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Intermediate Sci-Fi The Asylum

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Welcome to the Asylum, a place where some of the superpowered occupants are held in order to protect the outside world from finding out that people with special abilities exist and where patients undergo the process of rehabilitation. Will the patients escape or die trying? That's for you to find out.


The Asylum is an abandoned gigantic asylum meant to hold the mentally sick but has now been repurposed into a state of the art prison that still has that asylum-like feel to it although with a heavy amount of security. The occupants are people with varying special abilities that have been captured for one purpose, to erase their powers.
The main and first way of erasing the occupant's powers is by making the user actually think they're a normal human by easily explaining away their powers as something of their imagination or a coincidence. That way the user will no longer use their powers as (If not all) the abilities require the user to believe they have powers. The second and finale method is by death in order to get rid of the superpowered beings in society since only about 2,000 people in the world have powers.

Patients in the Asylum are diagnosed with "Homo Supreme Symptom" which is a made up delirium to have legal reason as to why patients can be kept. All legal actions to oppose the sudden entrance without permission of the patient or guardians of the said patient have also miraculously been swept under the rug. All that is known is that the agency is very powerful and that they also work for the UN. Their view is that the new evolution of man as a threat to society's stability. "There can't be gods amongst us," is the quote that your characters therapist goes by as it wouldn't be fair for some to have superpowers that are unchecked.

You and a group of other superpowered individuals are the latest batch of patients introduced in this asylum and it is your goal to either escape, or die trying. Or will you actually fall for the agency's tricks and actually think you have no superpowers? We will certainly see as the agency is only given two weeks to rehabilitate the patients before option two of erasing a users powers is chosen.

Now that that's out of the way welcome to The Asylum! :) which was 100% inspired by the 177 Eastrail Trilogy.
You character will either be a patient who has superpowers, a guard/normal human working at the Asylum, along with a loved one of the patient who's been taken. You don't need to play all three but keep in mind that they're their for you to choose at any time.
I will be the therapist who is trying to rehabilitate the superpowered individuals along with playing as a patient.
If you had superpowers would you be a hero? A villain? Perhaps neutral? Tell me about it in you CS.

If you are going to make a superpowered character then keep in mind of these rules they must follow.
1. Power must be believable/realistic and could be possible in today's world
Super Strength, Pheromone Generation, Echolocation, Enhanced Intelligence
Some, but not including all, maybes: Telekinesis, Telepathy, Invisibility
Definitely a no: Fire Manipulation, Plant Manipulation, Flight, Precognition, and pretty much any power that can't really happen in real life

2. Powers must be at a realistic power level
EX. Super Strength is able to lift cars, and maybe trucks with great effort. No lifting buildings. Enhanced hearing cannot hear someone a mile away, etc

3. People with powers must have a viable weakness(es) whether it's a mental or physical weakness is up to you
EX from 177 Eastrail Trilogy:

Kevin: 1. Saying his name, 2. Bright LED lights, 3. Warm caring touch, 4. Multiple personalities make him unstable
David: 1. Water completely drains his powers and he sinks very easily in it
Elijah: 1. Bones are very easy to break

4. Not really a rule but have fun when making your character! If you want a certain power but are unsure if it'll be accepted then PM me just in case if it is playable :)

5. Not really a rule as well but I would also like it if in your bio your character may have had a few run-ins with other superpowered individuals wether it's good or bad

Therapist: Reytian
Patient 1: Reytian
Patient 2:
Patient 3:
Patient 4:
Patient 5:
Guard/Worker 1:
Guard/Worker 2
Guard/Worker 3:
Other 1:
Other 2:
Other 3:​
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