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PG-18 The Last Argument (Reserved for Miro-chan)


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The rest of the crime scene went by in a blur, Sebastian doing his what was expected off him automatically. He could barely understand what was going on, brain having zoned out about halfway through. No doubt people noticed, but for maybe the first time in his life, the cop was too far gone to care. He slowly got worse as time progressed, eventually having to sit down on the nearby curb. Nearby watchers would have seen a man strong as an oak growing paler by the minute, slurring his words and forgetting how to stand up. Still, he guided his team correctly though the entire procedure, gathering the evidence, cross-referencing with crimes which had come before and consulting with the ME.

It was at that point Sebastian got in trouble. The ME was a tall woman with white-blond hair, chalky skin, and a personality which didn’t match her profession. Instead of wearing the standard lab coat and having her hair tied back, she had on a fuzzy pink sweater and sweatpants, huge hoop earring and a gold chain around her neck. “Yo,” she called out, making her way to where Sebastian had sat down. “I know you’re technically not part of the crime scene or anythin’, but, uh, you look sick, my man.” Sebastian looked up, seeing her but not really processing. “Afternoon. May I help you?”

Without asking or waiting for permission, the chick plopped herself sown on his lap and took a long, sweeping look which normally would have made Seb squirm. Now, it simply got him curious. “Hello. What can I do for you?” The ME clicked her tongue, raising a hand to silence him. “Your pupils have dilated, you’re havin’ truble speakin’, and I’m willin’ to bet that you won’t be able to walk straight if I sit you up right now.”

The cop found that way funnier than he should have. “I usually have trouble walking straight,” he confessed with a laugh. “You being a faggot has nothing to do with this,” she sighed, putting a hand on his forehead and checking his temperature. Sebastian didn’t flinch. “When was the last time you ate or drank something? Did you sleep last night? Do you have any medical conditions relevant to the situation? Did you do any drugs in the past couple hours? If so, what?” Sebastian chocked out another laugh, this one a bit hysterical rather than amused. “Would you please get off me?” Very carefully, the bigger man put his hands on her hips and lifted her off, setting her on the sidewalk. “I ate lunch yesterday, yes, I got 8 hours last night, no, not relevant to the situation, and I took a whole bunch of Advil about an hour ago.”

The ME gave a sort of whine at being put down. “Do you have the bottle with you?” Sebastian handed the medicine over obediently and watched her though half lidded eyes as she unscrewed the top and peaked inside. “Haha!” she shouted, getting a startled flinch out of everyone around her. “This ain’t Advil, buddy. For a cop, you’re not very observant, are you?” Sebastian couldn’t be bothered to flush. “Bruh, this is medical grade tranquilizer. How many did you take?”

“Five, I think.” The ME’s eyebrows shot up. “Who the fuck pops five Advils in one go?” Sebastian rose a shaky hand, along with one of the other ME, who’d been listening in. She gave an annoyed sigh before stuffing the pills in her pocket. “Then you should know what it looks like, for God’s sake! Since when is Advil a bright green square?” She turned to her partner and showed him one of the pills she’d fished out of the tube. “Oh yeah, that’s the good stuff. Pop two and you’re out for a day.”

“Good news is, you’re not gonna die. Bad news is, if five of those didn’t knock you out or get you hallucinating, I feel bad for your doctor if you ever get hurt. She’ll have to choose between letting you die, operating on you without anesthesia or killing your liver.” And then she swaggered away, back to the body. The other ME, a tall British fellow with a messy beard and olive skin, gave him a concerned look. “Bro, go home. And drink a lot of water. Try to purge, if nothing else. You’ll feel better.”

“What are you talking about? I’m fine.” Sebastian attempted to get up, only to give up half way, as any minute movement made the world spin violently. The British fellow waved one of the boys on his team over, Sebastian couldn’t tell which one, and started speaking faster than the cop’s muddled mind could follow. “You guys are done, right? They are loading up the body, you already looked around the crime scene. Can you take him home? He shouldn’t be alone right now. Plus, I have a feeling if the big man sees him like this, he’ll make him take a week of work.”


The Affectionette, Yet Stubborn One.
William had followed his instructions after he and Bella had gotten out of the car. The two of them were worried for their captain, but they weren't sure what to do with him in the current situation. Splitting away from the young medic, Will had walked towards the front door of the house and as he was talking with one of the forensic staff, he felt a tap on his shoulder. The young man turned and there stood Bella, her expression showed a bit of relief.

"William," she began as he turned to face her completely. "The captain took some more of medical tranquilizers thinking that they were Advil pills."

Will's brown brows shot up and he exclaimed a shocked, "What??"

As Bella had opened her mouth to continue, one of the other medics spoke up and waved them over. The two rookies moved towards their seated captain and the medic. As the older male had asked if one of them could take him home, Will was quick to speak up, "Yeah, I can do it. I knew something what was wrong with him... Oh wait-!" He turned to face young female, his expression worried, "Bella, how will you get home? I can pick you up after I drop Captain Anderson..."

The brunette simply smiled up at him and shook her head. "No, no. It's okay. You'll have a lot to handle dealing with the captain. I cam ride the bus, or call the PD. It's no problem. Besides, I want to be able to watch and learn more being with the other medics for now. It'll be a good learning experience for me."

Will was reluctant, but he nodded. Inhaling a deep breath, the cop turned to the older man and held out his hand to him. He waited a second before he changed his mind and his held out hand was tucked underneath Sebastian's underarm, while the free hand had lifted and pulled the captain's arm to be hung over his neck. Will grunted a bit as he had the officer lean against him and he was a little shocked by how heavy the man was.

"C'mon, captain. Let's get you home," Will grunted out as he began to slowly walk towards the vehicle.

Bella followed close behind them and she quickly moved in front of them to open the back seat door. Will removed the man's arm from over his neck and carefully helped the captain in the back seat. Will waited until his feet were in before he shut the door. He turned to the medic who had spoken to them earlier and asked, "Uh, I actually don't know where Captain Anderson lives... If you know his address, I can put it in my phone and find it that way. Worst comes to worst, I could take him to my place. It won't bother me any."