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What makes you click X?


The Phoenix
Staff member
Disclaimer: this is not a rant thread. This is not a thread to passive aggressively jab at other members or even people on the internet.

What makes you click X on a search thread or interest check? What do you look for in them and what turns you away?


It’s Adventure Time
Staff member
If the GM says they are looking for a rp but have no examples such as potential plots, stories, or even genre then that's a nope. Also if after you two (Or sometimes more if in a group) starts to put little effort into the first few posts. From experience it won't work out well...:(


The Phoenix
Staff member
For me it differs a bit between 1x1 and groups.
For 1x1's, I like to see at least something about posting expectations and general story rating. I personally don't partner with people who already have a both characters written up and I basically need to adopt one of theirs. This, because I feel it greatly limits my freedom with them.

For groups, I look for the plot and certain plot details and the CS (if a group doesn't have a CS I won't join because of the likely chaos that will ensue). A list of basic characters needed is always a plus ("fighter", "mage" and not a complete CS). RP rules also should be included, especially how long people can be inactive before being removed.


Majestic Dragon
Can I just say, I am guilty as all hell when it comes to having no idea for a plot when I search sometimes :,)

What makes me click X is not always what is in, but the overall tone, on top of whether or not they have a plot. I also have to agree with having premade characters, or people who want faceclaims, it does take away some freedom.

Going back to tone, I'll elaborate a bit, things that turn me away are usually people who stress they want 'mature' or 'literate' writers, or I just get the feeling that they think they are 'above' anything casual. Or they have enforced word counts (ex. I write over 500 words each post, my partner better do the same).


Can we pretend airplanes are shooting stars?
Community Volunteer
" hi their, im going to slide in you're dms even though i have no idea how the english language works and iv never wrote a post over 100 words and i reply with one sentence to a page of writing u sent me. also, im gonna pester you to reply to me and me only because youre time should be spent only on my rp. "