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PG-18 [V2r2 and the Lost Dae] Fate filled encounters

Receiving a mission from the Raven Queen couldn't always be said to be the best thing in the world however when Yukio received her mission to check the abandoned cathedral in Resteria village, it has been abandoned for the last 20 years, however local reports have recently started pointing towards a cult of shadows taking up residence and committing dark rituals. The local lords are trying to cover up if not ignore the missing peoples that have been piling up around Resteria. The local churches have not been able to act or they are choosing not to so the Raven Queen has called on her champion, and this is why Yukio finds herself staring at the village monument curious as to what could cause the people in this town to become so scared. The people seemed to hide in their houses, peeking out only through windows shuttered even in the middle of the day. Yukio let her hand stray to her holy symbol, which hung loosely around her neck, stroking the silver symbol of a raven she found a gentle comfort in the act.
"Lady of the night, Queen of Ravens, I ask of thee, what befalls this village that people fear any visitors, Bless me with the power to guide them to peace." she would offer up a prayer to her goddess.
The world seemed to darken around her just a fraction as the Raven Queen responded to her champions prayer granting her the powers that many Clerics would possess along with a few special gifts that only a champion would possess. She would then stand and stretch out as she walks towards the abandoned cathedral her hands falling back to her side her long white hair flowing behind her in the movements. It was fortunate for her that it was a cloudy day so the sun wasn't out at the moment and thus her eyes didn't hurt thanks to her racial features, you see the Drow, or dark elves, as Yukio found herself, have incredible dark vision, though the trade-off for this is the fact that they are sensitive to sunlight, it hurts their eyes and makes it really hard to see during the day.


Roleplaying is like air. Without it, I die.
Tyn ducked into his alley with a loaf of stolen bred. For years, he’d been robbing the same baker, and the old man had gotten used to find one of his loaves missing every day. In fact, he’d even started putting them to the edge of the table, for easier access. Tyn didn’t know why. He suspected the old man saw him as a sort of pet, but that was just a suspicion. It didn’t make it true.

As he broke into the bread, Shaggy, the street cat he’d sort of adopted made his appearance. It was never clear who was the pet and who was the master with Shaggy. One moment, the scruffy cat would be demanding back rubs and scratches, the next he’d be bringing him back dead rats, as if trying to feed him.

“Who did you murder today?” Tyn asked him, fishing a bit of meat from his dinner and throwing it to the cat. Sure, Shaggy was more well fed than most street animals, but Tyn made sure to give him something to eat every day. It was good luck to feed stray cats. At least, he hoped it was good luck. He didn’t even know where he’d heard that.

Tyn closed his eyes as he put a piece of the bread in his mouth. No matter how many times he had it, it never ceases to amaze him how good it was. Deliciously warm and fluffy, The Baker’s bread melted on your tongue. “Well. Thank Tir we live another day, eh, Shaggy?”

The cat gave him a somewhat confuzzled mew. Tyn shrugged back at it. “Okay, I know I don’t talk about gods that much, but come on. You gotta thank someone, right?” Shaggy didn’t seem to agree. “Since when does your opinion matter?” he asked it. “You have ten fools who feed you every day anyway.”
As Yukio passed a darkened alleyway she paused something was telling her to head up the alley, and her own experiences told her to listen to those instincts, it was usually the Raven Queen letting her know that there was something up there she had to see, find or someone to meet. Turning on her heels she walked into the shadows without any hesitation. It was a winding alley that seemed to run between the backs of several buildings and it was at the other end she spotted a young man, a tiefling as she had come to know his race, He was sitting eating what she could smell was bread, and a small, ragged looking cat was with him.
"Greetings." she would say with as much warmth as her drow body would allow her to muster. She would stop a respectful distance from him so she didn't feel as if she were crowding him or being a threat, She knew that a Drow could be viewed as a threat at any point, it was something she learned the hard way, and the sword that hung at her hip only added to that stigma.

"I have a feeling you can help me." she would say softly as she slowly kneeled being certain to keep her body language open and her voice soft and warm, doing everything she can to try and distance herself from the negative image that her body gave off.


Roleplaying is like air. Without it, I die.
Tyn twitched, a sense of unease coming over him. As soon as the footsteps echoed in the alleyway, he sprang to his feet, twin daggers in hand. Shaggie hissed at the newcomer, his body arching and doing its best ‘I-am-an-overused-broom” impression. Tyn agreed. Shaggie was very much an overused broom.

“How in the name of Tir’s ten hounds did you pass the glamours,” He growled at the girl, bolting away suddenly seeming like an incredibly good idea. There was a girl. In his alley. An alley which he’d magicked to keep every blasted villager away.

Shaggie, however, didn’t seem quite as indignant as he ought to be. Instead, to Tyn’s shock, the cat suddenly relaxed, and padded over to the Drow. He started mewing and head-butting her, purring loudly enough to be heard from Tyn’s end of the alley. “What the hells did you do to my cat?!” Tyn demanded, somewhat taken back, but angrier than anything else.

The daggers in his grip were bloodstained and his entire body was covered in weeks’ worth of dust and grime. He wasn’t very well dressed, and despite his hopes that puberty would somehow make him grow another five inches, he was standing at a measly 5’4. Still, he somehow suddenly seemed a lot more frightening than he had any right to be. The temperature around them plummeted about 10 degrees, and the sun was (conveniently enough) blocked by a cloud by that exact moment. He was messing with the girl’s mind. Throwing up as many glamours as he could.

No one had spoken to him in five blasted years. And now there was some chick, asking for his help. Yeah, he was weary. Yeah, he was scared as hell. But he could put on a hell of a fireworks show.