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Accepting PG-16 The Outcasts IC

Kate’s hands were a little shaky, as she stuffed them in the pockets of her jeans. She tried to hide them before standing close to Dillon once more.

“Sorry... it’s just that the yelling- I don’t do well around any men yelling I guess... I kinda just freeze up when it happens..”

she stared down at her feet with somewhat of a guilty look.

“I think I’m okay for now though. My mind just goes somewhere else, back to old memories...”

she paused for a moment before finding the courage to speak up

“Would you mind if I held your hand..-just until I’m calmer..?”


Dillon nodded in understanding. He had a pretty bad memory of some yelling himself.... One he'd rather not think about.

He offered his hand. Once they were holding hands, he whispered back to her. "I get it.... I'm like that with certain situations too. Its... Okay if you ever want to hold my hand or anything... Just go for it."
“okay.. thank you..”

Kate held his hand and already started to feel safer. She smiled up at Dillon, and before long she was calm. Her focus was then brought to the rest of the group.


| aloha and aloha |
The ride back was uneventful, Clarke doing her best to keep her eyes on the road, although there were a couple of scary moments where she nearly dozed off, her body pleading with her to rest. She just needed to make it back to the base and then everybody could get the rest that they needed. Her grey eyes watched the mirrors in a paranoid manner, making sure they weren't being followed. She hated moving in a car. It was too bulky and too easy to spot. Along with the load of people in the back, one small mistake could easily get them all caught. They would all have to be careful now that they had escaped the prison.

Once they arrived, Clarke parked the van back into the garage, making sure to grab her bag from behind the seat. She closed the garage, having the others wait while she scoped out the area quickly, being sure that there was no one about. The tall brunette pounded on the front door, a scowl on her face as she waited for it to open. She hated using the front entrance. Usually, she just climbed in through her window. Not only was it private, but then she didn't have to explain to people where she had been or where she was going.

The scowl deepened as Kevin's voice came over a small speaker, "What's the password?"

"Open the door or I'll stab you again," She threatened smoothly, several colorful curse words coming from Kevin in response, but he opened the door nonetheless. He was already there, probably gearing himself up to throw a thousand questions at her and basically be annoying, but she shoved him out of the way before he could speak.

Clarke led the group inside, easing a little at the sight of what she called home. Music blared from the speakers, playing whatever music that Atlas wanted, as people either lounged around drinking or worked in front of large monitors. She moved towards a small sitting area where there were several couches in a small circle. They were currently occupied by a couple of members, but she sent them a hard glare, telling them to beat it. "You guys can get comfortable here. I will go get some water before we settle things," She told them, motioning for them to sit.

She returned with some waters for everyone, handing them out before listening to David as he spoke. Clarke nodded before crossing her arms, "We have supplies, but whether or not we let you take them is not up to me alone. For now, you're guests here, so I recommend you act like it or things may get messy with the others," She finished, throwing a thumb back to a fuming Kevin who was watching from afar.

"As for helping around here, just stay out of our way and don't ask too many questions," She finished curtly, sending them a nod. It was risky bringing them in the first place and Kevin wouldn't be the only one questioning her. She looked over her shoulder as the blonde David spoke again, scanning the area for Tate and Atlas, but they weren't anywhere that she could see.

The brunette whipped around as someone else butted into the conversation, Clarke's attitude immediately turning sour at the sound of Victor's voice. He was too loud for her taste, and drew too much attention then she was ever in need for. So, she settled with just staying away from him, occasionally threatening him when he got out of hand. Like now.

"Beat it Victor, this doesn't concern you," She said the words nonchalantly, waving him away. Her calm response was more for her, holding herself back from bringing out one of her knives. She had seen enough blood in the last twenty-four hours.

