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Casual Accepting PG-16 Siren's Song Karaoke Bar

Cotton Tail300

The Feathered One
In the center of the multiverse lies Siren's Song, karaoke bar where everybody who's anybody is welcome. Maybe you were out exploring and just happened to stumble upon this place, or perhaps it has somehow found you. Whatever the case, you are more than welcome!
Upon entering a set of automatic double doors, patrons are greeted by a huge open area filled with the finest furniture there is. At the front is a stage and karaoke maching that has just about every song you can find. To the right is a bar with some bar stools. The owner, a friendly blue-skinned alien in space, accepts payments via song. When you enter, a microphone will appear in your hand. It doesn't have to be a specific song. Just as long as he hears you singing, you're fine. Those who don't want to pay via song can still pay via cash or credit. The bar accepts all forms of currency.
This is a place for socialization, fun, and song, but despite it being a bar, no alcohol will be served. Here are the rules:
1. No violence of any kind or sexual interaction. Those who engage in such misconduct will be beamed out and back to wherever they were before coming.
2. No profanity, please.
3. Please provide a short bio of your character.
4. Have fun!
This is my first rp. Feel free to give me any constructive criticism you'd like.
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