Suggestions for the Site


Saw this was the place to suggest things, so here I am. I have quite a few; some minor, some major, but if you're willing to listen:

1) Fix the lowercase "i" in the second half of "Starter Information". Ultimately it doesn't change much, but I think it'd would look much more clean and professional if it were capitalized like the rest of the forum titles.

2) Fix the typo in the Library section of the forum. It should be "completed", not "completely".

3) Add a tabletop/dice section to the roleplaying forums. I know you could just put the RP in one of the genre forums, but since you have a section for roleplay/persistent worlds, I figure it wouldn't hurt anything to have a special place for tabletop RPs.

4) Add a way to hide forums. I'm old enough for the Erotica section, but I have zilch interest in roleplaying it. However, in order to get to the off topic or roleplay discussion areas, you have to scroll past the Erotica forums, which is why I'm asking for a way to "push it out of the way" or toggle it off.

5) Add a private workshop area for WIP roleplays or other projects such as character sheets. RPN, which also runs on Xenforo, has something like that, and no one is able see the threads except OP and staff members.

That's all I have on the top of my head right now, so let me know what you all think and if they're good or bad.


The Phoenix
Staff member
Thank you for these suggestions.
Staff will discuss point 3, 4 and 5 and see what might be feasible and fit in with what is already planned.