One of the things that her annoyed her was the fact that for some reason, people here thought they needed to know everything that was going on in the Movement. It's not like this was anything organized. Everyone knew what they were supposed to be doing under this roof, and sticking their nose into other peoples' businesses was not one of them. So she glared heavily at Victor, begging him to say something stupid so she could have a reason to finally stab someone.

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Cotton Tail300

The Feathered One
As soon as the van stopped in front of the warehouse, the birdman wasted no time and flew out the door and around, emitting excited chirps and squawks. This place was huge! It appeared tohave multiple rooms, so that meant he could have his own bed! Feathery face splitting into a grin, he squawked at the top of his lungs and flew right inside and around the large sitting area, molt drifting to the floor. Recognizing the current song playing, the avian, just as he did in the bus, began singing:
"Find me
Another place and time
If only, if only you were mine
'Cause I'm already someone else's baby
Guess I had my last chance
Now this our last dance
You fell through the cracks in my hand
Hard to say it's over
But I'm already someone elsesBaby, oh
Baby, ah
Baby, ah
I'm already someone else's..."
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It's ya boi
Victor angered by Clarke's response tightened his grip on the baseball bat and started walking towards Clarke. His breathing was heavy and his mind determined, he was going to teach Clarke a lesson.

"Let me show you my concern from up close you fecking hussy" he said with a irritated but calm voice. Before swinging the baseball bat with not all of his strength, aiming at Clarke's knee.



Lucas Hassell
Escapee Van

While seeing Lilith again did bring a temporary smile to his face, Hassell's annoyed expression took over once more as he heard Kate speak. “You guys are too cute. And now I don’t have to worry about you!” Hassell shot her a glare, but he didn't have the energy to argue with her.
He had made sure there was room beside him, so that the clearly exhausted Lilith could sit close. As the van started up with another addition to the roster and made it's way out of the alley, Hassell found himself lost in thought. When they pulled up to a large building, Hassell took a step out of the van and frowned.

"Doesn't look like the cleanest place, but it's better than a cell." he muttered allowed.
The bird-man fluttered into the air, then shortly flew head into the door. Hassell shook his head and made his way to the door, annoyed from the joyous tunes the bird sang.
He lingered at the edge of the group, just waiting for someone to mention a shower or fresh change of clothing. When David had mentioned them doing something to earn their keep, Hassell rolled his eyes. The others could help with the everyday errands, he was only going to be around until they would be going to whoever 'Mister Tepes' was.

When a man started yelling, that drew Hassell's attention back in.
"Firstly, I’m Victor and you are unwelcome guests. Secondly, Clarke, would you mind telling me what the feck is wrong with you?” Hassell raised an eyebrow and looked over the man as Clarke replied. Scoffing, Hassell shook his head. The man was either stupid or hiding some special ability if he was going to be rude to a group of meta-convicts. Hassell looked around at the others in their group. In his mind, most of them wouldn't have a problem killing this loud-mouth 'Victor'.

Looking to Lilith, his gaze softened some once again.
"You haven't missed much since your absence." He paused. A small shadowy ball appeared in his hand, orbiting around his palm and fingers as he watched it. "We were nearly caught again before another group intervened; a strange samurai and cowboy duo with the aid of some bats managed to take them out. Then they invited us to an abandoned tunnel system in the city to meet with a 'Vlad Tepes'." He motioned to the place around them. "But we ended up here, following the human to the lair of more humans so they can bicker to one another." He gave a disappointed sigh, obviously keen on getting to the tunnel system. Before Lilith gave an answer, Victor called out again to the woman, before raising a bat to swing down towards the womans knee.
Valerie Elliot
Hunting for Prisoners
Being led to an armory, Valerie was instructed on finding gear that would best suite her. After looking through some things, she finally decided on some equipment.

