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Intermediate Action Drama The Music Industry: It Starts Here


The Author Of Hope
Hello! My name is Aaron or AaronTheEmo5157. I haven't really done anything group roleplay wise in a while, so let's give this a try!

This roleplay is probably going to need a lot of people, and maybe a few more DMs to help me out.

Here's a general little intro bit:

The world. A place filled with noise and sound, but where does it all fit in? How do we turn the noise into a beat? Become famous... from just telling our life story? In this, we will find out. Y/C will be someone looking into starting a band, searching far and wide in search of bandmates, or attempting to make their way solo. There will be everything- tours, music, labels, gigs, producers. And most of all there will be drama. No one is perfect, and neither is their band. People have arguments and split or leave to find themselves. No matter what struggles you have, it's all up to you to choose to give up or fight the music industry. It starts here.

Now... if we get maybe 7-10 people interested I will post an OOC. This idea will take a lot of work, and a LOT of brainpower.
If anyone is interested post your love below! If you are interested in helping me set this up and come up with ideas- please PM me!