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Intermediate Accepting PG-16 The Outcasts [Closed]

The year is 2080

The world has made great bounds in progress in relation to technology. Cybernetics, robots and even whispers of androids joining the party. Sure as the years went on, humanity's struggles grew with it, only made manageable through the leaps in technology. Sure, the gangs got more violent and troublesome. But the police got more advanced in response, with each cop being decked out in body armor and carrying the latest in firearms. Combine this with the assistance of unmanned drones and robots acting as the bulk of the force and overall, the whole thing is tolerable.

But that's what has been going on the surface. Behind the scenes is something else entirely. For you see, since time immemorial a secret organization has been battling the forces that to us were unnatural. Vampires, werewolves, spirits and whatever went bump in the night. Their techniques in battling their foe getting more and more balanced as time went on. From using herbs and religious icons, to now using special battle-suits and weapons made to combat their supernatural foe. Hell, the organization brought on beings that hailed from the more supernatural world and the aforementioned world using technology to their own or outright promising a teched out barely human mercenary untold riches and power if they worked for them.

And from this, was born a sort of 'Cold War' between the two sides that did their best to bolster their number with whatever they could get their hands on. But what neither side could've anticipated was the rise of a new type of being.

Mutants, meta-humans, whatever else you might call them.

This wasn't to say they didn't exist at all, as there were scattered reports of them every so often. But said reports were so varied in many ways. Time, events and numbers. It has been estimated that between 1960 and 2020 that only sixteen have been reported. With thirteen of the reported individuals were killed by agents due to the metas being violent or crazed with their abilities or through some other event such as old age or illness or just a random accident, three contained and three off the grid and not a problem. But after 2020, the number of reports got more and more numerous with each reported mutant/meta getting more hard to cover up. And the newfound gang violence that spawned from metas joining together to commit acts of violence. The organization couldn't fight both fights in secrecy. Nor could they come out to contain this ongoing situation while also saying to the public "We also battle creatures of the night." Or at least without causing mass panic beyond what it currently is.

So they did the best thing they could do.

By using ties within the governments of the world, they created a front organization known as "International Task-force dedicated to Containment or Extermination of meta-humans." Or ITCEM.

With this newly found front, they could public deal with the metas while keeping the ongoing fight with the supernatural going still. Either convincing the meta on joining them, or locking them up where the supernatural side couldn't get their hands on them to use their abilities for their own reasons.

This brings us to the present. Where a prisoner transport truck filled with captured individuals. Some mutants, some supernatural in nature or something else are on their way to one of the organizations facilities to meet whatever fate that awaits.

"This is ITCEM Prisoner transport truck Eleven en route to containment facility. ETA an hour if the weather doesn't let up." One of the two drivers in the truck spoke into the radio.

Not a second passed before a static addled voice replied with "Copy that ITCEM PT Eleven. We have the rooms all nice and ready for our guests." The radio was shut off with a click.

The second driver in the passenger seat would look back through the reinforced glass gate that separated them from the prisoners in the back. More than likely most of them didn't belong in there, while some did. As some of them couldn't have controlled what they were born with or had placed upon them randomly. The others, not so much. They deserved to be in there, chained up like animals.

The guard refocused his attention on the rain covered road before them. They were taking a backroad as to avoid too much attention from the public and due to the main road being closed off due to unforeseen factors. The rain filled night sky only pierced by the headlights just barely. The road being mostly old caused more than a few bumps to jostle the guards and their cargo.

All the prisoners had to look at with their restraints was out the barred windows at passing brush and fauna. Though there were times that it seemed like they could see people standing as the truck passed by.....
Greetings, has been a while since I've done an interest check, in fact only really able to do this after regaining confidence in GM'ing such a venture. And I hope you like the teaser on what's to come in the rp.

Anyways before I ramble on. This rp is going to be pretty straight-forward with it's premise. You are one of the prisoners in the transport, either a meta-human or some supernatural creature or a rogue cyborg or whatever.

