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What is your character doing right now?


One is trying to convince her mousy self that she must and capable of an almost suicidal mission and that she will be completely safe under the watch of a winged man that can do offensive magic with a weird humor.

Other is trying to convince herself that her inability to reach her parents' phone is simply because she's currently in the basement and have nothing to do with the ongoing zombie infestation.

All is fine, all is dandy :) (and exciting!)


'He's not a tame Lion'
Karen is watching a blue alien (who thinks she's his pet) from inside her her cage.

Ahelissa is climbing a tree with her friend, who's a princess by the way, and her friend just figured out one of Ahelissa's deepest secrets.

Dakota just got thrown out of the principal's office and is helping who she hoped could be her friend, but is really mad at her, get up off the floor

We're good😁


I hate closets. I can't breath in there.
Here we go...

Nova is currently investigating a case.

Tristan is blushing like hell because Grey is too goddamn cute.

Victor is posing for some photos.

Aaron is being a dad AND teaching his boyfriend magic. (two different rps)


The Phoenix
Staff member
Andrina is working on her dissertation
Aleah & Van are travelling
Senna & Alvena are also getting on the road
Can't remember what the others are doing

Dao Ma

sorrow made you.
Leo is currently having lavender lemonade with Selene.
Pocket and Evelyn are having beers.
Vincent is hanging out, gathering intel on everyone in the Lounge.
Thanilles and Daffodil and Florentino are all glaring at me to finish their profiles.


Luna's at the library, reading.
Opalescent is having a conversation about how babies are born with her niece.
Dove is failing at doing a blackflip.
Cerise is at a birthday party (for her grandmother).
Nikolas is taking a walk through the palace gardens.


The Phoenix
Staff member
Colby is currently taking out the trash, Colby style
Edric is making sure he doesn't get kicked out of the house.
Wanda is back travelling
Damian is trying to find Wanda and get the "gang" back together.


highlights reel, since you asked

-- A werewolf from a small rural town is stuck in werewolf form being angery while his father and two out of three boyfriends (the third is stuck in his [own] house for plot/family/angst reasons) try to coddle him until he comes out of it; little do they know he has hangups about emotional openness that resolve when he's doggo because doggo don't care about anything other than the now

-- An affluent but also probably politically endangered +/- Tannaitic rabbi is babeying his student because he's babey and needs to be babeyed, but also, simultaneously, existing as a future version of himself in limbo in a spacefaring campaign someone here wants to run and in another spacefaring campaign that will eventually (so I have been promised) net him bird wife and dinosaur babies. Andddd I think also replacing Isabelle in someone's frighteningly totalitarian Animal Crossing AU, but that's gone quiet because life, so I'm not sure it counts?

-- Two monster hunters (who had a very tense day of interaction beforehand, partly because one is existentially neurotic in general and the other thinks his best friend might die) just came back to their main group from what's basically a run out into town for information about accommodations, only to see the group's demon protecting the chillest hunter while he sleeps; all is good and the awkwardness derived from a spirit yanking the saltiest one in the group out of the closet seems to have resolved because people care maybe a fraction as much as he thinks they do

-- A naga who appointed himself the Sole Caretaker (tm) for a person who was basically left in the desert as a human sacrifice doesn't know how to deal with human trauma but he's doing his best and right now his hands are bleeding because he mauled a mature aloe to get materials to treat the human's burns. He's stupid like a ball python but friendly like a ... you know I actually do not know this except as far as the knowledge that his brain is wired for smaller social groups than the human one goes.

-- A gnollish law-cleric has just divulged to the wildmage sorc companion who's been crushing on him forever that he doesn't really feel that way about her specifically and women generally. He offered to try to find her someone, but she's probably still going to be despondent, and I'm just sitting here re-enacting that Swedish Berries ad

-- A kenku bard is doing her kenku bard thing (i.e. suffering). My DM asked me to write more backstory fluff because he wants to involve her in a subplot that will lead into the adventure itself, and Shin-shin has grown a fine coating thereof.


The Phoenix
Staff member
Andi think she's going insane as she's talking to Athene
Max is being an asshole, because why not? (no really he's just pissed af)


The Phoenix
Staff member
Edric is trying to keep the younger brother safe from harm
Colby is trying to get his life back together.
Maria is trying to survive college.


Teller of Stories, Singer of Songs.
Community Volunteer
Geo's actually having a sweet moment with his wife
Nico's managed to get himself a date
Vanni is getting exasperated at his sister
Elvwae is about to go deliver medicines ^^

Lo DeBale

Slapstick Cenobite
-Judas is currently beating down a pretty young girl from the brotherhood of steel and is about to drag her back to his hideout for some struggle snuggles.

-Sefton is on the trail of a prolific serial killer who the cops seem unwilling or unable to do anything about.

-Dyson is trying to forge a pact with an ancient demon of decay but the fucker is arrogant to a fault and doesn't think he needs anyone's help despite the fact that he was locked up in a magic cage for a few thousand years.