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Casual Fandom SunSwirls's 1x1 search


Hi there! I'm Sunny, but you can really call me anything so long as it's not disappointing late for dinner.

About me
  • My timezone is MST/GMT-7/currently almost 1 am.
  • I'm pretty fast with replies if I remember, so you can usually expect something within a few minutes of posting.
  • I can't guarantee quantity/word count in each post, but I try to make up for it with quality.
  • I'm not really comfortable doing explicit stuff.
All I ask of you is to give me your best with quality and some patience at times.
I am looking for a job so there will be a time where I'm not on all day as I am now, just a heads up.

Currently looking forDetails
Doctor Who
MxF or FxF
I plan on using an OC, you are more than welcome to do the same.
More details can be worked out i.e doubling up, plot, etc.​

Let me know if you're interested! Hope to see you soon!
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