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Intermediate Story Time!


So the time has come for me to post up a request thread for fun, games and stories! I've always had issues with request threads. So hopefully I get my points across and begin a slew of happy fun times. Below is a sort of must-haves. The needy bits, the bits that make me boot up Word not with trepidation but with glee. Or points about common writing parts.

An Opera: Fight scenes, mystery, conversations and all manner of interactions. Variety is the spice of life and I like characters to have a mixture of things to involve themselves in with their plot. While a story has an end I enjoy writing the journey than the destination. I want our characters to explore the themes of politics, military affairs, survival and the general state of the setting we're in. Or anything that breathes life into the setting. Writing is an investment of time and perhaps one of the oldest forms of art. Pretentious that may be but I tend to take writing as one of the more serious hobbies and invest myself thusly.

Lovin': The hot and steamy scenes of stories are more an enjoyable sideshow than the main meal as it were. While not opposed to the act of characters getting down RPs, in my opinion, are not entirely hinged upon them. This also goes for romance. While a 'nice to have' it's not a requirement. If folks just want to get into trouble without reaching NC-17 territory then I'm all for it!

World Building: One of the best parts of playing in the park is actually building it from on-the-fly ideas to an entire process of building a universe. However fandoms such as Mass Effect, Star Wars and the like tend to get a pass from me. I'm not against fandoms and somr have special places in my heart. So I don't loathe going back to them as comfortable zones.

Genres: Sci-fi, sci-fantasy, modern fantasy, cyberpunk and post-apoc tend to be my go-to. I have a love for gritty worlds and universes but also for some more light-hearted fun.

Post Length: I tend to aim for a good three or four paragraphs but sometimes the words just flow. Inspiration hits or a writing partner just manages to get more out of me than my usual.

A Balance: Characters that have skills that compliment the other is always fun. It ties them together, gives them reason for pairing up and ensures both writers have plenty of things to write about. However if someone's immortal demon is doing all the work and has all the knowledge then the other character becomes a mere add on than a part of the story.

For the Want of an F-List: Some might wonder why this request thread is without a list of what tickles my pickle. In truth I tend not to let the jollies dictate the RP. I've always held that smut and romance writing are sideparts or pieces of a greater plot than the sum of a plot itself. While some stories are completely focused on sexual goings on they tend not to be the stories I write. I find plots and settings that lend themselves completely to that. I tend to shy away from that.


Presented in the form of YC/MC I give you some ideas. Some however are just spitballing and require no specifics.


Two bounty hunters traverse the galaxy in search of the biggest, meanest slaver; complete with grungy fistfights in the bowels of decaying space stations, corrupt officials and more tech than you can shake a stick at. (Original World or Star Wars Fandom)

A noble family (Your character's) hires a mercenary (my character) to compete in a series of games that will ensure their prestige and power. It will be up to your character to navigate mine through the political landscape. Imagine a sort of Regency Era snobbery combined with strange and alien ways.

Star Wars! I tend to play OCs. In fact I only play OCs but I'm not above people playing canon characters if they so wish. I tend to play Mandalorians or spacers; either space vikings or fringe characters with oodles of smarm and knee boots.


Your character is a corporate agent charged with securing stolen data and technology. Mine is a mercenary; either an ex-PMC type or a hacker. You're character is used to sleek offices and coffee on demand whereas mine is accustomed to grimy streets and violence. Together they must navigate their respective worlds, overcome differences and hopefully not fail.