Jet Boosts
Allowing her to dash in a specific direction with a burst of speed. Useful for dodging or reaching high up places. The bursts do have a short cool down rate, preventing Valerie from burning out the thrusters.
Lightweight and Durable
The armor is on the lighter side compared to the other ITCEM agent armors. While small caliber bullets will ricochet of the armor and medium caliber rounds impact but generally don't penetrate, though anything larger would easily damage both her and the armor. The armor also helps with controlling recoil and a minor aim assist.
Various vision enhancements
Her helmet is upgraded with night vision, thermal vision and a low-grade X-Ray. This X-Ray vision allows Val to peer through thin metals, wood and other materials. The helmet is also equipped with a ventilation mask, and retracts at the push of a button to allow for an unhelmeted variation.
Built in Drone-Control
A wrist pad allows Val to control VOLT without needing to carry around a tablet. This pad also controls various aspects of the armor, from comms to vitality stats.
Magnetic Combat Rifle and Pistol
A high-tech rifle capable of firing rapid-low caliber bullets or a slow-firing, heavy hitting rifle round. The gun is also magnetized to the suit, allowing Val to call the gun back to her hands in case she is disarmed. Her pistol is a standard 21 round gun, and is also attached to the suit.​
Now equipped with fresh gear, and looking over herself in the mirror, Val retracted the helmet from her face and smiled. For some reason, she felt oddly confident. Meeting with the rest of the group, they were going to be dropped off in the middle of nowhere. She eyed the large, lizard like creature warily. It definitely looked dangerous, and she was glad it was on their side. She was given back Volt, which she was ecstatic about, but she was still nervous about the whole operation. To get things off her mind, she talked to Cephalon. "Look at my new gear Ceph'!" She did a twirl, throwing the cape for good measure.

At the first stop, Val used Volt too get a wider look of the area. A group definitely stopped her, judging alone by the tracks. A few white feathers made it obvious that the bird-man had stopped here as well. When they piled up into the truck, Valerie awkwardly waved to the companion of the lizard, Agent Wilder. "Agent Wilder, right? I'm Agent Valkyrie." She said the code-name proudly as she extended her hand. "My friends call me Val."

When they stopped at the alleyway, Val pressed the automatic patrol button on Volt, who started to scan and patrol the area in and around the alleyway. It almost immediately found several small drops of blood beside some tire mark smudges. Beeping lightly to signal the team. Val leaned over and looked at it. "Found some drops of blood here Sentinel, looks fresh. Tire tracks to." She motioned towards Ryot. "Could he track the blood? Maybe I could tap into some security cams around the area to see what they are driving." She suggested, trying to be helpful.

Akane Seto
"Did you not just hear me? I was human too,"

Akane froze up as Zeke spoke to her, her eyes going wide.

"I've been hurt by humans as much as anyone here, and I've also marched alongside humans who were just trying to make things right,"

He continued, and Akane would become paler as he spoke.

"Plus, my family is human. The people I care about most in this whole world. I like you alright, but if you start calling them monsters, we're gonna have a problem, mariposa."

"It's the rich and powerful humans killing the planet,"
"Blame them, not the ones who are just trying to survive."

As he sat there he seemed to fall into a worse and worse mood as Akane watched, She would shrink in on herself pulling her knees up to her chest in fear. If not for the fact that she had very little to eat and drink in the past twenty-four hours she may have very well wet herself under the scowl that Zeke now wore. It's not like she meant to insult his family or the people that he cared about, and if she weren't so scared of him at this very moment she would have told him that it was those mostly normal, kind, and caring type of people that he seemed to be so offended about were the ones that had reported her and those that were like her more often than not.

Dropping her head onto her knees she would feel her eyes well up with tears, it was all so easy for him to say things like that and get mad at her, she couldn't fight back if he did attack her, and he looked almost human, even if he did have the ability to transform into a massive wolf type man, that didn't change the fact that in his base form he looked human, if even a little rough around the edges. He would never understand what it was like to be someone that couldn't pass as a human, who's very appearance set them apart, and marked them as a meta, or a 'monster.' as she had been called more times than she could count.

