Reytian's Characters


It’s Adventure Time
Name: Catticus Mangor
Alias: The man with the strength of a thousand men
Age: 36 (Physically) , 1,067 (Biologically. Born in 952AD)
Height: 5'11”
Weight: 181lbs
Species: Demon/Human hybrid
Status: Cursed
Affiliation: Good(Anti-hero)
Build: Lean but semi muscular

Catticus's mother died giving birth leaving his father to care for him. Living as close to a normal life that his father could provide, Catticus realized that he was stronger than any men in the village at the age of ten. Later on in life he was also drafted by the kingdom to fight in a war. The king saw what Catticus was capable of and so offered him membership of a secret elite order that allowed only one representative from each continent (Catticus represented Europe) that not only protected the kingdom but the world. And so Catticus was the fourth and final member of a long forgotten secret order. Not much is known besides a few handful of eye witness accounts of the spectacular order fighting in action. But on one final mission they were all wiped out seemingly vanished from existence. At least that's what the legend says.


}Enhanced condition (Demon physiology)

>Strength- Although his peak strength hasn't been measured Catticus is not as strong as a god or demigod but manages to go toe to toe with Giants, Ogres, and Beast Men. Instead of fully overpowering them he uses his wits to win. But regardless on the battlefield he's able to mow down hordes of men to a certain point of course.

>Semi-Immortality- As a demon Catticus stops aging to a certain point. Along with his physiology he has a limited healing factor do to him being half demon. This leaves disease, and damage the only ways that Catticus can die.

>Peak human/demon condition- While Catticus served as a knight he learned how to eat a proper diet along with excellent exercises to keep him in shape. It takes 10x the amount of time for him to loose his physique then it does to get it back.


>Power merger-

When Catticus the elite orders final mission he didn't leave unscathed. Bonded with the souls of the elite order he now had access to their knowledge/experience, skills, powers/abilities, and voice/appearance. But in order to do that he would have to summon them. Having served with the order for 17 years Catticus swore to never use this curse because he wouldn't want to disturb what he considers his extended family's eternal slumber. He does dread the day that he may need to use this ability to once again save the world.



>Power drain-
Not only does the curse give something for Catticus to use but it also takes away his strength. In order to prevent this from happening he needs to tap into the souls of his fallen comrades periodically every few weeks. But since he made that promise he hasn't had his immense strength in over a millennia. He's on par with todays power lifter athletes now instead of the beasts that he fought in his day. This also affects his healing factor which has dulled it to a point where he can’t heal from battle wounds in just under a day anymore.

>Nightmare- Evertime that Catticus goes to sleep he's reminded of the last mission that the order went on. Every time it scares him to the very core which is why he prefers to drink which hinders the curse's affect to have a 1/50 shot on experiencing his worst nightmare. Catticus usually gets shaken up badly and takes a few minutes to get used to his surroundings when he awakes.

}Holy items/places-
Holy water, churches, cross, and anything else that’s holy can harm Catticus with a burning sensation close to acid. He doesn’t die instantly like other demons but it does kill him slowly since he’s half human. His healing factor doesn’t heal these wounds at all though and takes as much care/time for a regular human to heal these injuries.


}Beast slayer- Catticus was gifted a war hammer/axe weapon that had a suiting fighting style and enchantment for himself. Since Catticus was so strong his weapons would break or chip after a battle, so the weapon's enchantment allowed it to be 100x more durable than steel so long as the enchantment holds. Till this day it doesn't so much as have a scratch on it. But the downside to this weapon is the fact that it weighs about 1.5-2 tons. It was no problem for Catticus until he lost a reasonable amount of his strength.

Samuel Mertens



Hair and eyes are brown as dark chocolate. At 5’9” and 134lbs Samuel is a lean young man while also having a little bit of a darker skin tone than white. He's not skinny and has some muscle on his bones. He also has a very tiny scar on his right eye that starts at his eye brow and ends at the bottom of his eye lash. With a little bit of facial hair showing on his chin and upper lip, Samuel makes sure to routinely shave it off. Samuel genuinely hates warm weather and so he will wear sweaters in the summer that are great insulators to keep the cold ac temp with him throughout the day and in the winter times he could have white to black t-shirts with shorts on.

