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Robyn's Character Bonanza


The Phoenix
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Character name: Douglas Sullivan
Nickname: Sully
Age: 42
Country of origin:
Appearance: Sully is a lanky man with half long, wavy, graying hair.
Ability: Clairvoyance through the eyes
Limit of ability: Sully needs his utmost concentration for this. The slightest disturbance can break his power.
Months/years in Thyrsus:
Weapon(s) of choice: sniper-rifles
General history: in Thyrsus until the age of 29, when he lost his children. When Sully was working with Thyrsus he was put on an undercover mission. It was one of the few
When he was 32 he took Jay from his home as a part of his plan to make everybody suffer.

Character name: Jay Sullivan
Nickname: None
Sex: Male
Age: 20
Country of origin:
Appearance: Jay shares the same brown curls and eyes with his mother and it tall and well built. Years of training make him muscular. The young man has a heavy brow and strong jaw
Ability: None
Weapon(s) of choice:
General history:
Jay was born as part of a twin to Vanessa Campbell. Until the age of 10, he lived happily with his sister Rosalie and mother Vanessa. Jay learned to ride horses from a young age, as he was taught at the inn he grew up

When he was 10, Sully took him from his home and brought Jay to his own house. From then on, Jay learned his weapons and languages. He speaks English, Spanish, Arabic and German fluently and Russian and Japanese with a little effort. Jay has also learned to read lips over the years and is currently busy learning French.
As for weapons, he was trained relentlessly and can identify most guns, pistols and rifles. He prefers to keep his distance when on a job and thus prefers sniper-rifles. Aside from his guns, Jay has been taught to use many objects into weapons, also ‘simple’ sticks and knives.
As part of his upbringing, he knows a lot about the human body and where to put a knife/dagger in somebody and what it will do; hurt, damage or kill.
Still, he doesn’t do anything because he likes doing it but rather because he thinks he must.


The Phoenix
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Character name: Jackson Daniels
Nickname: Jack
Sex: Male
Age: 34
Birthdate: December 20th
Country of origin: Germany
Appearance: Jack stands 6’ 2” feet or 1.87 m tall, with long, layered, wavy raven black hair and grey eyes. Years of training makes it that he is also muscular but not bulky. Jack has a triangular jawline and gets little laughlines around his mouth when he smiles. He tends to wear blouses and slacks but whatever the assignment requires when he’s on an assignment.
Ability: Empathy
Limit of ability: Jack feels everything around him, so it’s harder for him to be in groups or large crowds. His ability can be crippling if he gets too much input from other people.
This means that using weapons on others is also hard for him if he's too close, as he has no armor against their pain and suffering.
Months/years in Thyrsus: 12 years
Rank/seniority: General
Weapon(s) of choice: Items that don't attract a lot of attention but with which he can keep his distance. Guns with silencers, sniper rifles.
He's also learning to use bow and arrow, just for the fun and change of it.

General history:
Jack was born in Australia but moved with his family to Germany at the age of 6. He was raised speaking both English and German. He is part of a twins, and has three sisters and one brother. He was born a few minutes after his oldest sister and three years before the other twin sisters. The youngest of them all was born seven years after Jack.

Jackson was the only child that started to walk down a rather dangerous path, getting involved with the wrong people. He was straightened out before any real damage was done but it’s not something he likes to talk about.
The man never went to college before Thyrsus but got his psychology degree after getting his power and learning to deal with it – so when he was already in Thrysus.

When he was given his power to feel what others felt it took him a while to deal with this and went over his limits more than once. He lost his sanity for a while because of this, which is how and why the people from Thyrsus found him in the first place.
He was hospitalized as a John Doe. Jack was found on the streets without any ID and it seemed the damage to his memory was already done.
It took a good while before they found out who he was. This happened through a missing person’s report filed by his family. This helped him a little to get his memories back. It was a long and slow process until the people from Thrysus came along.

The moment he was offered a place in Thyrsus, he took this opportunity gladly. The man had to work hard to get his power under control. Jack finished his training in about a year and two months, most of which was because Jack had to learn to control and channel what he was feeling.
He tends to meditate on a regular basis to give everything a place and ‘empty himself out’ for a little bit.
Overall the man is calm and collected and understands how people feel better than most.
He lives on base but got a little spot at the far end of that area so that he does not have to deal with emotions and feelings from others around the clock.