"you don't understand." she would whisper as she started to sob, her voice barely above a whisper as she tried to hide from that scowl that he was wearing, 'you can never understand.' she would say after several more minutes her small body shaking.

"I agree, not all humans are bad. Do some of them pollute the earth and go on power trips? Yes, but that doesn't mean the entire race is like that. The ones who hurt you were too blinded by their ignorance to see the real you. Let's just hope we both find people willing to be with us no matter what."

Akane would shake her head slowly in a disagreeing with that statement, there were plenty of the people that they both would have called nice, kind and caring that had done more harm to her and those she was trying to help than those rich and evil types that they seemed to think were the only ones that could cause harm.

"By the way, I never caught your name."

"Akane." She would say barely above a whisper as she attempted to suppress the sobs that wanted to burst out of her.

She hadn't noticed when the bus finally started moving, only knowing that at some point she must have escaped into the inky depths of sleep because the very next thing she knew they were at some giant warehouse type of place. She slowly pulled herself out of the curled up position she had pulled herself into and ventured off the bus. She felt none of the extreme fatigue that had been holding her back for so long now, though she felt she could sleep some more. Spreading her wings she lifted slightly off the ground, maybe a foot or two, simply hovering in the air, now that she had recovered some energy she felt more comfortable with being in the air than on her legs.

She would almost giggle as Alex collided with the door before realizing that he might have actually hurt himself and flitting over to him. She would gently land beside the Avian placing a hand on him, her magic reporting he had no injuries, and she would sigh helping the birdman to his feet, while attempting to avoid Zeke as much as possible, glancing over at him wearily.

She heard more than she saw the man, Victor, she thought he had said, calling them unwelcome visitors, to which Akane would quite happily leave, after all, they were welcomed elsewhere, "I think we should leave." she would say softly to Alexander, not wanting to draw any more attention to herself than her unique physical appearance already had amongst the people that were present. She had no desire to stay in a place where they were likely to become hostile with them, and felt that the others offering to 'earn their keep' were setting themselves up to be hurt, after all if one of them felt the way that Victor did, it surely meant that there was more of the same mindset.

Lilith sat beside Hassell feeling completely exhausted and just wanting to sleep, however, her eyes would narrow as she heard the voice of Agent Thorne,
“You guys are too cute. And now I don’t have to worry about you!”
If she had, had more energy she would have shot a witty retort, however, at the moment all of the fight had left her, she would slump into her seat her head falling forwards in defeat. Coming back always hurt the most and now she wasn't among those that she would call friends, well maybe she would extend that to Hassell, the man she was most curious about as being near him seemed to soothe away the rage, the pain, and all of her suffering, if only for a small while, it felt nice being around him, and she wouldn't disagree that the agent may have had a point, but just couldn't bring herself to agree with it either. Tears slowly started to form in her eyes as the bus started up, it was unlike her to let anyone see her cry, it had been many years, and yet she couldn't stop them today. The burning in her heart was simply too much and her eyes refused to hold them back.

The journey was quiet, at least for Lilith, she hadn't said a peep since taking her seat and seemed to be withdrawn from everyone as if touching anything or anyone would confirm her worst nightmares weren't just figments of the unconscious mind but real and solid. The bus stopping forced her to look up, bringing her back to the real world and out of the thoughts that she had found herself lost in.

"Doesn't look like the cleanest place, but it's better than a cell."

Lily heard Hassell comment after stepping off the bus, which she followed and looked over the warehouse and couldn't have agreed with him more with that assessment if she had wanted to. But in saying that, she knew that any place one could lay low for a time was always a good place, she had just been thinking this when another voice broke into her thoughts.

"Firstly, I’m Victor and you are unwelcome guests. Secondly, Clarke, would you mind telling me what the feck is wrong with you?”