Samuel had a hard time dealing with people since he was ostracized by almost everyone thanks to his power. So he grew up to be as cold as ice to his enemies, to be respectable and calm with casual people, but he melts away his walls when with someone he trusts and cares for so much as being very protective of them. But overall he likes to joke around while also being serious when the situation calls for it. He gets a little grumpy when in a warm climate/place.

Samuel has family in Anchorage (because he was born there) while also having some in Chicago, New York, and Seattle. When Samuel was a little boy he lost control of his powers which caused a lot of destruction at his school. But since then no one really wanted to associate themselves with him except for his family. And so he could be cold as ice sometimes but very protective to people who he calls friends.

Samuel is a great leader, listener, and team player. His powers allow him to either restrain an enemy or cause havoc on the battlefield

-Anything that's too warm for Samuel will drain his energy no matter what. He likes to stay cold and so his body will use his energy to keep him nice and cool making him unable to control this energy loss.
-While in his monster state it could be considered dangerous for even his allies. It's more of a "don't get in his way" kind of thing
-Once Samuel runs out of energy he will need someplace cold and lots of sleep to even have the energy to use his sup-power which uses a tiny percent of his full power

Samuel hates fires and the desert. Or anything warm for that matter since it drains his powers slowly while also making him feel dizzy.

He can survive in the wilderness with only a knife, rope, a bear trap, and a book (but the book is only for leisure)

Samuel enjoys being in places where it’s cold no matter where. He also enjoys a good book along with using his powers to tease someone (Most likely his friends or family). But he also does like to train with his powers and always takes the opportunity since no-one did when he was younger.

Samuel gets engulfed in a swarm of snow and ice which eventually grows to a one hundred foot tall monster called "Absolute Zero". With every step he takes it can freeze the ground. He has immense strength, speed, and regeneration for ten minutes until he runs out of energy. Once out of this state Samuel is extremely weak and may not have enough energy to use his powers again until a long while after regaining his lost energy. He also may not have full control while in this state making it a final resort of sorts.


Sub-power: "Ice Cold"
Instead of Samuel using all of his energy for a ten minute transformation he can just choose to use his ice powers. This allows him to freeze, levitate/fly, manipulate ice/snow, and perhaps even create constructs. But Samuel is like a battery, the more he uses his power the more it drains his energy. Once he’s out of juice he'll need a recharge.

-Samuel is more powerful the colder the place that he's at

Name: Zorus

Nicknames: The Pheonix King, King of Life and Death, The Destroyer, The Life Giver

Godhood: Pheonix, Natural Disasters, Nature Restoration/Destruction


Goals: Zorus was assigned the job of keeping balance within nature. He will destroy life without a second thought or restore and make it flourish. It honestly depends on what nature needs at that time.

Personality: Zorus is a very old god and could be very cold/warm hearted depending of his job at the time.
When he’s not on his job he is naturally a mixture of both passionate, short tempered, witty, ignorant, and animated, even for his age, for the old god that he is.

Bio: Zorus has annihilated many living creatures almost equaling the same amount that he’s given.
Many gods like to think that they know of him but chances are he’s older than them, older than even the elder gods. He originally started off as the sixteenth mortal of what is everything, but the god whom never showed their face decided to start a new and made a daughter called “Phoenix”. She was made to destroy everything and create a new world for God to redo their work. When it came to Zorus he was different. Even when mortal he never feared Phoenix’s power or her job and actually found her beautiful. Phoenix scoffed at the idea of ever being with a mortal. But when everything else was destroyed besides Zorus she had realized no matter what, Phoenix couldn’t hurt him. Because she also fell in love with him causing Zorus to be ‘accidentally’ spared every time they came into contact. Phoenix was torn by her sworn duty and her love for Zorus and so merged with him ascending him into godhood. At first the God was enraged but after a millennia understood why she did it for love. They then tasked Zorus with taking her place and when the universe came back into existence Zorus...was alone. The god had never spoken to Zorus ever again leaving him and Phoenix alone awaiting for other beings.
Now he’s really old and when I mean really I mean that the all fathers even remember him being there to change their diapers(figurative speech), so he doesn’t remember who the god was. But he does remember where he came from and his love. But still, he keeps his promise till this very day and keeps balance.

