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Intermediate Accepting PG-16 The Outcasts [Closed]

Contact in ITCEM, or it's parent organization that be using it as a cover, or blackmarket stuff. This is a world where you can have a full-job cyborg. [Full-Jobs being like Murphy from Robo-Cop where the brain, heart and maybe a lung or two are kept while the rest is machinery.]

Name: Evan (Shrodinger) Michaels
Alias: Shrodinger
Age: 145 (Though appears to be much, much younger.)
Species: Non-human Biological Entity.
Affiliation: Monsters
Personality Notes:

Evan seems to be rather detached from reality often times mistaking the past and the present as interchangeable. His unique abilities have left him in a state where he is often withdrawn, and outgoing at the same time, becoming his own polar opposites. He is extremely loyal to those that he calls friends and will do almost anything to ensure they survive. This has lead to points where he has overtaxed himself and perished in the past though this has never seemed to slow him down. Even is extremely proud of his appearance and will often become agitated if someone insults the way he looks.

Prefered Weaponry: Cats Claws, Quantum Mechanics.


Though his story of creation is rather unique, his existence has been well theorized and even documented by many of the government organizations such as ITCEM and the parent company. He was created by one Dr Erwin Shroddinger in 1935 while he took part in quantum mechanical experimentation. Evan was the result of one such experiment being known as Shroddingers cat. He both exists and does not exist at the same time depending on the state of those observing him. He has come to learn that he can observe himself and thus keep himself inside reality, and thus makes an excellent messenger for Vlad Tepes.

He has stayed with the faction that Vlad has been working on since the death of his father figure Dr Erwin himself. They have used him to send messages and the likes around the world, as His abilities make him untraceable and all but unkillable.


Ability Name:
Quantum Tunnel
The ability to tunnel through the quantum realm, lets one teleport from one place to another, regardless of distance instantaneously, he is unable to bring anyone else along with him through this Tunnel as it would immediately kill them, however he is able to bring small objects along with him, and whatever he is wearing.

Ability Name: Quantum State
Evan is considered both alive and dead at the same time, this is because he is only really either while being observed, However if he is killed in the physical state it will take time for another iteration of him to be created, and this form may or may not have the memories of the last iteration.

Ability name: Cat in a box
Evans soul is bound to a cat in a box, no one can open the box lest it kill Evan, and its location is known only to a select few.

Ability Name: Shifted Form
The ability for Evan to change his appearance at will, he can copy a look he has already seen, though he would have to spend many hours studying each form for it to be perfect, or he can simply make up his own at will.
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It's ya boi
Pre-approved in dm's

Name: Victor Green
Alias: Vic

Appearance notes:
Weight: 75kg
Height- 181cm
Arms replaced by prosthetics with enhancement

Species: Human
Affiliation: The Movement

Personality notes:
Viktor Green, a young human with almost robotic arms – source unknown.
Vic is a sarcastic individual, he likes to create conflicts even though they tend to not work out well for him. His jokes are offensive and generally, not funny.
This young man seems to be afraid of relationships and usually moves and operates alone.
Although his manners and overall image is beyond barbaric, he is a loving individual. It is seen with his love for animals.
He always protects those he sees as weaker and punishes those who would harm those weak souls.

Preferred weaponry:
Always on him: Hunting knife hidden above his shoe- left
A gun without bullets
A baseball bat
Skilled with: knives, guns, bats, explosives, hand to hand combat

Backstory: {made up}
Victor grew up in the streets of Ireland, stealing, mugging, burgling from young age. He got used to the life of a criminal and got on top of the gangs of Ireland. He did not care much. Life was what it was. Although he was only 12, he had a reputation of a heartless killer. One night a assassination attempt was struck and Victor was injured. A family took him in and treated his wounds. A man, Michael and a woman Angela. Not that old couple, 40 maybe 50 years old.

Victor lived with them. However he did not give up the life of a criminal. As time flew by, tensions raised between humans and creatures. On a stormy Saturday night, Victor came home and shocked watched as Michael stabbed Angela to the chest and watched her bleed out. Viktor jumped on Michael and almost strangled him when authorities came.