Lily would narrow her eyes at the man and would spread her hand as she attempted to connect to her magic however the pain in her head and exhaustion hitting her tenfold and making her stagger. She knew this was a possibility of using her powers in the method she had but now she couldn't even defend herself if she had to. When the man stepped towards the woman that Lilith hadn't had a chance to meet properly she would wince slightly not sure what to do her head still throbbing from the pain of even trying to access her powers.

"You haven't missed much since your absence."

Hassell would say as he summoned a small ball of shadow to his hand, it began orbitting around his hand as Lily watched it drawn to the dark powers that he possessed as well.

"We were nearly caught again before another group intervened; a strange samurai and cowboy duo with the aid of some bats managed to take them out. Then they invited us to an abandoned tunnel system in the city to meet with a 'Vlad Tepes'."

He continued, Lily would listen and her eyes would go a little wide at hearing Vlads name, She knew Vlad, Not that they had ever worked together, it was more they had a 'leave each other live' type of mentality, or so Lily felt.

"But we ended up here, following the human to the lair of more humans so they can bicker to one another."

He would finish as he motioned to the warehouse they now found themselves in. It was rather stupid being here, especially with the fact they all appeared to be meta-humans and they had a standing invite with Vlad Tepes, one of the leaders of the Monster Faction, if they were to find any kind of peace it would be served best to go and see Vlad.

She watched Victor raise the bat and would look to Hassell, he clearly had been preparing for this, though, she wasn't entirely sure they should involve themselves or if he should reveal his unique abilities at this point, afterall this could be a clever ruse by ITCEM or Ouroboros for all she knew.
"Hassell" She would say softly, Her voice showing the pain she was currently in "Don't fight them, it could be a trick, or worse, We should go to Vlad as soon as possible, I know of him." she would wince her head throbbing again "He can help." she would say finally before sinking to her knees and grasping at her head wanting to scream the pain was that great however instead gritting her teeth. She had forgotten the pain that followed death if she tried to activate any powers within a week.

Cephalon 1

As Val stepped out of the Pequod Cephalon would scan her updating her call sign now reflecting agent Valkyrie, She could see some of the new systems and updated equipment that she was wearing as it was declassified by her system. Scanning the rest of the group she got some more updated information like the giant lizard-like animal being declared as 'project Monkshood Subject 012' and each of the agents' different call signs. She would then open a channel directly to Val and send to her.

"Congratulations Agent Valkyrie on your promotion, Cephalon one is granting remote access to her systems under your temporary clearance level, feel free to contact it should assistance be required." she would say before closing the channel however the wrist device that Val wore now would show a second drone available, Model Cephelon 1*.

The moment Agent Wilder and Ryot found something they could track the escapees with she would immediately report this in her own log, and updating the very low information she had on Subject 012, as her system had shortened the official designation of Ryot. It would board the vehicle quickly when they decided to move out and would continue monitoring outside the vehicle looking for any clues as to why they would leave it behind, and possible tracks,

The moment they entered the town she would begin connecting to all possible security cameras and systems that she could find. Scanning for anything out of the ordinary when she came across a police report from a store in town, she would replay the report to herself and then access security feeds that would give her access to a view of the shop, which had apparently had a bunch of stuff stolen that would flag any officer as curious.

"Set up checkpoints in the surrounding area. Suspects are a Hispanic male, young without a shirt. And a bird-man. Unarmed but probably dangerous, approach with caution."

"Correction." Cephalon one would state as she looked at the agent, flagged as 'Lewis' "Four of the escapees have been in this town, Cephalon 1 has completed scanning all reported incidents in town since the break out, There has been a van stolen, a truck, and supplies relevant to which the escapees might require, this implies that they may have split up however a large group of them are sticking together." She would state before she relayed the police report and CCTV footage that she had gathered showing Agent Thorne and Dillon at the local shop. The truck that had been stolen was impossible to get any footage of and the alley they found themselves in had a dead spot at the end, however the other end was covered and it had seen a van leaving and it appeared to be full, however she wouldn't speculate on this.

