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Intermediate Action Drama War of Flowers


The Affectionette, Yet Stubborn One.
In the Crystilium Mountains lies a long series of tall walls. Within those walls is the grand castle of Deutzia. The towns and villages out of the walls are all peaceful and the government officials and royalty are rarely ever seen within those walls. The prince of the castle always loved to explore and aided his people when he could. He had many friends within the little village and the people would find him helping the women do daily chores or men with their farms. His favorite thing to do, however, had been to hike up the surrounding to his favorite, secret spot. It felt special to him because nobody else was aware of the secret cave.

When he was younger, he found a cave one day and crawled through it. Eventually, he found his way through the tunneled cave and an opening led to a large clearing. That clearing had a large pool with two different sized waterfalls on either side, bright green grass that seemed to glow, and large rocks spread about. There was a mixture of grey pebbles and sand at the edges of the large pool and he found the water was completely clear. Looking up, he found that there was an opening within the cave. However, what had caught his attention was a very large, white tree. On that tree were deutzias, a type of white flower that both hung down like a bell and had pedals spread open, facing towards the sun. Strangely though, in the fall and winter, they stayed completely white and were very cold to the touch, much like snow, and in the spring and summer, the flowers had a pink hue on the ends of their petals, though they would still be cold when he touched them.

The day of his sixteenth birthday arrived and it was only a few days before he would be crowned emperor of the land of the mountains. It had been like any other peaceful day. The prince had been out, helping an old man carry a large amount of wood to his home when the alarm gongs sounded. The loud beatings of the gongs resounded throughout the entire palace and surrounding area and seemed to echo within the surrounding mountains. Everyone immediately dropped what they were doing and ran towards the wall, getting inside for safety from something they did not know was attacking them. The queen had hurried out of the palace. She had long, beautiful, lavender hair with lavender eyes. Her kimono was white and purple and her expression was of determination. She was not sure what was happening either as it was rare for their kingdom to be attacked. The prince ran up to his mother and asked her who it was that could possibly be threatening their kingdom. She admitted to not knowing and as the guards assembled onto the wall, alongside their ruler. The world seemed to darken as they all focused on the surrounding area. The prince's eyes caught something move in the distant brush and his eyes focused entirely on the area where he saw it. Not a moment later, a creature crashed from the forest edge and flew up into the air, blocking out the sun as it came to a stop. The queen, prince, and people of the kingdom looked up with shock and the captain of the guards screamed a command for the men and women to begin firing their weapons.

Arrows and cannons were sent flying upwards and some hit the dark, scaled creature. An arrow had hit it directly in the eye and it wailed in pain and anger before it flew down towards the wall. The queen lifted her hand as the creature charged, her brows knit together, and an invisible force field of sorts appeared, smacked the creature backwards, and stunned it for a few moments. It wasn't long before it recovered and it flew away, high into the sky with another screech, and instead of attacking the wall, deciding the pests there were a bit too challenging for it, it flew over the wall and towards the mass of subjects behind the wall. The queen yelled for the prince, demanded him to stop, as he ran and jumped down from the wall, having grabbed a sword and bow and quiver of arrows. The people screamed and scattered as the creature attacked the buildings, pieces of wood and stone flew in all directions, as did some people who were killed. The prince ran as fast as he could, fired so many arrows into the creature's back, but they all deflected from the obsidian colored scales and it turned it's attention to a group of young women who were huddled together between an area of a paved hill and pathway. As the creature charged at them, most ran away, but one was frozen with fear. When someone finally called out to her, her trance was suddenly broken and she attempted to move out of it's path, but she was much too slow.

In the very last moment, the prince had made his way in between the the monster and it's prey. His body was over hers in a guarded manner and a sharpened object was pierced through his chest. He coughed up blood and struggled to smile down at the tearful, young woman and he cried out in pain when she forced himself to turn and stabbed his blade into the creature's head. A high pitched screech came from it's scaley mouth and the scales on its body seemed to ruffle and wriggle in all sorts of directions before it finally fell to the ground. The wounded prince released his hand from the blade, not bothering to remove it, and he fell to the ground with a quiet grunt as well. The queen, priests, and guards hurried to surround the dying creature and their beloved prince. The lavender haired woman hurriedly knelt down by her dying son as the high priests began to banish the creature. The creature spoke in another language that only few people understood and it turned out the creature was a demon. It had once been a dragon and was attacked by some humans long, long ago and when it finally had enough, its hate and pain had transformed it into something else entirely. The queen did her best to save her son, but it was too late.

He was dead.

The very next night, after the priests and queen had performed a cleansing on the place where the demon had died, the entire kingdom grieved for their beloved prince as his body was placed on a boat and sent to drift afloat on the river close by the kingdom.


It had been ten years since that horrid day and the kingdom had also lost their queen. However, the queen had adopted a little boy since the death of their first prince and he was now 18 years of age. He was to be crowned the emporer in a matter of months and since he had learned of his older brother's death and what had happened that day, he placed a memorial on the spot where the demon and prince had died. The government officials are all saying that he needs to be wed soon, even before his crowning ceremony, so he may produce an heir in a suitable amount of time. He isn't exactly ready for it, but he says he will think about it.

