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Intense MxF Seeking Inspiring Writers |Detailed]


A Hopeless Romantic
A pleasure to meet you, love!! I am so excited and humbled that you stumbled your way here to my RT, and I hope that you'll find something here that'll pique your interest. So! As I stated in my title, I am seeking any inspiring writers who'd be interested in doing a collaborative story with me. I have a ton of ideas swirling inside my head, just waiting to be set free! Now, before contacting me, please provide a writing sample(s) so I know if we're compatible or not. Please don't take it personally if I don't take you on as a partner, remember that. It's just that I'm a bit picky, unfortunately...

(For rules- please, please, please, have the decency to read through them all (if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!). It's very frustrating when someone doesn't take the time to read them.)

~ Rules & Guidelines: ~

1. I am only interested in MxF romantic settings.
2. Please be in your twenties or older; I don't feel comfortable writing with people who are significantly younger than me.
3. Intermediate or semi-advanced/advanced writers only; 4+ decent-sized paragraphs per post/per reply.
4. All characters must be in their twenties or older; unless we're doing Harry Potter or Narnia.
5. Please collaborate with me; don't have me do all the work! Bring your ideas to the table!
6. Please write in the third person, past tense, perspective in paragraph form.
7. Please use realistic (celebrity/model) face-claims for your character's physical appearance.
8. Please be willing to play the male lead for me, or be double friendly.
9. Please be OOC friendly!
10. Don't 'spam' me with constant reminders if I haven't replied in a while. I'm going through some personal/health issues right now and I need you to be considerate and understanding.
11. Just to know that you've read everything, please tell me your 'favorite literary genre(s) and why' anywhere in your message.
12. Please have fun! :)


~ Original: ~
(Roles= My Partner x Me)

- Scottish Highland Laird x Healer/Warrior (or Time Traveling Woman)
- Widowed Lord x Governess (Regency or Victorian Era)
- Aristocratic Vampire x Mortal Human/Supernatural Hunter (Regency or Victorian Era)
- Adventurer x Librarian
- Circus Performer x Circus Performer/Ringmaster's Daughter
- Detective Inspector x Lady Detective/Female Physician (Victorian or Edwardian Era)
- Mob Leader's Son x Rival Mob Leader's Daughter (Twenties/Thirties)
- Former Navy SEAL x FBI Profiler (Special Task Force)
- Paranormal Investigators; Husband & Wife Team
- Illusionists; Husband & Wife Team (Victorian or Edwardian Era)
- Salem Witch Trials
- Downton Abby-Inspired
- Pride & Prejudice-Inspired
- Grey's Anatomy-Inspired
- Titanic-Inspired

~ Fandom Universes: ~
(Canon x OC or OC x OC)

- Star Wars: The Original Trilogy [Seeking Harrison Ford's Han Solo or Male OC]
- Star Trek: Reboots [Seeking Dr. Leonard McCoy]
- The X-Men: Early 2000 Films [Seeking Cyclops or Wolverine]
- The Lord of the Rings Trilogy [Seeking Eomer]
- Harry Potter: Founders' Era; Regency Era; Victorian Era; WWII Era; Golden Trio Era; Post Golden Trio Era [Seeking Golden Trio Remus Lupin, Oliver Wood, or Male OC]
- Narnia [Seeking Peter, Older Peter, or Male OC]
- Indiana Jones [Seeking Indy]
- The Mummy Trilogy [Seeking Rick O'Connell]
- The Dark Knight Trilogy [Seeking Scarecrow]
- Almost Human [Seeking John Keenex]
- The Boys [Seeking Butcher]
- Xena: The Warrior Princess [Seeking Cupid]
- The Vampire Diaries [Seeking Alaric Saltzman]
- The Originals [Seeking Elijah Mikaelson]
- A Discovery of Witches [Seeking Matthew Clairmont]
- Ripper Street [Seeking Edmund Reid]
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Those that I find most interesting at the moment are;
- Disfigured Veteran x Female Caregiver
- American or British Soldier x Childhood Sweetheart/Nurse
- Secret Service Agent x President's Daughter

if you'd be interested in starting something up with me, just say the word and pm me if you'd like! I really got a kind of crave for the disfigured veteran x female caregiver one if im to be honest and I'd love to kick something off!