He speaks to his family from time to time but keeps what he does a bit vague. He focuses on the fact he has a degree in psychology and that he cannot discuss patients with other people. For as long as they buy this (and they have no reason not to at this point) it’s all fine.
Jackson claims he works a lot, which by itself isn’t a lie either.
He hates lying to those he cares about but knows it’s for the best, as the UN is on their case to keep the mutants under wraps, though he wonders how long they can keep that up.

Character name: Vanessa Campbell
Nickname: Ness
Sex: Female
Age: 36
Birthdate: March 28th
Country of origin: Britain
Ability: Invisibility
Limit of ability:
Months/years in Thyrsus
: 10 years
Rank/seniority: Leader
Weapon(s) of choice: Daggers and knives but can use guns.
General history: Vanessa is from a wealthy family (old money) and always had access to the best of everything. To a degree, it made her conceited and shallow. Until she got pregnant at the age of 16 after a one-night-stand with a fellow high-schooler. Vanessa refused to abort the baby and wouldn’t agree with a marriage. Her parents tried to hide her in the house and after 8 months she gave birth to healthy twins which she named Robin and Rosalie. Her parents then tried to interfere and take over the upbringing of the twins. Slowly but surely Vanessa started to realize just how shallow her life was, and how much her folk cared about appearances and not so much about what was best for her and the twins.
When they were nearly a year old, Vanessa took the twins and moved into a nearby inn to get away. Here she worked and lived.

When she was 19 Ness received the power of invisibility, Rose got the power to turn her skin into diamond. Robin received the ability to use explosive energy. When she had just turned 20 the people from Thyrsus found her and recruited her, making sure Rose and Robin were looked after and with the promise of education and housing and all that. That, along with her desire to help people and perhaps make a difference made her say yes to the training


The Phoenix
Staff member
Character's name: Destan
Nickname: None
Region: God’s Island
Age: 25
Special Ability: Forcefield
Limit of ability:
Weapon(s) of choice:
Falchion though capable with many different weapons
General history/character: Destan grew up on God’s Island with the priests and deities. He has been prepped for Vantho’s escape his entire life. He can use many weapons but prefers the falchion and bow and arrow over all others. Destan prefers to wear tunics and trousers according to the dress standards of region of Orone though he likes the dark and forest colours of Adrana more.

Destan is, in general, calm and collected and tries to look at things from different angles before making a decision. However, he is not afraid to make choices if he has too. With his heritage he knows some of the deities expect a lot of him even if he was allowed to live a fairly easy life.
His life has consisted mainly of training and learning though he did travel the lands a bit, if only to see how the people lived. There’s much about the lands and the people he doesn’t know.


The Phoenix
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Character's name: Aleah
Nickname: (if any)
Region: Adrana
Age: 20
Appearance: Aleah is small at 5’ 4” and has a petite build with a fair skin. Her hair is a waving red and her eyes an icy blue. She tends to wear her hair in a braid bun or regular bun to keep it out of her way and according to custom where she lives. She has a round face with a celestial nose that makes her look slightly younger than she truly is

Special Ability: Healing
Limit of ability: The healing takes as much energy from her as it would take if a wound healed by itself.
Weapon(s) of choice: Small dagger, though she has had no training.
General history/character: Aleah grew up in Wolfwater where she cannot remember a time where she could not heal herself. She discovered her ability to heal others at a fairly young age when her mother fell ill and she used her power by accident. Since then, Aleah has been trying to learn to control but also expand her ability.
When she first used it, she could not heal certain injuries and illness whereas her ability had grown through the years that she can, even if it's tiresome.
Many people, both rich and poor rely on her healing ability, from simple scratches to life threatening illnesses and back. She is shy though she wants to help if she can. She tries to use her ability to heal the sick and injured as means of extra income for her family, but that does not always go as originally planned.
If people can’t afford her right away help she generally makes an agreement with them for other things they can pay with (food, cloth etc). However, if people can’t pay it in any way she even does it for free in certain cases.
Aleah relies on her older brother for protection as she has no fighting skills even though she tends to carry a small dagger, especially when the day is closing to an end. She never really needed it, though, in part because of her brother and in part because even the vermin knows she will help them if they need it.


