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Intermediate Fantasy Ruttmer: Fall of the Great City



The Great City
The city that houses all of the worlds races; from the various humans and their unique cultures to the nomadic Leonan cat-people. Ruttmer is the size of three capital cities, spanning both a section of the coast and extending up to the side of the mountain range. A city of this size no doubtfully has its hardships. Crime and poverty has it's hold in the city, making many of its citizens unruly and hateful of the leadership of the city. The rumor of a rebellion is on the tongue of many.
Most nobility pay this hate no mind, as there has never been a major uprising before. Any attempts at rebellion have easily been thwarted before, so why worry?
Besides, the prince of Ruttmer is to be married soon. The city is to be adorned with festivities and joyous times. The guards are on high alert and their patrols frequent most of the major streets.
Thanks for taking a look at my interest check! This RP will focus in and around the Great City of Ruttmer, starting on the afternoon of the princes wedding day where a festival is supposed to start soon after. Instead of a fun evening of drinking and celebration, the city will soon be aflame from rebels, cultists and deadly beasts!
We will be playing as whoever we wish. From guardsmen trying to keep order, to rebels trying to make a difference or merely a citizen trying to survive the city!
Nearly any fantasy-race will be allowed, I'll provide a list though you're free to make your own if you run it by me first.

There are basic plot points I have in mind, though most of it will be free-form allowing freedom for us to craft whatever story we want! I prefer a slower pace in my RP's, so I'm looking for writers that provide longer, quality posts compared to shorter-speedy posts. It'll be a more dark/mature theme though there won't be any sexual scenes or scenarios.

I'll gladly answer any questions! This will be my first RP I'm running on this site, as well as my first go around with this concept so I might not have ironed out all the kinks!

this sounds like a great concept.
Id like to know a bit more on the dynamics throughout the city (via species, class, and other social barriers) and how that would draw lines in the sand so to speak - or of this would simply be a free for all

also since you mentioned cultists I was wondering if monsters and or minor deities could come into play
I was thinking on the line of a nature spirit twisted by pollution and deforestation coming to fruition as a destructive force