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Casual Multiple Pairings (Searching for Adv/SoL/Rom/Paranormal) Josephine's Paranormal Investigations!

In the bustling city of Swanford, Shaira, was a small apartment that served as a home and office for a young 19 year old girl with pink hair and blue eyes, who would normally be seen wearing a hoodie and headphones.

This girls' name is Josephine Belle, and she is a urban explorer and paranormal investigator. She had put an advertisement not only in the local and national newspaper, but also online, for a partner to help with her explorations and investigations.

Ideally she would be looking for at least two more partners, but would be happy with just on more.

If you believe you have what it takes for help, then sign up here!

Sign up sheet:

Location: (you can use fantasynamegenerator to come up with a town name, if not from Swanford)


Name: Josephine Belle
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Location: Swanford, Shaira
Occupation: Urban Explorer/Paranormal Investigator