Character Sheet Skeleton/Dossiar - Essentially try to write the cs as if it was something typed up by an agent or someone writing a report on the individual that is your character.
Appearance: [Either drawn or something of the sort, only actual face claims if you cannot find something to represent your character's appearance]
Appearance notes: Weight, Height, any features not shown in the picture
Name: Pretty straight forward
Alias: Any nicknames or labels put by the public or the organization.
Age: Pretty straight forward [No one under 17, just not gonna take the chance. Willing to allow younger characters if you can give a good enough reason.]
Species: Human, Meta-Human, or a supernatural race. [Which can include vampires, werewolves, and what have you.] Or if a cyborg and/or a genetically enhanced human "G.A.H" it goes here.]
Affiliation: Rogue, ITCEM or one of the supernatural based groups, though if you're gonna be a prisoner, put "Rogue" unless you want to be on a side.
Personality Notes: Try to describe their traits [ Three Good, Three Neutral and three bad] like this example "Blunt - John Doe is straightforward in responses." And so on. Although in a paragraph or more.
Preferred weaponry: Guns, blades, fist based weapons or whatever. They are being hauled on a prisoner truck, so their weapon ain't gonna be on them. This is just so I can plan ahead on how they get a similar weapon back.
Background: Their history, however plain or morbid as it was. At least two paragraphs.
[For funsies] Method of capture: Essentially, how did ITCEM get their hands on your character? An elaborate plan or pure accidental? This is excluded if the character is on ITCEM's side.
Factions: [W.I.P] Though do feel free to post suggestions for any additional groups that can exist in this futuristic/supernatural filled world.

1: All site rules apply. So if someone makes an underaged character but proceeds to do things not safe for work, we're gonna have a talk in the OOC about it and ultimately left to me and whomever joins on as a Co-Gm as to if that character should vanish outta the rp. And if the player is underage and engaging in such things, then actions in response to that will be left to the Mods of the site.
2: Any 18+ scene between adult characters are to fade to black and into PMs. This ain't gonna be one of those rps.
3: No OP pls nerf characters.
4: No OOC fighting spilling into IC, everyone hates it when a character randomly starts messing with another character for no reason.
5: Post length is going to be two paragraphs at least. No one-liners or anything, just enough to give the other players something to react to and that their big post isn't soured by a one liner.
6: Character limit is going to be six. This is just in case someone wants to spread their characters out over the different sides and such. But you do NOT have to meet the limit, make as many characters as you are comfortable with.
7: Have fun.
And as a side note, do need at minimum of three more players before starting with limit being eight.

Cast List
David - The Wanderer [W.I.P]
Akane Seto - The Lost Dae
Lucas Woulfe - Sketching101
Clarke Hal - stryd3r

Now the signups are still gonna be a bit rough as I add onto it. And once I find some nice looking pictures for stuff.
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Appearance notes:

Weight, 99lbs

Height, 5’2

Not Shown: Her wings shimmer in any kind of light.

Name: Akane Seto

Alias: Butterfly

Age: 19

Species: Meta Human

Affiliation: Prisoner

Personality Notes:

Akane is normally quiet and reserved around others, she tends to take on the tone of a wall flower preferring to watch and see how things turn out than actively give her own opinions. She has severe self confidence issues believing that she is almost useless, and a hindrance to those around her. She seems to startle easily making her very unsuitable for the heat of battle.

However, despite her character flaws she has shown an extreme dedication to helping others, even going so far as to put herself into danger to save others. She is friendly with all those around her never appearing to have an angry word for anyone. She seems to take some kind of pleasure out of making others feel better and will do anything for someone she deems to be a friend.

Preferred weaponry: Magic. Specifically, Healing magic

Background: She was born during the winter solstice which in and of itself might have been considered bad luck to some, however she never let that get her down. She grew up a normal carefree girl, her family life, school life, and even social life, such as a child can maintain was all really happy. The first signs she wasn’t normal came when she entered puberty, she fell into a deep sleep for an entire week, and her body produced a substance that would be considered a silk, it formed a cocoon around her. During her time in the Cocoon she was exposed to dreams of a world far removed from the one she knew, she gained knowledge that had either been long forgotten or never known to this world. Inside her magic awoken and her mind took on new shades, her personality irreversibly changing for the quieter. The mental changes weren’t the only things taking place, however.