Shapeshift(It’s a given so duh)

Phoenix physiology: Zorus ages very slowly and when he dies he’s reborn with his past memories and starts his job again.

Natural Disaster Manipulation: Zorus is able to cause just about any natural disaster you can think of as long as it’s viable.(No Tsunami in the middle of the desert, no lightning strike without any clouds, etc)

Life restoration: Zorus’ blood and essence is able to revive or help plants and the ecosystem to flourish

Fire & Lightning: Zorus can harness the power of Phoenix in order to bring upon fire that he uses to destroy living creatures.

Magical enchantments: These allow him to harness the forces of natural disasters (Zorus’ left metal arm), See the unbalance in nature (Eye patch), allows him to harness lightning for fast transportation around the globe or for combat (Hammer)

Name: Zorus

Nicknames: The Pheonix King, The King Among the Stars, God of the Sun

Godhood: Phoenix’s, The Sun

Younger God

Screen Shot 2020-03-29 at 1.28.39 AM.png
Older God
Screen Shot 2020-03-29 at 1.29.23 AM.png
Screen Shot 2020-03-29 at 1.29.48 AM.png
God & Phoenix
Screen Shot 2020-03-29 at 1.30.09 AM.png

Zorus wants to one day make a kingdom from within or on the surface of the sun. He also watches over Earth and it’s inhabitants. He dislikes disorder and so will try to stop it at once as soon as he spots it.
Besides that he is pleased with where he stands in the chain of life for without solar energy there would be no life.

Even if many gods haven’t seen Zorus, they’ll eventually here who rules the giant glowing ball in the sky by mortals and followers of Zorus.
They may also hear him being passionate for his work, short tempered when feeling disrespected, and witty in retaliation when combat is not appropriate. There’s nothing much else spoken of him.
But he's overall fun spirited with a warriors heart, integrity, and will call to arms when faced with evil. He loves to wear his armor since if he were to wear normal clothing on Earth or anywhere else outside of the sun, then everything around him would heat up and burn. The armor acts as an insulation of his sun power.

No matter each life cycle he always tends to lose his left eye when he's older. Why or how this happens is unknown.
Will be added when rp fleshes it out

Shapeshift: Zorus is able to transform into a gigantic Phoenix that's made of pure supernatural fire of which the size of his wingspan is about three air craft carriers or stay in his humanoid form that matches that of a much older man.

Phoenix Physiology: If Zorus dies he’s reborn as an infant restarting the cycle without his past memories meaning the death of old Zorus and the birth of a new one.

Sun Manipulation: Zorus can control radiation(any type), gravity, light, and heat within an area.

Phoenix Fire: Zorus can harness the power of Phoenix in order to manipulate his own fire that can burn in space or even underwater. Zorus cannot control any other fire

Sun Empowerment: The longer Zorus is in the presence of the sun no matter how far or dim he will gain physical and magical power. He is at his weakest when not coming into contact with the sun for longer than a month.

Celestial Origin Zorus is a god so his attributes will be much higher than most living creatures only rivaled by other gods/demi-gods along with the ability to survive in space, fly and have longevity.



Name: Catticus Insania-Valgulious
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Position: 10th spawn
Background: Catticus was the last of the demon king's offspring and so was chosen to triumph over what his siblings had failed to accomplish. Before he was born the demon king set a curse to enhance the child, it not only warped him physically but also magically turning him into a monstrosity allowing Catticus to be a worthy opponent on the battle field. But this came at a cost of his own soul for Catticus is an empty vessel made only to follow orders. His soul resides within the necklace that his father holds with him at all times. If the demon king lost the necklace Catticus will cease every action and stay dormant awaiting to head the command of a new ruler to whomever wears the necklace. Until that day comes Catticus stays by his fathers side awaiting for any command. Deep down in the necklace though Catticus hates his father for what he had done and wishes one day to be set free and destroy the king himself.

Strength: A
Endurance: B
Agility: A
Magic resistance: B
Magical Power: A
Healing: E
Known Magic:

Reflect: Magical armor surrounds Catticus reflecting only one attack before going on a ten minute cool down.

Absorbtion: When activated Catticus’ teeth glow black and if bitten he will start to absorb energy from a foe. Healing him and allowing the usage of whomever is bitten abilities (Only one that is random). He can only use this ability when injured though.

