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Casual Fandom SVTFOE RP (Canon Players please)


Hello! I'm new to this site. I'd like to rp with someone. Someone who can play as canon. I do not do romance sorry.

Here's my character! The art belongs to me!

Name: Wolfran the Pacifist

Age : 14 years of age(in looks)
400 years and up (keep reading)

Gender: Male

Personality : Nice, Polite, Kind, Generous and open-hearted

Wolfran the Pacifist.jpg
(Art belongs to me: Instagram: @deed_arts)

Background: Wolfran may appear 14, but he’s much older than that. Why? Well, when he was exactly 14 years old. An irreversible curse was put onto him. A curse to never age. So he’s been alive for centuries. But his mentality never changed. He’s witnessed every queens that reined over Mewni. During the years, during Solaria's era, he's been documented about who he is, but the records has never shown where he disappeared too. Therefore, the magic high commission has been declared him to be deceased.

Other: Wolfran enjoys flowers, anything sweet and botanic.

Here's a few short stories I wrote to understand him better:
Short Story: Curse of Age
Short Story: History at the Fingertips
Short Story: Meeting the Septarian General
Short Story: Parents
And a spell list:
Wolfran's list of Spells