Upon emerging from her Cocoon, she was changed, her ears now pointed, her features far more angular and the biggest change, and the one thing she couldn’t possibly change, was the shimmering butterfly wings that now took centre stage in the middle of her back. They were slightly translucent in the light and made the air around them shimmer slightly as if the light refracting through a diamond.

She left home the day she turned 15 as to not burden her parents anymore with having to hide the fact she was a meta-human, a freak, from everyone. She found a home for herself in the city, she was able to make ends meet for herself applying the magical knowledge she had garnered from the cocoon and healing and helping those that were in need.

[For funsies] Method of capture: The night had been a cold one and Akane had found herself working later than was normal, a young were-creature, a boy, had come in injured and bloody just before she was about to head home. She spent the time even in an exhausted state to heal the young boy back to full health before leaving. She was walking along a darkened alley her relying more on her antennae to see instead of her eyes. When she stumbled across a man lying on the ground, he seemed to be bleeding from the neck, what she could see was two small punctures, and could only guess that a vampire had done this.

Acting quickly, she knelt beside him and placed her hand over the wound and opened herself up to him, letting her magic flow as the song emanated from her mouth. A gentle soothing song designed to help her mana flow more directly. She couldn’t have known he was one of the people that were tracking down her kind, nor would she have changed her actions if she had. She brought him back to full health before passing out herself, being exhausted already she had maxed out the amount of magic she could use, and this rendered her into a world of darkness.

She woke several hours later in a prison cell, and though saddened her main concern was to the people that she couldn’t help anymore. Though she eventually found her way to thinking that they would probably be better off without her around anyways, as she couldn’t fight she couldn’t truly help the others to stay safe, she only ever patched them up, and now she couldn’t even do that.

Appearance Notes 78kg, 1.86m
Name Luca Woulfe
Alias Correspondent, “Elliot Turner”
Age 21
Species Meta-Human
Affiliation Rogue
Personality Notes Although Luca can be a bit awkward at times, he’s anything but shy. He can be rather abrasive and push people’s buttons, and just not know when to stop. Strangely enough, even though he has entrenched, strong political views, he doesn’t care much to talk about politics under normal circumstances, unless he’s interviewing someone. You’ll still hear him hurl an insults that might fall under the category of political discourse quite often.
Preferred weaponry Print - otherwise, Gravity Powers
At a very young age, he had to hear ITCEM knocking down his door to take his parents away, after his mother was caught on camera using her power. They had been packing to run away that same night, when they came. When he heard the gunshots and the screams, he rushed to see his parents, but that only revealed that he was there. When they came into his room, his 8th floor window was open, but he was gone.

He lived most of his life with a friend of his father’s, a human who sympathized with metas, outside of the city they used to live in, in a small, protected community where others like him lived. He managed to continue his education there. He got into a playing around with computer security quite a bit. After he turn 19, he snuck out of the commune with an identity sloppily forged and placed in ITCEM’s system, which would recognize his face as “Elliot Turner”, a squeaky clean high-school graduate coming back home from abroad.