A newcomer has come to live within the kingdom and he is very mysterious indeed. He does not talk much and stays to himself.

The young woman who had been saved from the first prince ten years ago has grown into a beautiful woman and works as a (bookkeeper/Nihon Buyō/whatever job) and is trying her best to raise money to help her sickly father.

Another young woman who works as a concubine for the new prince.

Additional Information

~Demons and Dragons are basically extinct since the first prince had killed the last one on earth. Demons might pop up from time to time, but it is only if someone or something has been treated so horribly that they have completely lost their humanity.
~Magic is like nonexistent. Only the high priests and the dead queen have/had this. Magic is mostly used to to heal others and is very rarely used in offensive ways (attacking and whatnot). It takes a-lot of energy for someone to use magic, so much so that even when someone heals a tiny scratch, they could fall over unconcious. Magic is also used to banish and cleans people, things, and places of dark powers/magic.

Group RP

Parts Available

~I am looking for at least three other people to be in this, Please ask for parts!

1) New Prince:
~Maybe this prince is pretending to be kind and really wants to become emperor as quickly as he can. Maybe he is some sadistic, power-hungry male who wants to have the kingdom for himself. Maybe he really is just as nice as the first prince and wants peace to remain in the kingdom. It is up to whoever plays as him.
~He must be 18-25 years of age.

2) Concubine:
~She can be however you'd like her to be. Is she a seductive and street smart woman? Is she a gold-digger? Does she want fame and to become the queen one day? Is she happy where she is and how much money she has? Does she want true love one day?
~She must be 17-24 years of age.

3) Poor Woman:
~You choose whatever her job is. Just remember that she is poor and she wants to help her sick father. Is she timid, quiet, and book-smart? Does she have a crush on someone? Does she want to be the queen one day, or is she completely fine with being where she is now?
~I was thinking that she might have the same type of powers the queen does, but she does not know it. They have not activated yet and she will have to learn how to control them. Only people of the royal family have had these powers, so it is completely new that a woman of low status has them!
~Must be 22-26 years of age.

1x1 Request
~If you are interested in doing this as a 1x1 request, please shoot me a pm!
~This can be a Male/Female or Male/Male pairing.
~Let me know which character you would like to be!
~Possible Pairings for 1x1:
Poor Woman/Newcomer
Prince/Poor Woman

For Both
~I am wanting there to possibly be love triangles between all the characters.
Like This (Maybe?):
Poor Woman --> Nobody (Maybe changes as the story progresses.)
Newcomer --> Poor Woman
Prince --> Poor Woman
Concubine --> Prince
Concubine -->Newcomer

-No being op (overpowered).
-No controlling other people's characters.
-No sexual scenes (nudity scenes are alright for like changing and taking baths, though it is not required).
-Romance is a must!
-Be patient with replies. Do not skip someone who may be gone and just move on to the next person. That leaves the partner you are talking to out of the story and that is a no-no~!
-Be kind to others.
-No drama llamas, please.
~Plot twists, please! I already have quite a few up my sleeve, but still! XD
-Have fun!


Character Sheet Templates


Name: (Full Name)
Age: (18-25)
Appearance Description: (What do they look like, how tall are they, how much do they weigh, ect?)
Photo: (Anime/Anime Artwork, please.)

Name: (Full Name)
Age: (17-24)
Appearance Description: (What do they look like, how tall are they, how much do they weigh, ect?)
Photo: (Anime/Anime Artwork, please.)

Poor Woman
Name: (Full Name)
Age: (22-26)
Appearance Description: (What do they look like, how tall are they, how much do they weigh, ect?)
Photo: (Anime/Anime Artwork, please.)


My Newcomer CS
Name: Tatsuya

Age: 26

-Any type of food.
-Protecting his loved ones/friends.
-Every season.
-The rain.
-The wilderness.

-Being alone.
-Getting into fights with his loved ones/friends.
-Large bodies of water.
-People who take advantage of others.
-People who bully/make fun of others.

-Fighting with just about anything he can get his hands on.
-Finding/Tracking animals and people.
-He lift heavy things.
-High reflexes.

-He cannot swim.
-He doesn't really know how to talk to people.
-He is anti-social.
-He has no table manners,
-He keeps to himself (even though he really wants to make friends).

Appearance Description:
Tatsuya stands at a height of 6 feet and three inches and he weighs about two hundred and twenty pounds. He has pale skin and long, black hair that is often put up in a high or low pony-tail. His eyes are an emerald green and he has a fairly muscular build, though he is still a little skinny. His expression will usually scare most people away by how scary he appears and he almost never smiles. He has a long scar that begins close to his left eye and it travels down to somewhere underneath his chin. He has another, shorter scar that runs over the left side of both his thin lips; it begins a bit above his lip and ends in the dips underneath his lower lip.

Photo: (WIP)​