The Phoenix
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Character's / Full Name: Jayson McCoy
Nickname: Jay
Birth date: March 12th
History: Jay was born in a New York hospital as the only child of then laywer Colin and doctor Denise McCoy. In his early teens, Colin switched legal sides and went to work for the "good guys".

He took up swimming since before he could remember, never having stopped his early lessons. At 16, he has all his diplomas, and swims for the school team. He hopes to become a professional sporter, and can be found in the water at least once a day for several hours to train. It's usually the first place people look for him.

While he's interested in girls, he's never had a girlfriend (or even a "girl friend") between his school, sports and job at a local movie theatre for 2 or 3 nights a week. It doesn't pay much, but it's better than nothing.

Age: 16 going on 17
Appearance: As a swimmer, Jay is tall with a defined torso, long arms and broad shoulders. His brown hair is usually dark and his brown eyes generally sparkle with pleasure about something.
Height: 1.86 / 6.1
Weight: 87 / 190
Type of body/build: typical swimmers build
Skin tone/type
Distinguishing Marks? Few scars from accidents as a child (falling from bike etc)

Jay is fairly down to earth and used to having money, sometimes forgetting others don't have a 50 bucks budget a week besides a "chill" job for a few nights a week. While he's not a douche or really arrogant, he's not ashamed about coming from a wealthy family either.
His swimming shows he can be hard-working when he wants to be, as well as determined.


The Phoenix
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Character's name: Senna
Age: 21
New Race: Were-animal (owl)

New Race looks: In her human form she has kept her human looks. She turns into the barn owl, which means she will turn into a medium sized owl. This owl has light gray on its upper body with reddish brown and puffs of white feathers. The barn owl has gray spotting on its wings and head. The underside is very white. She will have a very distinctly heart-shaped facial disc that is sharply outlined with reddish brown. A barn owl’s beak is off-white and the feet are yellowish white with brown.
Weapon(s) of choice: her fists

General history/character: Senna is the youngest five children – though she is part of a twin - and is the second daughter. Her twin brother beat her by a few minutes in being born. She studies veterinary science in college and works at the Zoo. She doesn’t go out much and doesn’t date a whole lot, wanting to spend time with her animals instead.

Though Senna loves her family she doesn’t have a whole lot of contact with some of them. She calls her parents only once every few weeks. Her older sister and her oldest brothers are among her best friends and them she calls a few times a week. For now she lives in a small apartment, sharing it with another girl to pay for the rent as Senna didn’t like the idea of a dorm or student house.

She took boxing lessons since she was 11 but never thought about going professional.

Though she likes to take things easy, she is very reliable and smart. Senna prefers to be alone or in small groups, which is part of why she doesn’t go to parties much.

Senna will make small talk and possibly make friends if she wants to. Overall she is a calm person but can get pretty mad or wired up if it’s something she cares about. Animals and her friends are such examples. Nevertheless, Senna will try to make her case in a calm and reasonable manner. If she succeeds is another question entirely.

Other than that, she can be quite lax with deadlines and is a professional procrastinator when it comes to her school-work.

Character's name: Alvena
Nickname: Alfy (mother)
Sex: female
Age: 25
Weapon(s) of choice: She can fight with a range of weapons but usually prefers the bow and arrow and broadsword. These she usually carries with her, especially on the road.

General history/character: Alvena was born as only child to the lady Elwyn and lord Eadric – Earl and Countess of some part of the land. From a young age, it was clear Alvena would be the kind of girl to sit still so she wouldn’t wrinkle her pretty dress. While she doesn’t mind dressing up from time to time, it’s something that gets old pretty quickly for her. Alvena prefers practical clothes over what is expected of her, and can usually be found wearing trousers with high, leather boots and a tunic.