Cotton Tail300

The Feathered One
As Alexander continued flying about, his eyes caught site of Akane hovering around as well. Smiling gently, he lowered himself to her level. "Oh, hi there...Akane, right? Good to see you're doing alright."
His expression turned thoughtful when she quietly suggested they'd leave. On one hand, that would guarantee they'd be free, but then they'd also stand a chance of being detained once more. He shifted his gaze from her to the group...then back to her and slowly nodded, a sinking feeling in his chest. He knew this meant abandoning the others, but freedom was calling. Plus, he'd have more chances to try being accepted.
"Goodbye, everyone...and thank you," Alexander called softly, turning to fly out the warehouse. "Come on, Akane."
Kate had entered the warehouse with the rest of the group, her hand holding Dillon’s until Clarke brought out a few waters. She had taken a sip of hers before Victor and Clarke were escalating into violence. Kate watched as Victor swung at her with a bat. She took a step towards Clarke, hoping to split up the two until she heard feathers rustling. Alexander had decided to fly away. It was a dead giveaway to have a large bird-man flying in the middle of the sky. He was a beacon for anyone trying to find them.

“Alex, what are you doing!?”

Kate turned back around towards the rest of the group.

“we are done for. We need to leave right now. There’s no chance we’ll be able to hide..”


It's ya boi
David watched Vctor's rage. Unfortunately he was stuck in place, he couldn't move with all the stress building up in him.
Only thing he managd to do was shout . . . "Victor!"

Victor smashed his bat against Clarke's knee just nearly hitting the top which as it seemed, dislocated it.
Victor Came to mind, realizing what he has done he stayed in shock. "Clarke goddamn, why didn't you dogde that??? for feck sake" After that He was regretting everything he has done. The only thing he wanted to do was scare her, show all of them who they should not irritate but now it was not going well. He placed his hands behind his head angry at himself. "What the feck" , "Clarke are you okay? Shiet I'm so sorry" He then looked at the rest of the group with a tear in his eye awaiting their response.

Kate took a deep breath to calm herself down, afraid of snapping at people like her father used to. She spoke in a more calming voice.

“sorry, I shouldn’t snap like that.. and it’s okay, I know we all would like to just live freely right now, and I agree Akane, it would be best if we start going as soon as possible. But, I think all of us could use a break... and we need to work on not drawing any sort of attention to us right now.. I don’t know if it’s too late or not and they’ve already spotted us, but we need to lay low. Maybe prepare ourselves if ITCEM were to show up..”

“-wait, Lilith..?”

Kate spotted the mother of demons clutching her forehead, sitting on the ground. She cautiously walked toward Lilith, and crouched down next to her. She then held Lilith in a gentle, reassuring hug.

“What happened..? Are you okay..?”


| aloha and aloha |
Clarke raised a brow at Victor as he moved forward threateningly, tightening his grip on the bat. She glanced down at it, slightly unnerved that he felt the need to bring that thing into whatever conversation he was deciding to have at this moment. Didn't he have other things to do besides bothering her? If he got violent, she was going to be so pissed. This was the last thing her and the group watching needed at the moment.

Victor swung his bat, Clarke caught off guard that he had actually went for it. Her brain ran a million miles an hour, trying to figure out the best way to react where she didn't get hurt, all the while her hand reaching for her knife. She tried to back up, jumping a little as she did her best to evade the hit. But the bat still caught her knee cap, slamming it out of place.

Clarke had never seriously injured herself. Sure, she had bruised some ribs, broken her hand and wrist a couple of times, had some serious facial bruising from fist fights. She had never been shot or stabbed. But this was a whole new type of pain that she didn't wish to experience again.

A pained scream broke from Clarke's lip as her weight instantly changed to her right leg, though she was immediately off balance. Her arms easily caught her fall as she glared angrily at the Irish man, still gripping the knife in her hand. "What the hell is wrong with you?!" She questioned, rage evident in her tone as she glanced to her knee.

