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Intermediate FxF Survival Girls (FxF)

So, first rp in this site!
I’m looking for a girl to do this with, (futas welcome). M/C would take more of the feminine, sub part of the relationship if that’s fine, I just can’t play a strong girl, not very good at it :)

anyway! This story is less about the erotica and more about the story, so the story goes, you find a body lying in the snowy ground, snow seems to have covered her, she’s clearly been there awhile!
You decide to help her to a cabin or home (a one in the snow) and heat her up a bit.
You soon realise she has had a bump to the head and she now doesn’t know who she is and how civilisation works (Can still speak intelligible English).

since you yourself are unsure of who this is you decide you let her stay with you, and in your lifestyle you should hunt for food and shelter etc.

I plan to get into much mischief with my new partner! ^_^