She took to bow and arrow from a young age, as well as swordsmanship and often went with her father to practice. Alvena’s father was a high ranking officer. Although her mother was vocal about disapproving her choices, Alvena showed an aptitude for the craft. That, combined with her sense of loyalty towards her father and the royal family, put her on the path of knight-hood. Alvena’s mother vocally disapproved of it, and didn’t want her only child to put herself in these situations. On the other hand, she was also proud of her daughter following her own path. Her father guided her through training, giving her no leeway or favoritism because they were related. If anything, that made it harder for her.

Starting her training in her early teens, she quickly proved herself and rose through the ranks. She has the scars – from both training and actual combat – to prove her fortitude, aptitude and combat skills. Over the years, she found she can be judgemental and often sits on the proverbial moral high horse


The Phoenix
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Character's Full Name: Wanderer (not her birth name)
Nickname: Wanda
Race: Human
Planet/world of origin:

Special Power/Ability:
"Destroyer of souls"
Limit of power/Ability: Cannot restore which she destroyed, uses up her energy when she uses it.
General history:
Wanda was born to a Korean mother and American father as first of three children. Even from a young age, the two parents knew something was off with their daughter. Despite having gone to various doctors from a young age, nobody seemed to be able to find something but animals usually started to act strangely around her not long after she'd petted them. It was as if they were only devoted to her from that moment on. When Wanda was thirteen they finally managed to put some of the pieces together, and when she accidentally destroyed another person's soul, the girl decided to leave.

When she was seventeen and had strayed the streets for years and managed to get control of her power, she met a man by the name of Mike. For roughly three years he used her for his own purposes. Mostly illegal. When she nearing her twenty first birthday, her now closest friend helped her get out and get started anew in the In Between with the Café.
Since then, she's travelled around the different worlds and even dimensions when she isn't at the Café. She runs this place with a zero tolerance policy when it comes to things like violence.

Birth date: June 21st

Appearance: Wanda has half-long, straight black hair and pale skin. She prefers to wear practical clothing like tank-tops, jeans and sneakers over more fashionable clothing.
Height: 1.69m/5ft 6 in
Type of body/build:
Skin tone/type:
Distinguishing Marks?
Various scars all over her body.
Visible while clothed are: One small burning mark on her left shoulder and a swerving cut on her right wrist.


Wanda has been shaped by her past. While being a decent person, and loving the Café, she tends to be distrustful on a more personal level.
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Full Name Andrina Grant
Nickname Andi, Rina
Age 25
Sex/gender: Female
Physical appearance:

Country of origin:
Power: Pyrokinesis
Limit on power: still needs oxygen around, doesn't work in water.
Weapon: Recurve bow
Character strengths and weaknesses
Determined but hot-tempered
Strong-willed (which can be either good or bad)

Andrina was born an only child to her parents. Being outgoing, she made friends easily enough even at a young age. “You can’t do that” is a phrase she took at face value for as long as she could remember. Telling her she couldn’t do something was often a good way to get her to do precisely that. It got her in trouble a few times.

From a young age she was fascinated by history and loved to travel. Even in grade-school, she eagerly took opportunities to travel and expand her horizon. It didn’t take her long to combine her love for travel and history, and applied to an anthropology master. She graduated with good grades, and immediately after applied for her doctorate in archeology, for which is she working on her dissertation.

She engaged in various sports, including extreme sports. She has gone skydiving, as well as paragliding, bungee jumping. She still wishes to go mountain climbing, and in the meantime enjoys hikes. For the hell of it, she engaged in archery in grade-school but dropped it not long after starting college. Her course-load and times didn’t really allow it anymore. i

She’ll go back “one day”.
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The Phoenix
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Very much a WIP :p

Full Name: Evangelina Monroe
Eva, Angie, Angelina
Age: old
Sex/gender: Female / female
Physical appearance: In the water her hair is a naturally blue, as are her eyes and even her skin will carry a natural blue hue.
On land, her skin turns fair and her hair blond. Her eyes keep their ice blue shade.

Power: Water is her domain
Character strengths and weaknesses
Eva is a patient lady but will protect her own just as well as her husband or family would.

Eva was born in the oceans, as one of various siblings and half-siblings. Her parents lead the pod
Like many other tritons, she found humans and their strange ways interesting though knew to stay out of sight.

She met Damian when she was already various centuries old,