The brunette ignored his feeble attempts at an apology, her anger only building up further as she tightened her grip on the knife. A part of her wished she was able to dodge that hit. In fact, she almost did. But the other part was blind with rage that she couldn't stop herself from leaping forward and driving the knife into his left thigh, leaving it in as she backed away.

The sudden movement caused her knee to flare up in pain, Clarke gritting her teeth in response. This was not good. This was the worst possible time that she could get injured like this

Akane Seto
Things with Alex happened so quick that Akane had very little time to even process what he was saying before he took off again, She felt a small sigh escape her. She was honestly glad that Kate had managed to call out to him, he was honestly a far faster, and stronger flier than she was, she honestly flew more like a butterfly, they could fly for long distances if they had to though they would frequently stop and rest. When Alex called back that she was the one behind his idea to fly off she would turn bright red, embarrassed as she suddenly understood, he didn't understand what she meant by that.
"I meant all of us." she would say in a voice that was barely above a whisper.

“sorry, I shouldn’t snap like that.. and it’s okay, I know we all would like to just live freely right now, and I agree Akane, it would be best if we start going as soon as possible. But, I think all of us could use a break... and we need to work on not drawing any sort of attention to us right now.. I don’t know if it’s too late or not and they’ve already spotted us, but we need to lay low. Maybe prepare ourselves if ITCEM were to show up..”

“-wait, Lilith..?”

Akane's head would flick around to the small girl on the floor, and would flit over to her, though her senses told her that there was no injury to the small girl, in fact,she felt different to everyone else that she had felt so far, as if her powers seemed to be very similar to Akane's on some level. She would look at Kate a sad look on her face,

"I don't know what's wrong with her, my power says she's fine, but she's clearly in pain."

“What happened..? Are you okay..?”

Kate said as she embraced Lilith, and Akane would nod slowly, it wasn't anything she could help with, so maybe Kates path would lead to helping her now that Akane was completely useless, her head would drop. It was just as she was about to fall back into the negative space of her mind when she heard a scream of pain. Her head snapping up she would sprint over to the woman who had driven them here and eye the man with a baseball bat. it was infinitely clear that he had attacked her with the words he was stammering. Her eyes narrowed at him as she kneeled beside Clarke.

"I know we haven't been introduced yet." she would say softly, her voice still full of self-doubt however she would gingerly extend her hand to the clearly damaged knee. "I'm Akane, and I can help you." She would finish and she would softly begin to sing in that strange lilting tone that she favored. Her hands would slowly begin to glow green as she looked at Clarke for permission to heal her, not even realizing that she hadn't told the woman what her powers actually did. If Victor took a step towards the two of them vines would begin to grow out of the ground and begin to form a defensive ring around them.


The pain in Lilith's head was becoming all-consuming the world wouldn't stop spinning and static began to fill her hearing range. Tears would begin streaming down her cheeks as she bit into her bottom lip to stop the pain from claiming her and making her scream out. She heard someone call her name, though she couldn't be entirely sure it wasn't just her own head trying to find a way to escape the pain of the years catching her and punishing her for an attempt at using her power before she had recharged. She felt a small presence enter into her with a power that was unusually calming, but it had no grip on the pain, and soon retreated, then she felt something else, it was electric and soothing at the same time, It brought images to her mind, from the depths of her past a face, handsome, strong, perfectly engraved into her mind, Adam. The pain began to soothe as the arms around her held onto her, She would earnestly begin sobbing into whoever it was holding her, she didn't care, it felt nice to be held again, to be comforted, she had forgotten what it felt like.

“What happened..? Are you okay..?”