For the next two years, he worked at a small independent news organization as first an intern, and then a junior correspondent.
Method of Capture
He had been tracking an ITCEM task force’s activities for some time. He’d stake out near their vehicle, trying to gain access to their computers inside. After two months, he decided to take a different approach. He sent them alerts about sightings of a mutant nearby in a narrow street, around the region he knew some dangerous types walked about. When the two parties had confronted each other, the situation escalated, and everyone in the van left to go back their friends up. In the brief period of time where their van was empty, he snuck in and plugged his malware in to siphon their data directly from their storage unit. However the conflict lasted significantly shorter than he expected. As he saw them returning, in hopes of stalling enough time to ensure the malware could transmit as much data as possible, he jumped to the front seat to drive the van away. The tires were promptly blown out with a well placed bullet, and the van began to tumble, but before it looked like anyone inside would absolutely die, the van stopped tumbling, but simply started floating. When the transmission was complete, he plugged the USB out and hid it in his mouth. The van came crashing down to the ground before long, with Luca/Elliot inside, and the guns of the rather angry ITCEM members whose ride had been thrashed pointed at him.
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| aloha and aloha |
Appearance|| 1631
Appearance Notes||
136lbs., 5'9", lean athletic figure, her right hand is a little crooked in the wrist and certain fingers from being broken one too many times
Name|| Clarke Hal
Alias|| "Friends" call her Lucky. She is known by most and recognized as a pest by ITCEM as Silvertongue (the name is only known. Not the face)
Age|| 23
Species|| Human
Affiliation|| Rogue
Personality Notes|| Clarke has a naturally relentless curiosity, usually resulting in her actually finding what she wants. But every now and then it will get her into some real trouble. She is rather acceptant of people, but it would be for more of the reason that she simply doesn't care. Her extroverted personality gives her the look of confidence when talking to others.
Clarke is also extremely observant, sometimes choosing to not talk when watching would be more beneficial to her. Most of her conversation starters are witty and sarcastic one-liners. Of course, she doesn't know how else to start a conversation, but she wouldn't tell anybody that.
Most would consider the young woman wildly violent. True, she enjoys stabbing people when the occasion calls or punching someone so hard her hand breaks. But she's never actually tried to kill someone. Truly. Clarke also has a hard time connecting with people. She prefers to be a loner rather than worrying about taking care of others. It's simply easier that way. In fact, she will deliberately try to push people away.
Preferred Weaponry|| Literally anything she can get her hands on. A stick, a chair, a rock, that dirt there on the ground. She will use a gun if she gets her hand on it, but she's rarely used one so she is terrible at it. Although she does enjoy knives...
Background|| Clarke is a street girl. Literally grew up on the streets. Her "neighbors," when she was younger, would talk about how she was born on the concrete floor on a cold night, point to some random spot and then laugh. Clarke doesn't actually know where she was born, just that it probably sucked. She doesn't care to know.
She barely remembers her mom. The woman apparently took the next train she could after Clarke didn't need to be nursed any longer. Her dad was around. Well, when he wanted to be. The two were more like buddies. Ready to hang but will ditch each other if things got dicey. She would usually help him on some of his heists, but it was rare for him to ask her. She never talks about her parents.
Clarke lives in an abandoned warehouse with a group of people, doing their best to stay under the radar. She makes a living off of gathering intel about the ITCEM, a passionate member of a movement attempting to figure out what it is that the ITCEM are actually doing. Sure, they take down the Metas. But Clarke and the rest of the group aren't stupid enough to buy the fact that such a small number of them would require such a vast arsenal that the ITCEM is presenting.
The young woman mostly does ground work wile gathering this info. She'll visit assets and sources, even spying on the ITCEM every now and then. She does what she can, writing about it and posting it on any site she can access, all under the name: SIlvertongue. Clarke knows it's risky, and she'll probably get caught one day. But her goal is to get as much out into the public as she can before that actually happens.
Method of Capture|| One would think that Clarke got caught because she was leaking classified information on the ITCEM out into the public. Well, no, actually. In fact, it was a rather unlucky situation.
Clarke was minding her own business, on her way to a random café so she could leak some info when she stumbled into a couple of ITCEM. She didn't know what they were doing, but for some reason they had the audacity to strike up a conversation with her as she was passing by.
One could blame her conversational skills or maybe her somewhat annoyingly confident persona in that moment, but things got heated. One thing came to another, and before Clarke could even process what she was doing, her right fist was swinging straight into one of the men's jaw. The other quickly rammed into her, both of them going to the ground. At this point, Clarke was in a mild state of panic, but she wouldn't let it show. So, she covered it up with a stupid one-liner and then the man proceeded to punch her in the face multiple times.
Clarke grunted from the pain, doing her best to block his large fists with her smaller arms. As quickly as she could, she grabbed his right wrist, pushing it away from her face before pulling out her knife and ramming it into his side. Caught off guard, the man backed away quickly, crying out in pain. She took her chance, leaping to her feet and ramming his face into her knee. Looking up, slightly out of breath, Clarke's eyes widened as the other ITCEM raised his weapon and fired (I'm not exactly sure what weapons they have, but this was not a lethal one. He just subdued her).

