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The Phoenix
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If you have an ACCPETING roleplay on this site, and no longer belongs in the general Partner Searches & Interest Checks area you can drop the link here.
Your RP must already have an Out Of Character (OOC) up and finished.

If you have questions about the specific RP, post in the corresponding OOC. Chatter, questions and other non-advertising posts will be removed from this thread.

Please use the format below for advertising.

[B]Name roleplay
Genre: [/B][SIZE=2](main genre if it's multi-genre)[/SIZE]
[B]Open spaces [/B][SIZE=3](how many players are you accepting)[/SIZE]
[B]Link to OOC


Pilot With The Three Strikes
Delta Contingency
Science Fiction
Open spaces: 8


The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.
Name roleplay: My Floating Isles
Open spaces: (completely open)
Other: lots of typed up stuff, please dont be intimidated by it im just excited so i sat down and world built
this is also a fantasy/steampunk/scifi sort of universe, where everything is interconnected through magic(life). come on in and decide your own adventure!
dont want to get on the ship with the crazy elf pirate? sure! we can build a socio-political role play that can either lead to prosperity or war
want to have your own ship instead? sure! hmu and we can plan it out
ill be gm'ing, and will be writing a lot all the time.
looking for intermediate role players. 2-3 paragraphs minimums. no one liners.


The Phoenix
Staff member
Name roleplay: Hope Valley
Genre: Slice of life
Open spaces : Unlimited
Link to OOC Other: This is part of a universe, so there's a lot more to it than just the OOC