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What is your character doing right now?


Teller of Stories, Singer of Songs.
Lol geo is being cranky and using work to distract himself from what was most certainly a traumatic event

Nico is discovering his best friend is actually an a**hole and is fairly conflicted

Alyss is being subtly bullied:(

God I'm a sadist with these guys aren't I? They deserve some cute moments ;-;


Roleplaying is like air. Without it, I die.
Tyn thinks he's being attacked

Anton is having a nervous breakdown and Will is freaking out over it.

Adrian just found out his boyfriend cheated on him.

Jackson is tattooing his best friend.
-> A best friend who passed out from dysphoria after not being able to handle someone touching his back.

Valentine is escorting a royal brat to the gym.

Anthony is having a midlife crisis.

Luke just killed his lover with a hug and is freaking out over that.

H is dead.

Kirian just quit his job after having a meltdown and almost offing himself.

Holly crap. @NaeTheNerd I'm a bit of a sadist too. Also, only two of all these characters are straight. Does that say something about me?