Lily would shake her head slowly, to avoid the pain coming back, just in case the spell that the voice was used to hold it at bay broke. She tried to say it was her powers backfiring but couldn't, she couldn't get her body to respond beyond the sobbing she was lost to. More images of that face began to flick through her mind, the hatred in Adam's eyes, the emptiness she felt realizing she wasn't wanted. "Adam." would be the only word she would say, and so softly that even Kate might think she had misheard it if not for the proximity she now had to Lily.

Cotton Tail300

The Feathered One
Alexander was about to respond to waht Akane said when an agonized scream snapped his attention to Clark standing on one leg. The Irish man was apologizing to her, while still holding the bat. That didn't matter now. The damage had been done. He wasn't going to allow that man to get away with what he just did. Losing his temper was a rarity for the birdman, but when he did, it was for a good reason. To him, this was no exception.
Eyes narrowing and face turning crimson, the avian let out an angry screech. He dove straight for Victor and tackled him to the ground. He then began kicking and scratching anywhere he could, even pecking and scratching him in the face, still screeching, molt flying.


Dillon was kneeling beside Kate, gently stroking the new girl's hair. He had no idea who she was, just that she needed comfort.

That's when Clarke took the Irishmen's bat to the knee and went down. "Dude, what the hell!?" he barked, standing again to help the newly injured.

Then Alex attacked. "Alex! No! Not helping!"


It's ya boi
Victor looking around, waiting for a reaction did not notice the birdman jumping him, pinning him to the ground and delivering some serious attacks.
Victor quickly realized what was happening punched the birdman straight into the stomach getting him away from Victor. Victor stood up catching his breath. Panting and hopping on one leg. With the other leg still bleeding Victor new that he has to end this situation.

He quickly got his gun and aimed it at the Birdman. "No why don't we just calm ourselves for feck sake" he took a deep breath and continued. "I know I got out of hand but god help me that I don't end this glob. Now let's just end this shiet and be cool" Victor got more than he signed up for , with his leg bleeding and scratches on his face he was out of options.

David got out of the shock with Alex's attack. Once he analyzed the situation he jumped to Clarke. He did know what to do. Confused just stood by her and tried to comfort her.

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Alexander gasped when Victor delivered a punch to his abdomen, sending him stumbling backwards a short distance. Thankfully, the adrenalan still coursing through his veins dulled the pain, and he was up, once again flying straight for Clarke's assailant, razor-sharp talons out and aimed for his neck, failing to notice the gun aimed at him.
“It’s okay, you’re going to be fine.. just sit here for a little while until you feel okay...”

Kate watched as Victor drew a gun. She glanced over at Hassell, motioning for him to come over without drawing too much attention

“Hassell, can you please sit with her for a second..? Make sure she’s okay..? Dillon, I need you to stay here too. I’ve got to do something really quick..”

She whispered, hoping victor wouldn’t hear her. Kate quietly rose to her feet, stepping silently towards Victor. She raised her hands slowly, appearing to seem like she was surrendering.

“Victor, how about you put down the gun.. okay? We wean just forget this and move on.. we can-“

Kate had been close enough to the gun to quickly step to the side, avoiding the line of fire. She grabbed Victor’s arm, and forced it to point at the ground in case he decided to pull the trigger. She twisted the gun out of his hold, and stepped away. She pointed the gun towards the ground, making sure it wasnt pointed at anyone before releasing the magazine. As Kate held the magazine in her hand, it was unusually light. It was empty. Pulling the slide back a few times to eject any cartridges that could in the chamber, she realized the gun was totally empty. He hadn’t loaded a single bullet. Not one. Kate handed the gun back to Victor, with a frustrated sigh.

“You’re lucky there wasn’t any ammo in that thing, for your sake. Both of you, think before you do shit. I’m not here to babysit. Alex, it’s making things more chaotic than it already is to attack someone. Victor- What the hell were you thinking? Keep your temper under control. Clarke? You okay? Akane, thank you for taking care of Clarke.”

Kate walked back over to Lilith, sitting down in front of her.

“you feeling any better..? I can sit with you as long as you want.”
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