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PG-13 The 4 worlds collide. -- War of the worlds (IC)

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The Roleplaying Astronout
Earth... It was once a peaceful planet or rather living in harmony at the time. Sure there are a few regions that may be unstable and such but Earth was a modern era where technology advanced. The news babbled on about what happened in these regions such as: Economy, Diplomatic relations and probabaly some really stupid things that were going on. The advertisements just babbled on again. The planet continued to thrive with it's atmosphere and all the lifeforms that were contained in it. Volcanos continued to blow but mostly underwater and there seemed to be no interference on the surface of the planet and life went on as expected.

All countries were in some sort of union like the: UN. The united nations for example. Europe,America,Africa,Oceania and all these were also peaceful but in the middle east the protesting and the constant war to keep terrorists out continued. But it'll be stable for sure. Anyway, everything was normal and there seemed to be nothing that could be issuing things at the moment. Hehehe, that's about to change because there is something headed for their way and it was huge.

The 4 huge portals began to close in on Earth's solar system and they were rappidly entering Earth's influence. Now they have 4-5 weeks left before the collision happens. But the planet's orbits were not affected norr Earth's orbit for some strange reason. The huge gravitational anomolies seemed to have made it to the solar system and past the planets that took about: 2 whole months to get this far
The space agancy continued to observe the skies with the Hubble satalite that were to be oribiting around the planet itself. They were observing the night sky and they were scanning for what said: "Life" in the universe. There were a few promising results but they weren't as significant. They had discovered a few black holes and took real-pictures of them which was a scientific breaktrough.

But one day this changed and this change would definently change mankind as a whole and definently be so large that it could be written in the history books of mankind for centuries,centuries to come.... The Question is.. What will they find? Someone knocking on their doorstep?

The one who was currently observing the night sky got a strange energy signature and weird abnormal graviational waves from 4 sides of the planet. From the Taurus region and other constilations. These directions came from 4 points that resulted in the waves growing larger and larger. The scientist was confused to why this had accoured all of a sudden since this was not normal gravitational waves. This was something huge like very large. The scientist began to call in a few people into the observatory. "Uh.. Guys. Can you come and check this out?" Shortly the men came into the room to see whatever was going on.

"What's going on?" The man asked the scientist along with 3 other men discussing about what the scientist had found. "What is this?"
"...I've detected something abnormaly huge coming in our way." The scientist explained and the men were shortly baffled to what was happening. "Planet 9? Ooo..Maybe ALIENS?!" One of them joked and suddenly the group laughed but execpt for the scientist. "...No, it's something.. Really huge." The scientist had a trembling voice and he began to show them the results they have gathered.

"...We gota alert the damn agency about this! This is-" He didn't speak any further before he took his results and ran of with them to someone. "HEY!" The scientist chased after and including the other men. "This is important information!" The man yelled at the scientist. He was sure baffled to hear about the results and they began to print it to the FBI and other agancies below.
There were huge gigantic portal-sweden sized objects headed towards Earth's sphere of influence while the agancies below were alerted about something huge headed their way. They began to spread news around the world and sites such as: Youtube,Twitter,Instagram and all these social medies began to make a huge thread about this gravitational anamoly headed their way. The RIO scale was definently marked an automatic 10 due to this because they could definently confirm the object was gigantic and it was headed their way. It was expected to hit Earth in 4-5 weeks. The thing that they were broadcasting went on every single newsfeed in the entire planet! As this was a huge warning of extra-terrestrial intelligence headed their way or perhaps something else or even something more! Something that no human being could comprehend.
What will happen now? How can mindkind cope with such historic news anyway? You're probabaly about to find out soon.
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