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PG-18 Skyrim: Untold

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“Feeding time!”

Kyrian woke to a soaked loaf of bread landing in a puddle in front of his face, splashing cold water on him. Groaning as he rose to a sitting position with his back to the stone wall, the Breton eyed the pitiful excuse for food with disdain. He’d been captured early yesterday morning in his camp so hunger wasn’t an issue yet despite the grumblings of his stomach. As he pushed the bread aside he eyed his captor.

A large Nord, the bandit leader wore Nordic steel armor and hefted a battleaxe of the same style. An eyepatch covered his left eye, leaving a single blue orb hidden behind long blonde locks to stare down at Kyrian dressed in only ragged pants with no shirt to reveal arcane tattoos covering his arms and torso. The bandit leader’s name was Seidr, known for beheading his enemies and raiding nearby settlements.

“Think you’re too good to eat scraps, dog?” Seidr asked mockingly. “You should be grateful I haven’t killed you yet.”

Kyrian said nothing, only glared at the large Nord before spitting at his feet. “You won’t break me. When I get out, I’m gonna cut your throat and bleed you dry.”

Seidr laughed, the sound of it echoing on the walls of the cells. “You’ve got fire, I’ll give you that. But don’t worry, soon enough I’ll split your ribs from your spine with my axe.”

Kyrian cocked his head to the side, curious. Why would they wait to kill him? Some kind of ritual sacrifice? He shook his head. It didn’t matter regardless, as he planned on getting out of his cell long before then.

“We’ll see about that.” the Breton prisoner responded to the bandit leader, who scoffed and walked away chuckling.

Seeing a form in a nearby cell, Kyrian raised an eyebrow. He had been in and out of consciousness from some kind of poison when he’d been brought in yesterday and hadn’t noticed anyone else in the cells.

“Pssst...you alive, prisoner?” he asked cautiously in a low voice so the guards couldn't overhear.


Fantasy is only the beginning of time
The young woman smiled a bit before slowly crawling over to the rusty bars to identify the one who whispered. She tried to crawl slowly as a chain was linked to her leg. "I think I am" she said but her voice was soft but she sounded a bit weak as well. In the dark cell, her silhouette was clear enough to identify that it was an elf. It wasnt clear enough to see what kind of elf she was.
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"Are you strong enough to fight?" Kyrian asked, noting the chain on her leg. As of yet he hadn't been placed in chains but that was only because they had assumed he would be weak after the poison wore off. Regardless, that would be an additional issue to deal with later. As it stood, despite having lockpicks hidden on his person, his best course of action would be to wait until his gaoler came to escort him from his cell and take the keys from him.

Kyrian then observed the woman in the chains, her slender form and tapered ears revealing her to be an elf of some sort, though he couldn't tell which type in the low light. Her voice was weak, likely she'd been brought here in much the same manner as him, or else she'd been here longer than him. Either way they would have a better chance of escape together. "Are you wounded?"
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Fantasy is only the beginning of time
"Damn bastards like beating the shit out of me, but I'm alright" she said softly before looking around in the cell, responding to grim "I think I am but I dont have a lot of energy. They havent fed me in a week, only been surviving on the water leaking from the walls. At least they chained me up because I would've bash their fuckin' skull it with a damn chair-"

She was clearly frustrated as she started yanking on the chain but the immediately stopped, not wanting to drag attention to herself. She held onto the rusty bars before saying "what's the plan?" She asked in a voice that suddenly went to a weak to confident.
Kyrian bristled at her words with disgust for how she'd been treated. Reaching between the bars, he cast his healing hands spell and began healing her wounds and restoring her energy. After several moments, he stopped, the slightest golden glow shimmering across her skin as the spell continued for a few moments more. He would have continued, but he needed to reserve his energy for their enemies.

In response to her question, he pulled his lockpick and tossed it to her. "I'm going to get their attention and piss them off, you can try and use that to get out of those chains."


"You ain't gettin nothin." the guard said, walking in with his steel mace in his hand. "And if you don't shut up, I'mma come in there and bash your brains out!"

"I'd love to see the day a Nord can take me down." Kyrian grinned wickedly, raising his hands in a 'come and get it' manner.

Snarling the guard banged his mace into the bars before pulling out his keys and opening the door. It was a fatal mistake. Instantly, Kyrian cast an invisibility spell and disappeared. He reappeared a moment later behind the guard, pulling his dagger from his belt and using it to slash the guard's throat. He grabbed the body before it could fall, and laid it down gently to make as little noise as possible. Taking the keys, he unlocked the woman's door. "Come on, you want to use his mace or the dagger?"


Fantasy is only the beginning of time
she smiled as she felt her energy being restored, watching her cuts and bruises slowly started fade away with the golden glow. She caught the lockpick, immediately starting to fiddle on the lock before taking the chain, sighing in relief before standing up. The guard was already dead when she looked at him, smiling with vengeance before looking at Kyrian. The woman that was standing infront of him was restored.

She had a scar across her cheek that was probably there from childhood as her braided long hair was untidy but at least her smile was full of fath. "Give me the dagger, easier to carry and more precise in damage~" she was hungry to kill but it was understandable due to the situation she was.
Kyrian handed her the dagger and hefted the mace, checking it's weight. It wasn't his preferred weapon by far, but it would do until he got his gear back. Looking back at the woman, he held a finger to his lips to indicate silence, though he was certain she was proficient at sneaking like most elves he knew. Creeping down the hall, he stopped and listened for the guard. Upon hearing snoring he peeked around the corner and found one guard asleep at a table. Looking at the mace, he grimaced. It wasn't a weapon made for silent kills. Then he had another idea.

