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Rules and guidelines off site advertisement


The Phoenix
Staff member
Solvitur Charta Roleplaying allows off-site advertising on the notion you do the same for us.
Read these rules carefully and follow the form. If rules are not follow and/or form not used your request will be denied.

Note: your request or advertisement will not be immediately visible. Staff checks requests, servers and/or sites by hand and approves or denies accordingly and at their own discretion.

Should you have questions after reading the remainder of this thread, please contact SCRP in one of the following ways
  • Create an account and private message @Robyn (administration)
  • Send an email on solviturchartarp@gmailcom
  • Join our Discord

Rules of affilitation & advertising for sites
  • Ad for ad. If you want a page or button SCRP, you have to ad ours to your site
  • Our button must be visible on index page, and on every theme if there is more than one.
  • Your site must have at member count of at least 250 members
  • Post activity must be ~20 posts a day
  • Software bias for ads on your site is a no-no
  • 18+ sites must have their 18+ content behind closed doors
  • Advertisement for Erotic Roleplay (ERP) cannot be 18+ in the advertisement
  • No editing or reimagining our buttons or code in anyway
Content that will surely be denied
  • Porn sites and/or linking to pages with pornographic content on it.
  • Sites that allow illegal activities. Including but not limited too, torrenting/streaming copyrighted media but also
  • Sites/chats meant for cybersex rather than roleplaying.

Name/Server Site: (no link)
if applicable
Link to site: (bare link)
Link to site rules: (bare link)
Button code / ad text: (use CODE)
Is the SCRP button installed?: Y/N

Rules of affilitation & advertising for Discord
  • Ad for ad. If you want to be name-dropped in our server, you must namedrop us in yours.
  • We shall remove your ad when you remove ours.
  • Your server must be active and have at least 25 members.
  • Links to or advertisement for 18+ Discord servers is a no-no*
  • Links must be set to never expiring
* Discord requires only a silly button push to "prove" you're 18+.

Name/Server: (no link)
if applicable
Link to Server: (bare link)
Topic of server: (bare link)
Is SCRP represented in your server: Y/N
Solvitur Charta Roleplay reserves the right to refuse affiliating with or advertisement from any site without prior notice.
Solvtitur Charta Roleplay will not contact you if affiliation and/or advertisement has been denied.

Be advised it can take SCRP staff up to 72 hours to approve your advertisement or affiliation request

Our buttons and banners


<a href="https://solviturchartar.com/" title="Solvitur Charta Roleplay"><img src="https://i.imgur.com/DjYarEI.png" alt="Solvitur Charta Roleplay"/></a>

<a href="https://solviturchartar.com/" title="Solvitur Charta Roleplay"><img src="https://i.imgur.com/1uNDfL1.png" alt="Solvitur Charta Roleplay"/></a>
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