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Intense MxF Seeking Inspiring Partners |Detailed|

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A Hopeless Romantic
Greetings loves! I've finally decided to return here after taking a small break to recharge my batteries, so I'm itching to get back into roleplaying again. So what I'm seeking is immersive storytelling and creative partners who know how to put thoughts and emotions into their characters, who can post detailed (multiple) responses, who can move the plot forward, who can play multiple characters at a time besides their main and/or double friendly, someone who is patient and understanding, and who don't mind OOC chatting and making friends. :) Other than that, I do have a few other rules that are extremely important to me:

- Please be willing to play the male role or be double friendly
- Please be at least 18 years of age or older
- Please write in the third-person perspective in paragraph format
- 4+ decent-sized paragraphs per post
- All characters must be 21 years of age (preferably 25+)
- MxF pairings only
- Realistic (celebrity/model) face-claims only

~ Original Settings ~

- Zombie (or Virus) Outbreak Survivors
- Paranormal Investigators (Historical or Modern)
- Victorian Gothic
- The American Frontier/Old West
- The American Civil War
- 20's/30's/40's Adventure/Exploration (similar to Indiana Jones)
- Space Exploration/Survival (Human Characters Only)
- Law Enforcement (Realistic, Paranormal, Cyberpunk)
- Murder/Mystery in a small (fictional) town/village (Realistic, Supernatural, Modern, Historical)
- Downton Abby-esque
- Jane Austen-esque
- Titanic-esque

~ Fandom Universes ~
(Canon x OC)

- The X-Men (Early 2000's Films)
[Seeking Cyclops or Wolverine]
(Can double as Wolverine or Iceman)

- The Dark Knight Trilogy
[Seeking Scarecrow]
(Can double as Batman)

- The Lord of the Rings Trilogy
[Seeking Eomer]
(Can double as Frodo, Sam, Boromir, Faramir, Aragorn, Legolas)

- Star Trek: Reboots
[Seeking Dr. McCoy]
(Can double as Kirk, Spock, Scotty, Sulu, Chekov)

- The Mummy Trilogy
[Seeking Rick O'Connell]

- The Phantom of the Opera (2004 Film)
[Seeking Erik]
(Can double as Raoul)

- Olympus Has Fallen
[Seeking Mike Banning]

- Priest
[Seeking Black Hat]
(Can double as Priest)

- The Vampire Diaries
[Seeking Alaric Saltzman]
(Can double as Stefan or Damon)

- The Originals
[Seeking Elijah Mikaelson]
(Can double as Klaus, Marcel, Kol)
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Those that I find most interesting at the moment are;
- Disfigured Veteran x Female Caregiver
- American or British Soldier x Childhood Sweetheart/Nurse
- Secret Service Agent x President's Daughter

if you'd be interested in starting something up with me, just say the word and pm me if you'd like! I really got a kind of crave for the disfigured veteran x female caregiver one if im to be honest and I'd love to kick something off!
Would you still be up for disfigured veteran x female caregiver or is that completly off the table?
I am aware that you don’t have the prompt there anymore and it’s totally fine if you’re not interested!
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