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Intermediate Accepting The 4 worlds colide -- War of the worlds. (OOC)

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Fully-Functioning Idiot
Name: Axel Ozul

Age: Unknown, assumed early 20s

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Pansexual

Personality: A natural loner, he mostly avoids speech and shows rather than tells. However, when he does speak, it is worth listening, not only because it is typically important, but because he does have a decently nice voice. He doesn't necessarily accept everyone as a friend, but it painstakenly loyal to those he does consider a 'friend', and won't hesitate to stand up for any of his beliefs.

Description: A young man standing at around 6'8, with a long, tufted, catlike tail and long ears, limbs rather limber. Eyes a rather gruesome shade of red with black sclera, he is mostly blind, finding his way through sound or by moving with his head down, feeling his way with solid, horn-like structures branching from his head. Though rather human in his other looks, with slightly tan skin and black hair falling past his shoulders, his limbs are longer than a human's, with six digits on each ending appendage.
Not open for further replies.