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PG-18 Shining Obscurity

Skull Tooth

"When life is precious, death is paramount."
No time wasted, drank their sorrows and pitiful woes away. Each glass sat up knocked
back; music filling their intoxicated bones. Fingers beckoned lasciviously in drifting movements to the bumps in the bass. Hours passed, crowds dispersed until only they remained in bursts of giggles and smiles. Happiness found at the bottom of an empty bottle, every accidental spill cleaned with a white rag in small, circular movements. Briana waved to the bartender, concluded their night at two in the morning. Pale smile responded, attentive- never looking from the bar.

"Have a safe night." Briana and Trenton took little notice the change of his voice
bloodcurdling. Polished accent now infernal, abysmal white orbs painting targets on their turned backs. Don't look now- mental wounds would not heal from this crazy train going off the rails and they were not buckled.

"Oh God I'm so drunk," using Trenton as stability, Briana kept herself from toppling face
first. Walking difficult in heels, she clung them in her fingers. Inebriated, though she forgot not her plan. Despite rapturous euphoria drank her broken misery, revenge still fresh on her mind. They would collect keys, knock boots and she would ride away with him in the past.

Trenton examined his watch. "It's really late. Should we get a room?" Barren lobby
contents mustered a sound of silence, his voice echoed as if said into a microphone.

"We have enough. I think we'll be okay."

He stepped to the counter, having sat her down in a black chair; rang the bell and waited
for minutes. Another ring of the bell- nothing.

"The hell?" No one answered. Not even to the following three more rings. "Hello?! Can
anyone help us?!"

Another few minutes flew by, still nothing. Were they
played? Some sick, cruel joke? No chance a soul was that deaf- enough rings of a bell would send someone calling, eventually.

"What's taking so looong?" Near bent, abdomen touched her knees, arms folded.

"No one's answering." Toxic remark- so much for five-star service. Fill their glasses,
toss them to the dirt at the end of the night.

"Then let's just go. We can call us a lift."

Not what she wanted; could still kick him out in the morning. Intuitiveness a strong suit,
plan b commence. Take him home, fuck him and wake him to bags packed with a finger telling him to get the fuck out.

"Yeah," movements hesitated; stared at the door behind the counter, optimistically
waited for a form to answer the door. Briana fished her phone from her pocket and dialed.

No dial tone; an automated voice answered, "I'm sorry, the number you're trying to
reach is out of service. Please hang up and try again." Bet the hairs on the back of a donkey's ass she would. The message played over and over again- her service drained of life.

"What the hell?" She fumed in failed attempts.


"I can't get through."

Trenton pulled his phone from his pocket, "let me try."

"I'm sorry, the number you're trying to reach is out of service. Please hang up and try

"The fuck?!" Impossible the business checked out over the course of the night,
something was terribly off.

Trenton strived to exit the revolving doors- would not budge. Fuck being terribly wrong,
they were living a nightmare. Obscure- getting a room, calling a ride and leaving the hotel all failed. What in the actual fuck was going on? Why were they trapped like rats? A ton of bricks dormant in Brianna's chest, her legs shook.

"I'm scared, Trent." Unnerved breaths in the form of
words spilling from the pit of despair.

"I know, baby." Glimpses around revealed no apparent staff nearby, he slipped behind
the counter, grabbed a red key- 203 engraved smoothly. "Here," returned to her, helping her from the chair. Fair play, Trenton. Way to score a point; she may not kick him to the curb if they made it out of this with their heads firmly attached.

"Thank you."

Suspense killing her slowly like cancer lodging itself deep in her organs, could not take
stress at this level. Her ankles already tied to anchors, a simple tug on her life surely would sink her beneath the surface. Hard to breathe, heaviness sat in the stagnant air with conviction. Taste on her tongue sour, absentmindedly pulled from Trenton- spilled spirituous intestinal contents all over the tile.

"Oh god," Trenton fumbled after her- frailed actions. Wretched regurgitation argued with
her taste buds, alcohol tasted horrid on the way back up. Esophagus acidic, tearing the insides of her throat apart. Absolute need to claw at her throat to stop the pain, more spewage responding violently, burning her alive from the inside.

"Come on," finally a dry heave remained. "We'll get you to the room."

Briana tugged on him, pulling her to stand enough; one step her near downfall. Probably
a good thing she took her shoes off when she did, be hell balancing on her feet. Body, undergoing overexertion onslaught, hesitated every motion. Hundred pound weights dropped on her shoulders; fatigued the longer she went without a bed. Comforting mattress with sheets to pull over her, embrace her in a warm reverie. Her dreams the only solace; a moment of dread only a memory. Feet trod slowly to metal doors of an elevator; refused reciprocation when the button pressed inward. The night saw such a highlight; now spiraled out of control with chaos spearheaded. Phones inoperative, staff missing and now the elevator unresponsive; they stood at the precipice with no cohesive outlook. Abruptly, the giant metal human hoist kicked, descending from the tenth floor. Finally! Trenton relieved, finally a breath of fresh air. Bed here they come, prepare yourself for snores.