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The Final Frontier (M)(OOC)

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Rated M for: Anything that can be covered under the rating, including violence, language, blood and gore.

Note: This is a complete overhaul of my last Wild West RP

Plot: The frontier, an area just being settled. Only a few areas lack "civilization", as some would say, and this is one of them. The region known by the settlers as Redsand is one of these last places, and it only has two settlements, a small frontier town and a homestead. The frontier town of Bandicoot is only in its infancy, having not long been constructed, hell some of the cranes and construction equipment is still at the train station waiting to be picked up. And that is where you come in, you are in this town for...whatever reason. Maybe you're an outlaw, on the run from the law or not? Maybe one of the original settlers of the town? Or you're a stockman working at the nearby homestead? Maybe a swagman, a traveling worker, who lives out of what he carries in his backpack? Or you came here when the biggest mining company on the continent heard about the iron, gold and opal mining to be had out here? Whatever the reason, something is about to break the peace of this area. The country of Tescoca has been in a diplomatic disagreement with the current government regarding some bandits from both sides of the border who have attacked travelers, these bandits may or may not have been dressed as soldiers for their respective countries. Also the current government is starting to pass laws restricting the rights of natives and people from the Eastern Continent, which has been causing trouble in the more settled areas, it hasn't reached as far as Redsand yet, but it might.

Setting: In a world not unlike Earth circa the late 1800's, across the desert region, into the plains, forest, mountains and swamp regions. A couple of large cities exist, but mostly small frontier towns and homesteads. Mostly in and around the region of Redsand.

Great Valley Region
One of the newest areas for frontier expansion. A large canyon bisects the middle of this region, the river at the bottom contains the only town in the region, Riverdale, a fishing and gold prospecting town.

Named for the tribe that lived there, this region consists of one small city, Bloodstone, on the edge of a large lake and a single small town and various homesteads, mostly known for it's livestock, and the wood out of the frontier town of Blackberry.

This region borders the north-western area of Great Valley. This place is known for it's mining, mostly coal, which is mined and processed out of the town of New Zottaden. Dense forests and mountains fill this land.

A large desert in the south, this is the least populated area, it only has a single frontier town, Bandicoot, which has only just finished being built and settled a few months ago, and a homestead a few kilometers away. Not known for much, but prospectors and ranchers have been seen in the area.

Southern area bordering Great Valley, Nokota and Redmont. The two main features of this region are the swamp and the major city of Saint Martine. There is also the plains near the northern border, a single small town, Steelreach, exists there.

Rules: 1. I am the GM, I'm sure you know where this is going.
2. Everyone wont have any more then 2 active characters at a time.
3. Money is hard to come by out here on the frontier, especially on the run from the law.
4. And, as usual, all standard site rules apply.
5. Oh and most impotently. HAVE FUN!

Races: All human demographics will be represented. Natives, Caucasians, darker skinned people, if they existed in the Wild West around that time, there would be a version of them here. The native tribes are split into their respective regions, desert, plains, mountain forest and swamp.

Weapons: Everything from before 1900 will be available. Be reasonable with your ammo, you probably wont be carrying an army's worth of bullets with you. You get two primaries (rifle, shotgun, bow), up to 2 sidearms (pistol, sawed off shotgun), a throwing weapon (tomahawk, knife), and a melee weapon. Also, in the love of creativity we will be allowing customization options to your weapons; mostly cosmetic stuff (engravings and the like), but some reasonable for the time parts swaps will be allowed (rifling, scopes on some rifles/repeaters etc.)

Character Sheet

Name: Kele Akiyama
Age: 28
Gender: Female
Race: Half Native, half Eastern
Kele RDO.jpg
Kele RDO 2.jpg
Weapons: Two pistols (one lever action volcanic pistol and one Mauser pistol. Ebony handle on the Mauser, engraved with a scorpion and an ivory handle on the volcanic engraved with a snake), Evans repeater rifle (mahogany wood stock, engraved with a deer standing in front of a forest), repeating shotgun (mahogany wood stock, engraved with a ram's head in front of a mountain). Two tomahawks and a knife
Skills: Kele is an expert with her repeater, especially from horseback. She is also a very well trained horseback rider, it comes from her father's side. She has a head for business as well, and has knowledge of prospecting and mining, due to her mother having a small, family run mining business.
Bio: Kele is the only child of a couple who met during the last gold rush in the Great Valley region. Her mother is from the Eastern Continent, and came over after word reached her family about said gold rush. Her father was her mother's Native guide in the area. They soon fell in love, and , after striking it rich, would move to Saint Martine to settle down and open their own trading and mining business. After a few years Kele was born, and she was raised in the richer side of the city. She spent most of her childhood being educated in the modern school system, and when she was 16 she went to live with her father's people where she learnt about her hertidge in the tribe. She lived with them until she was 20, before moving back with her parents in the city. Recently she has come down to Bandicoot to set up a small opal mining operation for her parents, in direct competition of the Mont-Noir Mining Corp, the largest mining corporation on the continent.
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Name: Johnathan Crow
Age: 32
Gender: Male
Race: Half Cajun, Half Native


Henry Rifle

12 Gauge Shotgun

Twin LeMat Revolvers with 20 gauge underbarrel

Bearded Axe


Skills: Sharpshooting, Tracking, Stealth, Brawling, Axe Throwing, Moonshine, Explosives


John was born to a Cajun soldier and a Native woman in a small town in the swamps. He grew up learning to hunt and make moonshine at his father's still. Growing up, he went on to follow his father's footsteps and joined the Army, where he became distinguished as an expert sharpshooter. For seven years he served honorably.

Then the government started putting restrictions on the Natives, using the military to enforce them. John's company was selected to conduct a policing action on a local tribe. It was during this time that John became aware of several Commanding Officers abusing the Natives.

At first he attempted to report it up the chain of Command but they refused punishment, claiming insufficient evidence and suggested that any attempts to turn them in would result in imprisonment for insubordination. Frustrated, he continued to push the issue, even talking to reporters about the incidents to be published.

Then came the night of the Raid. Command stated they had evidence of a brewing insurgency among one of the villages. John's Company was sent to quell it by any means necessary. They were ordered to attack at nightfall. John refused, and turned on them.

His attack on his own men inspired the Natives to take up their own weapons, and together they cut a bloody swath through the Company, forcing them to retreat. As soon as the fighting was over, the Natives dispersed to hide among other villages, and John was branded a traitor to the Army.

With soldiers and bounty hunters on his tail, John fled to the Mountains where he conducted his own private war with guerilla attacks. For two years he fought, finding support as others who supported his cause joined him and formed The Murder of Crows, a notorious gang of Outlaws.

Finally they were forced to flee the Mountains when the Army sent General William Talbot to clear them out. The new General set fire to towns known to affiliate with the gang, and imprisoned or killed any known associates.

Now they've come to Bandicoot, where they seek to make a new home.
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