The Breton cast a fear spell into the guard and used the mace to shove the smaller Nord into the wall. "Where is our gear?"

The Nords eyes widened as the spell took effect. "It-tt-t's i-i-i-in th-the se-second d-door o-on th-the l-left!"

Kyrian stared the man in the eyes for a full moment before driving a knee into his privates. "He's all yours!" he said to the elven woman as he took the mans steel axe and dagger to replace the mace and moved to wait by the door.


Fantasy is only the beginning of time
Rasheed followed him, not making a sound as she was crouching. She held the dagger side ways with her right hand, her fingers wrapping around the handle as the blade of the dagger was facing away from her. She was silent as a mouse, not making a sound. When she heard the snoring of the guard, she looked towards him and the looking at his mace. It would've been better if she chose the mace so that he could finish him. She watched him cast the spell, smiling as she watched the coward of a guard mumbled in fear.

She nods at him as a response to his statement, giving her the opportunity of perfect revenge. She grabbed the man by the face, looking him dead in the eye. "This for all the times you laughed at my pain" she slowly pushed the dagger into his chest, covering his mouth. The muffled screams of a weeping guard could be heard through the room, but not loud enough to be heard down the hallways. She then added to her statement "and this is a thanks, for making me stronger" she pushed the dagger further into his chest before turning it in a split second.

She slowly got up, taking the dagger out of his chest before looking down at the dead guard. "Such a waste" she said underneath her breath before looking at Kyrian, walking over to him "let us move on"
Kyrian nodded and led the way out the door relying on her to watch their backs as he listened for signs of guards. The barest echo of footsteps could be heard far enough away that it didn't present a threat. He moved quickly to the first door where he stopped and listened momentarily. Barely audible feminine moans could be heard as a man grunted and groaned, making Kyrian shake his head. Rushing quickly to the second door, he tested the handle and found it locked. He weighed the options of using the lockpick or going to the other room and seeing if they had keys he could steal.

Turning back to the elven woman, he whispered. "Think you could pick the lock? If not we'll have to interrupt the idiots in the other room and see if they have a key."


Fantasy is only the beginning of time
Rasheed followed him, keeping her guard up as she looked behind her now and then, just making sure nobody was following them. She wiped the blood of the guard oof of her dagger, wiping it on her shorts before stopping as Kyrian was listening through the door. Rasheed rolled her eyes when she heard the moans, looking at Kyrian before saying "yes, I can, just watch my back while I do it. It depends on what kind of lock it is" she whispered as she walked over to the locked door, bending down while she took out a lockpick out of her pocket from earlier. She started to slowly fiddle with the lock, slowly turning the handle. There was a small sigh of relief, due to her being about the lockpick breaking, but at least it didnt.
Kyrian followed her into the room, sighing in relief when he saw their gear strewn out on a table. Without worrying about modesty, he quickly changed into his armor and equipped his weapons. Sword and dagger in either hand, he raised his hood so that it cast his face in shadow. He felt much better with his gear as though he was whole again. Being without them always made him feel naked.

"My name is Kyrian, by the way. What is yours?" he asked as he leaned next to the door.


Fantasy is only the beginning of time
when Rasheed opened the door she walked over to a chest that had all her equipment in it. She opened it as she sighed in relief, putting the leather armour on before she equipped her bow and arrow. She then also put a necklace around her neck which had a small wooden face of a dragon. She strapped her steel swords on her side before she looked over at him, smiling slightly
"Name's Rasheed" she said as she looked at him "shall we go?" She said softly
Kyrian nodded and stepped out into the hallway just as the door opened where the couple had been having sex. The man looked at Kyrian with a look of surprise and started yelling. "The prisoners have escaped!"

With a growl, Kyrian quick-stepped towards the man and stabbed him through the chest, then pivoted and severed his head. But it was too late. A blast of fire from inside the room made him flinch away from the doorway as the woman ran out screaming in rage. Throwing up a Greater Ward, Kyrian snarled and cleaved his sword into the gap where the neck met the shoulder, getting stuck in her collarbone. A kick knocked her off the blade, and he turned to find a mage casting fireball while a warrior with a sword and shield charged straight at Racheed.

"Look out!" he called.


Fantasy is only the beginning of time
Rasheed quickly equipped her two silver swords once Kyrian yelled her to be alert. Rasheed quickly turned around as she dodged the warrior who was charging at her, quickly stabbing the warrior with both of her swords in his back while she groaned. Her swords piercing through his body like butter before twisting both blades and then pulling them out. The body flopped onto the ground. Rasheed then quickly put her swords on her sides before taking her bow and arrow, aiming at the mage's head before shooting at the mage.
Kyrian watched as Rasheed eliminated the remaining enemies with approval. Reaching down, he quickly snatched the coin-purses from the bodies and stashed them. He could hear voices echoing from elsewhere as they started to respond to the sounds of battle. A glance around told him that there wasn't any other ways out, leaving only the options to wait or move forward. Ideally moving forward could mean catching them by surprise while they were en route, whereas hiding in place might allow them to get by some of them without engaging. Looking at his companion, he noted her demeanor and reconsidered. Both of them were hungry for vengeance.

"Let's take the fight to them. I'll go invisible so they don't see me until it's too late." he said, giving a bloodthirsty grin just before he turned himself invisible.


Fantasy is only the beginning of time
Rasheed didnt even bother picking up the coin as she wasnt looking for coin. She stared at the body that was laying by her feet, gazing at the blood that was flowing past her. Memories of abuse from these soldiers started returning as she stood in shock for a slight second before looking at Kyrian in the eyes. There was only anger in her eyes. She nods in response while there was a smug grin on her face. She draws her blades, holding them with a tight grip before she started heading onwards
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