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Intermediate Multiple Pairings Tyial's RP thread


If there is coffee I shall come.
Hello! I'm Tyrial, welcome to my rp search.

Quick notes:
  • I like quality over quantity. If you can give me a novel of a story every time cool! But more likely than not a couple paragraphs is good.
  • I don't care about grammar or spelling or if you can hardly put two letters together without consulting an old priest, a young priest, and a mathematician. Give me something readable and I am sure I can manage just fine.
  • I love communication. Got an idea? Lay it on me. Want things to go in a different direction? Let me know! Bored out of your mind? Let us fix that. Uncomfortable with the scene? We can move things along.
  • Nothing is true, everything is permitted. If you like an idea but want to change things up a little we can absolutely do that. No idea is set in stone, nothing can't be tweaked around to fit your tastes.
Without further ado, let us go over some rps!

There were ten of us at the start. People who had no idea who the others were in real life. But online? In the multitude of games, we played together? There couldn’t be a closer group of friends. One day we swore to meet up. One day we promised we’d get together all at the same place and meet each other for real not just online.

We even planned it out. The latest in VR technology was just released. A way to fully immerse yourself into the game. You could feel, you could see, you could even taste what existed in the game. We met when we were just kids, and while it was now just eight of us we swore we would try out this new technology and then we would meet for real. Plane tickets were ordered, a house rented out. A few of us had met together here and there but we had planned for everyone to be there.

The launch of the new immersive VR experience was a resounding success. But it also had its tragic failures. Out of the tens of thousands of prototype rigs that were released 500 of them had a fatal flaw in their systems. When the system went live the rigs safety features failed. Most lost their lives.

When we all gathered together in Daedalus to try out this new MMORPG only seven showed up. Just hours beforehand I had been logged into our chat rooms, even played a few games with everyone. But when the switch was flipped my status never changed from offline.

When you all met together at that house it was a party. The seven of you were just as fast of friends online as you were in person. Even though you all came from so many different walks of life. Some rich, some poor. A college professor, a famous singer, even to our surprise twins. Not all of us had shared what we looked like, and everyone was entitled to their secrets.

Everyone wondered what had happened to me. I had been the biggest pusher to get together. I had helped make all the arrangements. What no one knew was that I had been one of the 500 with the fatal error. I hadn’t lost my life but it took me a year in the hospital before I was declared fine.

It took from me many things. My voice was gone, from chatty and upbeat to almost complete silence. My nerves all across my body are messed up. Sometimes I can’t feel anything at all, other times it’s like my entire nervous system burns. The final cost was my memories. Everything gone. It took almost another year for me to recover my education levels.

The VR system and Daedalus became my haven even after the incident. I could speak, I didn’t hurt, and I didn’t have to worry about what I had forgotten.

We have met since but as strangers. I’m not the same as I was. Only faint inklings of who I had been showed through our interactions. It wasn’t until a tournament duel where a sword stroke that I had used constantly back in the day broke that barrier.

It’s me. You are sure of it though you don’t know why I don’t know what you are talking about. It’s me you tell our friends to the point of concern on their part. And it is me, but I don’t remember.

Luck or perhaps fate has led us to live in the same city. A mere mile between us. Do you dare seek me out? Will you save me and tell me who I am?
Fantasy, Slice-of-life. RP will have two parts, the real world and a virtual one. Real-world is our era. The virtual world is a fantasy world with fantasy creatures, swords, magic, etc. We Could also make the virtual world into a different setting. Sci-fi. Shooter. Etc.

Ships have come a long way over the years. Simple canoes to wooden galleons. Galleons to warships. Technology has improved by leaps in bounds but where there have been ships there have been pirates. The year is 2289 humanity has expanded to the stars. We traded in ships that moved purely on water for behemoths that move through space.

Pirates have made a resurgence over the years becoming a major threat in this era. With the entire Galaxy available to colonize and explore pirates have made homes in some of the roughest areas of space.

In an effort to take care of one of the toughest and most feared pirate lords the Alliance put together a fleet and attacked the Void belt. It was a slaughter on both sides but ultimately the Alliance fleet came to be victorious. Some of the pirates survived. Whether in prison, warping away, or in my case smuggled aboard the Capital ship. I am the only child of the Pirate Void Lord. I made my way through life working as an engineer and mechanic for fighter ships. I still have my father’s blood in my veins. I am a pilot unlike any other and I’ve come to have nothing but contempt for the Alliance and its people.

That’s when I met you. You are a newly minted captain, getting your own vessel and crew. With your family's backing, you have your pick of anyone you want. You have quite the ambition, your family has a legacy to uphold after all. Legendary soldiers, captains, admirals.

The thing is, I’ve never tried to hide who I am. I have a tattoo on my back of the Void Lord’s symbol. Those who know what it stands for have yet to see it. Those who don’t have bothered to look into it. So what will happen, Captain, when the truth is revealed? What will you do when it was your father who led the assault to take out mine?
Sci-fi. Futuristic timeline, space ships, laser weapons, robots, cyborgs.

The King has started a new tournament, select your champion, place your bets. The winner gets anything. Anything. Even the throne if one's standing is enough. As a member of the royal family, you want that throne, especially as it's not your place in line to get it should the king pass. A rumor has reached your ears, the best assassin the city has ever known not only was captured three years ago but managed to survive in the worst prison and mine in the kingdom.

Blackblade mine is full of criminals who are either criminals who aren't meant to return or are traitors to the kingdom. With enough money or influence one can be freed, but those who care of few and far between. No one wants to rescue a criminal or traitor. No one would want to free an assassin. Unless of course, someone needed a champion.

(( The RP is loosely based off the Throne of Glass series. YC is one of the royal prince or princess, and while you might be confident in their skills you want a champion and so you start hunting. MC is the very same assassin of legend, but what few people know is that this assassin, was only a young girl. She is a fae, a fairy. She is the last of her kind, her family long since passed away. And so your character frees mine under the terms that she wins and gives yours the throne.

In this world, magic does exist, and it has many of the standard fantasy races like elves, dwarves, etc. The fey, however, have passed away, destroyed by other races until only a handful exist across the entire world.))
Fantasy, dark, romance