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Casual Accepting PG-18 The Inbetween Tavern


Quasi-dimensional Cotton Candy Eater
The Inbetween Tavern

A road said to lead nowhere, a blank sign that catches your eye, the smell of food and the sound of laughter that draw you attention. Follow these things and you will reach this place, a tavern said to lay between worlds, between dimensions, always there, yet sometimes not. You find yourself there sometimes when you search for it, other times, it brings you there when you need to lay down your burdens for a time. Whatever the case, the Inbetween Tavern exists for the many, catering to all sorts of people and creatures, tending to their needs and allowing for others to relax and enjoy some friendly company, be it between customers or with the staff. All are welcome, so long as they don’t start any trouble.
As traveler’s come, they are greeted with a fairly large tavern, its white walls and blue roofing making it stand out to the empty wilds around it, stone steps leading to the front door and a lone stone path lay further beyond, for travelers who depart. A lone mean looking hobgoblin stands guard at the front, letting people and creatures in, and keeping the riff raff at bay. Entering in travelers are all made instantly aware of the rules of the tavern, the information planting itself firmly in their minds.

  1. Don’t Start Fights, if you feel the need, there is a sparring ring in the back.​
  2. Respect the Staff​
  3. Keep any and all magic to a minimum, any property damage will be fined.​
  4. Pay for your food, drink and board upfront. (All forms of currency accepted)​
  5. Enjoy Yourselves​

After the rules have been received, the tavern interior spreads out before the traveler, seats and tables lay spread across the tavern floor in an organized fashion, staircase to the rooms available sits squarely in the middle of the room, the bar firmly planted on the left wall, full of drinks from all walks of life, the bartender stands behind the counter, serving drinks or cleaning glasses. A server darts around to and fro, serving guests their food and drink. An open door next to the bar emits smells of cooking food and the sound of giggles and laughter, occasionally a blue, red or green head can be seen out of the corner of a travelers eye as one of the three cooks poke their heads out to take a look at the occupants of the tavern. On the far wall sits a lone metal door, which leads to the owners chambers, though the server tells people not to get to close.

The rules of the tavern are to be followed closely, as the owner is quick to anger and will deal with rule violations severely. So come, follow the rules, and enjoy your stay, at The Inbetween Tavern.
General Appearance(Or equivalent Description):

Any and all fantasy races are welcome, just a few reminders however. No godmodding, Respect the others players and their wishes, and have fun. ^.^
I will have an IC made once there are a few people interested and with characters submitted. Thank You and Have a Great Day.


The Psychopath
Name: Cadis Etrama di Raizel
Cadi- Of Hebrew origin, means 'judge/judgement on'. Also means 'blood'
Etrama- Extreme
Raizel- Hebrew/Ibrani origin, means 'Rose'
Cadis Etrama di Raizel- 'Powerful/Blood Judgement of the Rose'
Gender: Male
Race: Noble
Actual Age: Unknown

Bio/Powers (WIP< editing an old character):
He has no knowledge whatsoever of the 21st century, and will often become lost and confused especially with regards to modern day technology (such as using a cell phone). They are often comic relief with their love of ramen, the errors they make with technology, and their terrible sense of direction. They had fallen into a deep slumber for 820 years, and had woken up only recently. After seeing what most of the beings in the area were wearing, Rai took on the clothing of the general populace. They shown to be extremely powerful with the ability of mind control, along with a technique called "Blood Field," which is capable of erasing all traces of its victims' existence. Although they seems cold and apathetic on the outside, Rai has shown compassion towards human beings, though it is not known whether this is due to actual compassion or merely a sense of duty. Rai possesses a youthful appearance, scarlet-red eyes (a common trait among pureblood Nobles), jet black hair and a quiet disposition. They are usually seen wearing the white version of Magic School uniform and a silver cross earring on their left ear (a gift from the previous Lord and an item that seals away the majority of their power). It seems that if Rai uses their powers extensively,, their overall health and well-being deteriorates, although Rai insists that it was nothing to worry about. Nevertheless, in reality, their needs time to fully recover their old strength. Rai demonstrates their absolute governance over blood by creating powerful blood fields with perfect form without the use of an apparent soul weapon as their soul weapon does not materialize as a weapon; Rai's blood and soul is their soul weapon. Noblesse is the title of a single Noble (Rai), and was later adopted by Nobles as the name of their race, (some time after Rai went to sleep). These Nobles were commonly mistaken as vampires of old with their red eyes and minor mind control, along with long fingernails they use in combat. The difference between them and true vamps includes their claws which only grow at will, unlike vampires' permanent ones, and the lack of fangs. In their society there are two beings who are held in high esteem: one is the Lord who rules with authority, and one is the Noblesse, with strength above all others, who watches over and protects the Nobles. The previous Lord left his soul weapon in the shrine of Reijar as a gift (although Rai cannot use Ragnarok because he is not related by blood to the previous Lord). Rai is shown to have relinquished their ownership of Ragnarok, although later in a freak accident they were forced to absorb it as part of their life force as their power consumes his life force when used. As Noblesse, Rai killed their own elder brother, and even a close friend, causing them to withdraw into themselves. They have control over fluids, but specifically blood, mind control (more hypnosis) and minor telekinesis.

Downside/Weaknesses: Is lethargic and unable to focus on battles in the daytime. Each use of raw power drains Raizel's very life force, forcing him to go into hibernation to recuperate life force.

Fears: Having to judge another Noble, killing or hurting living beings

Extras: Soul Weapon sealed by an earring in the shape of a cross which prevents Raizel's power/life force from leaking.


Quasi-dimensional Cotton Candy Eater
Nae. Love the character, can't wait to see Nico interact here. XD

Scar, I like the character, Noblesse is a favorite of mine. ^^ can't wait to see this happen.

We need just a few more people then I'll set up the ic


The Psychopath
I currently have no friggin' idea how to emphasize Rai's silent yet expressive actions...argh the difference between manga pics and actually trying to RP facial expressions ;-;
Post automatically merged:

Idk if I'll play Rai as he is in the manga, but I'm thinking of changing his powers a little, maybe make him more chatty C:


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Community Volunteer
@Azathoth yeah nico's been getting the favouritism treatment recently lol. 😅
Idk I just like thinking about him as of late. Can't wait for this walk in to start


Quasi-dimensional Cotton Candy Eater
Name: Sven
Race: Dark Elf
Gender: Male
General Appearance: Screenshot_20190813-153924~3.png

Name: Clancy
Race: Mimic
Gender: ?
General Appearance:Screenshot_20190813-154952~2.png

Name: Wa, Fi, Wi
Race: Sprites
Gender: Female
General Appearance: (all color variations of this)

Name: Douglas
Race: Hobgoblin
Gender: Male
General Appearance: