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Intermediate Accepting PG-16 The Outcasts [Closed]


The Psychopath
@The Wanderer
I'll read through, but it's a bit of a hassle IRL currently. Perhaps I should pull out temporarily for now?
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Apologies, I just got online, as my timezone is UTC +8


The Psychopath
@The Wanderer
Thanks, will do! (Hopefully) I'll be able to read through everything and not get it mixed up with a similar RP elsewhere over the next few days(surprisingly, there's an organization called Ouroboros there too...), particularly since I might not be on at all tomorrow. Otherwise I'm on at least once daily to check for new posts.
Appearance notes: 175cm 70KG, Belt with two holstered pistols

Name: Florenzo Bucheri

Alias: Enzo

Age: 26

Species : Human

Affiliation: The Movement

Personality notes: Calm, Family Oriented, focused, cold, reserved, cunning, not very good in combat, bad tempered, vengeful

Preferred weaponry: Two Berretas 87(Pistols) named after his two captured sisters : Sofia and Irene

Background: Venice, born to a poor family and without a dad who died when he was just a little baby. Since he was the older brother and only male in the family he felt it was his responsibility to make some money. This led him to do all sorts of stuffs, even stealing. When he was 15 he messed with the wrong people and got mixed up in a bussiness of a certain Mafia named Martire. Of course family found out as soon as their son started making decent money but despite telling him to quit it, not only he could not but he wouldnt since his family finally had something to eat. After just 3 years he rose in ranks quite a bit and even became a bodyguard for bosses son who was to be the next heir. Due to being the same age as him, they managed to become quite close friends. Unfortunately after 3 years passed he was killed in an ongoing mafia conflict. The Boss having no heir and also being at a very old age had no choice but to find a new fitting candidate to inherit the ownership of the mafia. Since Florenzo was more than capable and also a trustworthy and good friend to his son, he decided to pass the torch to him. Boss passed away just a 1 year later, making Florenzo the boss at age of 22. At about the same time he has learned that his two younger twin sisters had telephatic abilities. He gave each sister one pistol (Berreta 87) for self defense and two assigned bodyguards who were also the only ones knowing of their abilites. However, since Martire is doing bussiness in Meta materials, it was only natural that there were some ITCEM rats in there as well. He had no idea that one of the bodyguards assigned to the sisters was indeed from ITCEM. Being focused in an ongoing war with an opposing Mafia he had no time to worry about everything. At the end of the conflict, he went to check on the sisters, but the only thing he found was 3 dead bodyguards and two Berretas 87 on the floor. But the sisters were gone, furious thinking that the one who did this was an opposing Mafia spy, he grabbed the Berretas and swore revenge upon whoever did this. Later that day, he ordered everyone to start gathering intel on the rat who did it. After just 6 months he finally found out the location of the spy. After they crashed down upon him, Florenzo gave him the worst torture imaginable. After quite some time the spy finally broke down and told him that he actually worked for ITCEM and that his sisters are already in their possession. This made Florenzo put a bullet in his skull out of anger. Needless to say Florenzo declared war on ITCEM. After 2 years of being in constant back and forth ITCEM finally decided to completely and utterly destroy Martire. Florenzo did survive somehow though. Even though he was robbed of everything by ITCEM he didnt give up. He hid his mother in another country in Florencia and went on a journey to avenge his mafia and save his sisters. Within a span of a year he encountered a group called The Movement and decided to join them.


It’s Adventure Time
So I'm probably extremely late to the party but is this still going on? Is there room for one more? If yes to the two then do I still have to write how the character was caught?