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Intermediate Multiple Pairings "We're all animals"


You bet your Rom Tom Bottom!

Alright, I played the game Tekken on my PSP years ago, and I only now became heavily inspired by the animal head fighter "King".
I was thinking: What about a world like this one, but with gangs ran by people with animal heads?

N-now I know that wasn't very well explained, but explaining things isn't a strength of mine.

Each gang has their own set animal, and when they're out doing gang stuff they wear that set animal mask in their head. The thing is though, the mask is their head. They can talk with it on, eat with it on. They can do whatever with that head because it is still them. It's just an animal.

They don't need to be out doing gang stuff to summon the animal mask. They could be anywhere and take on the form, but only people in gangs (or previously have been in) can have this power.

Now let me talk about stuff real quick: : : :

You have mom and dad. They're in two different gangs, but wanna love. So they do.
Their children will have the abilities they do, but with either animal of either gang their parents were in.
FRabbit and MWolf can get together and have FWolf and MRabbit or whatever other mixture.
If you're born into a gang, you can join another gang and receive another animal to change into, but you'd lose the previous one you had.

They work with each other, but they still hate each other's guts. They also don't gang with other cats like them for powers reasons. So the Black Panther owns a gang of Doberman Pinchers, and the Leopard rules over the antelopes. The Lion likes to be natural and has an entire gang of lionesses including his wife.

Oh yeah. If a gang is being ran by one animal, they can have a gang made up of an entirely different species if they want. Also, "prey" cab have their own gangs too and can hire predators to work for them. Witte Rabitt runs a gang of foxes and they don't mind.
But yeah, that's it. PM me if you're interested..

It's simple. A Romeo and Juliet type of deal. Some young adults in High School become friends, not knowing that the other is in a gang.

This is definitely a work in progress o_o