vanni would probably change his entire face if he could, but I suppose if he had to choose one specific part of his face any would be as good as any other. He has a strong hatred towards his father and the idea that he has anything in common with him, including how he looks, is a sore spot.

WWYCD if, at a vital decision or moment in their past, they had seen where they would be now? Would they have changed their course of action? Or would they have stayed on the same path?


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Sable wouldn't be great to use for this one, as most things were out of his control in the past. The times he got harmed he would absolutely do it again, because most of the time he was saving someone he cared for. Atticus, however...

Atticus would change so many things. I think the moment he would want to change the most was the choice to get involved in gang activity for money. It got him money for his family, but he also ended up losing his family due to it as well. He realizes now he would have been happier living in poverty with his wife and kids instead of being separated and unsure of their status. It inadvertently killed his wife and basically orphaned his kids, so he would absolutely change his course if he knew at the time.

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WWYCD if they were able to change one personality trait about themselves? (because robyn got me thinking about this)

Cotton Tail300

The Feathered One
Alexander would make it so he's no so ditsy. He knows it tends to get him into trouble, and he berates himself after the fact.
What would your character do if they were given one chance to save the universe from the big purple guy?


Teller of Stories, Singer of Songs.
- Nico would be like HELL YEAH and try to get to the helm to see if he can fly it lol.

- Alyss would try analyse the workings of it as the mechanics would fascinate her

WWYCD if they had one wish?


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Aaron would bring his parents back from the dead.
Victor would wish for enough money to go on your.
Alex would wish for the love of his life to come to his boutique.

WWYCD if they were put in an insane asylum?


Can we pretend airplanes are shooting stars?
Trix would start making fun of the wardens
Adrian would seduce his way out
David would make a movie about his experiences

What would your character do if they were being blackmailed.


Teller of Stories, Singer of Songs.
hahahahahaha Geo... well it depends on who was blackmailing him and with what. He may play along with it, if the action was one he can see benefiting him. But he might go really scary and make the person regret ever trying to play him. As I said, it depends.

Nico.. huh idk what Nico could be blackmailed with. He's so laid back he'd do a lot of things anyway, plus there's his need to be accepted which means you probably wouldn't need to blackmail him. But if he was I think he'd go along with it.

WWYCD if they were accused of a crime they didn't commit?


Can we pretend airplanes are shooting stars?
This has happened before. William had a heart attack and then was too out of it to fight it out in court. As a result, he spent 10 years in jail thinking he'd gotten drunk and raped his girlfriend. When he got out, he nearly killed himself over it.

WWYCD if their friend had set them up to date a complete stranger?


Teller of Stories, Singer of Songs.
LOL it's funny because I can see this happening to either Geo or Vanni. Or Nico, actually.

With geo it would come from his friend (?) Danny, and he'd just be like "no". He simply wouldn't follow through with it. He'd call up the woman and be like "sorry there's been a miscommunication, I'm cancelling the plans". Hed have NONE of that.

I can also see Vanni's sister doing that to him. He'd be like "pls chrissy no". Hed go through with it but be *super* nervous

Nico? Hed be all for it 100%. He'd probably be *thanking* the person. I mean he's entirely run by his emotions

What would your character choose between being famous but poor forever, or rich but unknown?


The Phoenix
Staff member
Fame could be acquired, so rich - Damian

WWYCD if they had a significant other who belonged to a different [species/culture/religion/social moiety] and had to introduce them to their family during a holiday?


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Sheik is an outcast and banished from not only his family but also his people. It would just lead to a prison cell for himself and a strongly worded caution for whomever he was showing off to leave him before he gets them hurt...or worse.

WWYCD if they had to face their biggest regret?


The Phoenix
Staff member
Ricky would most certainly try to run from it.

WWYCD if they could keep only one thing in their life (as in an object, not humans or pets)


Can we pretend airplanes are shooting stars?
Kris would keep his pet mechanical crab

Earl would keep the small silver whistle which summons his familiar.

WWYCD if they got in an accident and they were severely scared for life. Enough to ruin their looks, but not to disable them?