He did learn that the old man did it for she was a supernatural being living a peaceful life in secrecy. Viktor had spent a long time in a prison from which he escaped by making a deal. Basically, paying the boss.

Vic went back and killed Michael. Then continued his crime spree…

Backstory: (true)
Not so long ago in the streets of Ireland, a child was born. His name was Victor and he was truly a troubled child.
Living with a poor family, in terrible conditions. In a world where everything is centered around money, they were barely surviving. However, Victor was loved. He had a loving family. They devoted all their time to raising their child right, and it almost worked out, but an infection manifested in a cut on Victor’s arm which he got playing with children outside. The infection quickly spread upwards and made him paralyzed.
Life became almost unbearable. Each day got harder and harder. Victor couldn’t be treated for it required an intense medical care and his parents couldn’t pay for that.

A solution showed itself suddenly. A gang by the name of Mechanical Maniacs promised to treat Victor. His parents were desperate and so they agreed in exchange for their services {basically dirty, dangerous work}.

A lot of years passed, and Victor spent all this time preparing for his treatment, for it was a modification which needed a lot of psychical and physical strength. They basically took his arms which were so damaged by the paralysis that they could never be used again and replaced them with a prosthetics directly connected to Victor’s brain.

They gave him time to recover and learn how to use his newly acquired arms.
And then blackmailed him. He would work for them and no harm would come to him or his close ones. A pretty standard type of blackmail, when dealing with gangs of Ireland.

And so it would be, until Victor had enough. He used his body along with his prosthetic arms to wipe out his blackmailers. The Mechanical Maniacs were defeated, or so it seemed to Victor.

Once he came home from his mission of slaughtering the entire gang, He saw what his actions did. Bodies quartered, smell of blood everywhere. Heads of his parents placed on a table in the middle of the room with a knife in each head’s forehead, with a note attached to one of them. “You missed one.”

Victor with his heart plagued with grief, guilt and anger took his mother’s knife, father’s gun and a baseball bat they bought for him long ago when they still believed Victor could be cured.

He promised himself that he would find that one last member of the MM and butcher his family in front of him.
That was the moment in which Victor knew that he should be the one who decides who lives and who dies.
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The Psychopath
If you guys don't mind, is there a summary of the plot so far?
Ah, and could I give Ye'Shen a petlike critter?



The Psychopath

(When it chooses to morph as adult, similar to Shen)

Normally it's in baby form for easier movement:

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The Psychopath
@The Wanderer
Probably been sent by ITCEM to trace the escapees, but he normally checks things out in person in case withholding information can net him profit down the line. I didn't want to mention the chain-of-command thing as I don't really know the ITCEM org. so far.

Edit: Naga might've just followed the scent from the holding area, sniffing about while flapping all over town.
Okay. Big no.

Mainly because, one. They only recently learned of the events in the prison.

And ignoring the whole "chain of command" thing. You are telling me that, this dude was just traveling through the woods, near the prisoners that only recently just got pinged through the system by ITCEM because they just only recently learned of the prison attack and because of a just recent phone call.

And now alone with no during the day against them.

Like, what do you think is going to happen?

Also, to add onto this. Naga, the little snake thing, managed to travel what is kinda a few hundred miles from a prison, to the specific town and to the others before the Ouroboros' tracker, Wilder and Ryot could. Who really got the only thing that would give them a scent?

And also, why would he not be aboard the Pequod or at the prison just as ITCEM were just dealing with that situation?



The Psychopath
@The Wanderer Quite frankly I have no idea what's currently going on, so I'm just playing it by ear.
With Naga's adult form, it could probably ride the air currents, giving Shen a lift. Or it might have snuck aboard other transport vehicles, what with the entire organization in temporary chaos.

Otherwise, Shen could've been the nearest agent at their last known location, and simply sent Naga to go sniff scraps of cloth from the transport vehicle/any other sources of smell upon receiving ITCEM's phone call.
By all accounts, he wouldn't been called. Hell, Ouroboros would be like "wait til the other agents group up."

And you'd know what is going on if you read the IC.

So, edit the post or I'ma give the boot. Plain and simple.

I don't like godmodding in this degree. @Scarcasm