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Intermediate Fantasy Sci-Fi The 4 Worlds Colide: War of the worlds!

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The Roleplaying Astronout
Ready for war? Hell yeah. But are you?.
Sure we've been always ready for that kinda stuff haven't we? Nah, we haven't for this one.

This setting will happen in 2019. An alternate future where humanity is technologically advanced although it's just advanced enough to exist a mars-base and a moon base. Nothing major really. One day we've got news about 4 anomalies colliding with our planet or at least within a collision course towards our planet. But there is one problem. These are 4 gigantic portals that resemble a shame of a dome heading towards our planet and once they crash into our oceans or somewhere in the world there would be new alien-like beings coming through. This is like a sci-fi + fantasy with a little twist.

But now the year is 2020 and the world is in chaos and war with other nations but there are also other alliances and nations who wish to protect or annihilate our species. But for what reason? Is unknown. But so far the allies are in a union but the enemies are still trying to annihilate the planet but there are also beings who want to protect it. These 4 worlds host fantasy-resembling creatures along with aliens or other strange beings we haven't discovered before at all and all that kind of stuff. There could even be a war between gods as well! Goddesses and devils all over the damn globe! Along with the huge military activity that is present on the planet.

The planet is mostly a battlefield that resembles to be mostly post-apocalyptic with a few cities and countries left along with many nations included. They can be from Fantasy-nations to sci-fi nations and whatever you want. This is your imagination to create the race you like and that's your limit.

But as always, rules are rules mate.

One-liner or above.
Adequate grammar
Adequate spelling.

Please be fair towards others.
Do not godmode. (Despite there are gods and goddesses or demi-goddesses/demi-gods there must be weaknesses!)
Make a character and join the play!
Have fun!

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