Let me know if you would like me to change anything :)
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Alrighty, giving this a little bump so while I am busy doing work stuff and sleeping most of the days away until weekend come, it doesn't seem like le rp is up and gone.

We are still accepting, so feel free to submit a CS or for those already here if you want to play more characters, go for it.

Going to ask a question for everyone, would you all like a Discord for this or remain in le OOC for stuff?
@The Lost Dae @Sketching101 @stryd3r @QueensGuard

Do feel free to either PM or ask directly in OOC if you have any questions about this rp.



Lucas Hassell
Appearance notes:

While Hassell may look like a gentlemen, this thing is far from it. Standing at 6’2, he is average in terms of muscle and has a lean, yet undefined build to him. His hair is normally fixed, pushed back with gel. He sports a clean shaven face that reveals a scar on his chin. Another scar is seen below his right eye, curving slightly as it cuts across his cheek. Sinister yellow eyes tends to be one of his features that stands out.
He prefers to wear formal clothing like suits and button up shirts, but hopefully he spends the rest of his life in an orange jumpsuit.

Appearance notes (Part 2):
Hassells true form, a shadowy creature mixed with a wolf. It stands on its hind legs at about 7’0, its limbs long and slender. It mostly travels on all fours, bounding at great speeds with large claws on each of its feet. Piercing red eyes are the only thing revealing itself from the shadows. Wispy tendrils of shadows move off its body.
Hassell cannot turn into this form in direct sunlight or bright lights. Futhermore, these lights will stun him if already in this form, and prolonged exposure will force him out of it.

Soot: A name given too Hassell by ITCEM agents due to the soot-like residue left behind by his tendrils. He hates the nickname.
While he appears to be around his 40’s or 50’s, it’s believed he has lived about twice that long.
Personality Notes:
Hassell is somewhat well kept, preferring to have a clean and organized lifestyle to offset his chaotic feeding frenzies. While he tends to keep a level-head, he can be quick to anger in circumstances; such as getting blood on a new suit.
He seems too get along with most meta-humans and other supernatural entities, but has a strong hatred for humans. He has a soft spot for children however, and doesn’t seem to harm them directly. In social situations he likes to portray himself to be friendly and formal, often toying with others as he tries to get a read on them. It’s important to note Hasell also shows signs of being a socipath.
In his personal life Hassell several things he seems too like. He’s fond of meat, sugar and music, specifically classical and slower paced rock.

Preferred weaponry:
Most of his kills are credited to claws and fangs, though he also uses shadowy magic tendrils too strangle, grab and stab his prey.
While we have no concrete history of his childhood, it’s believed some traumatic event embedded his hatred for humans at a young age. Likely the death of his mother, due to a testimony given by his father when he was first in ITCEM custody.
Most of his early life was spent with a group of meta-human and supernatural killers and thieves, before he suddenly broke away from that life and struck out with a human. It seemed that he loved this woman and ITCEM didn’t see any signs of Hassell for a few years, before appearing suddenly rampaging at a bar, killing half a dozen people.
After some digging, we found that his wife was killed by a druggie, though the man wasn’t convicted due to lack of evidence. This reignited his hatred for humans, and soon Hassell went back to killing.
He doesn’t have an MO, and he chooses most of his murders on a whim. He often would stay in a given city or place for a few days before disappearing, normally leaving a murder behind. ITCEM has tried to get a read on his patterns, but up until recently haven’t been successful.
Method of capture:
ITCEM had tracked down Hassell to the outskirts of Regina, Canada and were in the process of narrowing their search when Private Valerie Elliot spotted Hassell via drone outside a burning building in a remote area, where she quickly used her specialized drone too subdue him.

Appearance notes:
-Height, 5'3
-features not shown in the picture
Alias: Lilly
Age: Unknown
Species: Demon
Affiliation: Rogue
Personality Notes:
To ascribe Narcissistic personality syndrome to her wouldn't be doing it justice, calling someone the absolute epitome of being self absorbed and self important that would be closer to the actual notes of Lilith. She appears to be detached from humanity in a manner that would be hard to understand to any living, or unliving creatures, to understand having lived the length of time she has she finds it extremely hard to care for anything or anyone else but herself. She has become cold as Ice towards others and view most of the mortals as lesser races as they are too momentary. She also seems to have an extremely exacerbated rage towards anyone with the names 'Adam' or 'Eve.'
In saying that Lilith has been shown to be a master manipulator being able to find her way through any social environment and to be the center of attention. She is considered to be a strong influence on all those around her and not to be trusted as she is nearly always serving her own hidden agendas.
It is says that Lilith once crossed will never forget, she will set out to destroy the people that have crossed her, this plan make take years to come to fruition however when it happens, she will make sure that the person she destroyed knows that it was her doing.
Preferred weaponry: When not enraged she will tend to use manipulation and whit as weapons, however if she enters a rage state she will use summoning magic and her own claws and fangs.
Lilith was the first woman, made of Adams rib, She however had too much pride and ambition for the likes of Adam and refused to submit to a man, she was considered far to independent for the likes of the false god and so he cast her from the garden of Eden. She was ostracized and demonized due to her incredible whit and the grudge that she held against the wrongs done to her. However where many would think that having everything that made them human removed would break her, it only made her worse, she grew in strength and power becoming the mother to her own race of demons, her daughter became succubus and her sons the incubus.

Through the millennia she has been spotted undertaking her own machinations, driving the path of humanity further from the path that the false god set for them. A long game battle she had been playing against the false god saw the destruction of Sodom and Gamora, two densely populated cities from biblical times. While she knew that he would feel nothing over this destruction she actually felt pain, loss, and suffering. It was the first time she had found a people whom seemed to embrace the lust and madness that wracked her body thanks to her becoming a demon. From that day she separated herself from humans, waging a shadow war, setting political figures and street urchins alike into action on her own grand master scheme.

She disappeared from all records some thousand years ago, and it was thought that someone had managed to kill the mother of demons, though this couldn't have been further from the truth. Lilith planned this absence meticulously, down to the time and date that she would re-emerge and make her presence known, down to the exact time and day. She wanted her existence scrubbed from the collective memory of humans and others alike.

The time is now a foot for the return of Lilith, What plans and games she has on the forefront of her mind none can guess at, the only thing that they can be certain of, is that she is not the innocent little girl she appears to be.
[For funsies] Method of capture: Capture is such a strong word, especially when one is dealing with the likes of Lilith, it was all part of her master plan to be captured, for she knows that the strongest of humanity are being rounded up like sheep to a slaughter and so she placed herself in prime position to have the group known as ITCEM pick her up as a meta-human. Knowing full well that she was as different from these Meta's as humans are from amoebas.

Lilith True form:


-Manipulation: Not technically a power though she is an absolute master of manipulation
-Demonic Aura: Again not a power though it is a pressure she can choose to exert on all those around her, making them far more susceptible to the depraved debauchery that is her domains of power.
-Illusion Projection: She can cast illusions at will, though they are generally limited to altering the appearance of herself and others.
-Summons: She is able to summon a pack of hell hounds to her will, a pair of Succubus/Incubus or a single greater demon should she chose.


sharp teeth and loud music
zeke portrait for posting.png

Appearance notes: Subject is 178 lbs (~78.4 kg), 6 foot 3 inches (~1.9 meters.)

Full name: Ezequiel Daniel García
Alias: Subject goes by Zeke, but is also called "Lobo" in some circles.
Age: 24 years old.
Species: Lycanthrope / Werewolf
Affiliation: Rogue/Prisoner

Personality Notes: Subject has a reputation for being honest and considers it a point of pride to always be truthful with friends, family, and allies (though he does not seem to extend this same courtesy to law enforcement and ITCEM agents.) He is known to be fiercely protective of and loyal to anyone he considers friends and family, to the point where he will react violently to any threat against them. Friends have remarked that his protectiveness can be overbearing at times, but he means well and his intentions are always to protect and never to control. These traits have earned him a reputation for being trustworthy and reliable in his social circles, despite also having a somewhat abrasive personality. He is also known in his social circles for a dry, witty sense of humor and ability to make people laugh, or at least crack a wry smile.

Although he is not shy, if the way he loudly debates politics at any given opportunity is any indication, Subject is surprisingly introverted, and prefers to keep to a small group of close friends.

Subject has been the subject of scrutiny by local law enforcement even before his lycanthropy came to ITCEM's attention. His political beliefs border on anarchism. He is of the belief that real change can only be brought about through violent resistance. He has been part of a number of anti-government demonstrations, some of which have turned violent.

The honesty that the subject is known for means that he is blunt to the point of rudeness and has a knack for offending people. He is also known for having a volatile temper, in addition to issues with anger management. He has been in many physical altercations, and has raised the ire of local law enforcement. He has never hurt anyone close to him, but seems to fear that he will become like his father who also struggled to control his temper. As a result of this fear, he tends to isolate himself when he is in a bad mood, which only makes the bad mood worse. Subject initially seems to be arrogant, picking fights he can't win, but his psychological profile suggests the arrogance masks a certain amount of self-loathing.

Preferred weaponry: Subject reportedly carried a switchblade for protection before he contracted lycanthropy. Now he prefers to rely on his own physical strength, claws, and teeth.

Abilities: As a werewolf, Subject possesses inhuman physical strength and endurance. He has an enhanced sense of smell and hearing. He has accelerated (but not instant) healing-- after an injury that would take a human months to recover from, the Subject can be back on his feet in a few days to a week. He has the ability to take on the form of a large wolf-human hybrid. In this form, he poses a considerable threat and all agents are advised to approach with caution.

Other skills: He is bilingual, able to speak Spanish and English with equal fluency.

Background: The subject's mother, Maria, is a human who immigrated from Mexico in her teens. His father was born in the country and showed violent tendencies from a young age. He physically and emotionally abused the subject and his mother thoughout most of the subject's early life. As a result, the subject ran away from home multiple times and spent much of his teenage years on the streets. He often returned home, likely due to concern for his mother, but she was unable to leave her husband out of fear he would pursue them. It was during this time that he developed a more extreme belief system, as he witnessed street violence, abuses by law enforcement, and extreme poverty. He befriended others with similar belief systems.

It was also during this time that the subject's father was like turned as a result of a physical altercation with a werewolf. The man struggled to control his bestial side, and attacked and bit his own son. The subject seemed to take to being a werewolf much better than his father did, viewing it as a blessing rather than a curse. Using his newfound strength, he confronted his father. Under her son's protection, his mother was able to pack up and return to live with her own family.

Subject still maintains a good relationship with his mother and her family. His mother likely knows that he is a werewolf, but his extended family seems to have no idea. His father's whereabouts are unknown. He has not been seen since the night Maria García moved out of his home.

Method of capture: The subject was captured while participating an anti-goverment demonstration that reportedly got out of control. He was arrested on charges of disrupting the peace, inciting violence, and resisting arrest. During the initial arrest, he lost his temper and accidentally revealed some of his bestial traits to the arresting officer. The local law enforcement contacted ITCEM, and agents were sent to collect him. As he was being transferred to ITCEM custody, he attempted escape and injured two agents in the process. The tranquilizers brought to subdue him took too long to work, likely due to the amount of adrenaline in his system. He calmed down when agents revealed that they knew his mother's location and implied that there would be consequences for her if he did not comply. With this threat looming over him, he was brought in without further incident and is now awaiting transport.

Other facts:
-Subject is openly and proudly gay.
-Subject displays some symptoms of PTSD, likely a result of the abuse he endured through childhood

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