Affiliation: Demon King only because his soul resides within the king’s necklace which makes him obligated to follow command.

Weapon: Bone protrusions, fists, claws, teeth, hands to cast spells or grapple

-Catticus cannot heal unless using absorption. Prevent him from biting onto someone/something so then he doesn’t heal quickly
-Retrieve the necklace that has Catticus’ soul and he will be the equivalent of empty armor until someone wears the necklace again to give him orders

Name: Samuel "R3X" Crow

Age: 32

Race: Human/T-Rex/Supernatural Cursed/Genetically Modified/Cyborg

Description of character:
R3X stands at 6'3", has a scar on his left eye brow going down to his cheek. With many other scars around his body covered by clothing. R3X also has a Crow tattoo across his left pec along with a black feather on his right forearm. He has a well groomed beard and mustache that isn't long but is longer than a normal goatee. R3X is caucasian and his hair is brown. His hair is short growing to about two-three inches and his eye color is blue. If you've met him you'll realize that he has a cybernetic left arm that's actually a futuristic gatling gun that connects at his shoulder. When out of combat he shifts it back to a cybernetic arm for regular use.
Samuel mostly wears a cowboy hat, samurai armor and his cybernetic arm. But when he's not in combat: Cowboy hat, armor, weapons. Often wearing loose clothing back when he was a pirate.
Screen Shot 2020-03-29 at 1.20.32 AM.png

Character Personality:
At first glance serious and cold hearted because you'll probably meet him in the arena or as competition. He could play dirty and be somewhat malicious if you do step in his way but once the cameras are off and there’s no competition he's actually a really generous and funny man. Perhaps a little bit ignorant and dumb at times but he means well. He's been a pirate, a gladiator, and now a fighter again. What do they all have in common? Fighting to be number one and squash those beneath them. All of this is just business to him so he hopes no one takes it personal since he has to look out for numba one! (Yes I spelled that on purpose). Even through all of the implants and modifications he is still human and does try to not let these "gifts" take away from how he's still like everyone else. Human.

Master Stealer: Being a pirate really helps with learning a thing or two on pickpocketing and stealing treasure

Experienced Combatant: After defending the title of being the gladiator champion for five years it gets you trained to adapt in fighting situations when your opponent can range from anywhere in human history

Powers/Supernatural Abilities/ Mechanical strengths: (Go into detail)
R3X is able to transform into a giant T-Rex that looks exactly like the Jurassic Park version which also has lots of scars just like Samuel does. In this state he's as strong, as fast, as fierce, and as deadly as an actual T-Rex. With the added bonus of retaining his fighting skills and tactician in combat.
Samuel named this ability "RELEASE THE KRAKEN" back from when he was a pirate and remembered the tales of the ancient beast. When transforming he'll yell the name out to the heavens and lightning will strike him down along with a burst of fire exploding from where he stands. Beginning his quick transformation. He'll be decked out in his samurai armor that only covers parts of him now. Do to less flexible arms he can't reach his weapons now.
Because of how much energy this form takes R3X can only hold it for thirty seconds and maybe an extra ten if he's in berserker rage. Afterward his energy is completely depleted and cannot fight anymore hence why it's a last option in any fight.
Cybernetic Implants/Supernatural Enhancements/Genetic Modification: Because James has Atlantean technology, been cursed from lost treasure, and genetically tampered all at once, this sets him to the peak of human athleticism and physique. Being considered a "Super Human" of sorts but nothing more above than what the human body should be capable of at it's peak. This including enhanced strength, durability, reflexes, speed, stamina, healing (Not like Wolverine but instead at least 1.25 to 1.5 of the average person) and senses. All at the cost of his humanity, what a bargain right? The strongest part of Samuel's body is his cybernetic arm capable of punching through a thick wall with great effort.

Cowboy Pistol: Taking this weapon from a cowboy, R3X eventually learned how the user was quick to take aim and fire. It's a standard peacemaker with 6 rounds before needing a reload. Ironic from the name it doesn't cause much peace as R3X is quick to aim and fire the gun.

Viking Axe: R3X was the new wielder of this weapon when beating a viking. What he didn't know this is that it was also enchanted. The enchantment allows for R3X to build 'fury' with each strike that makes contact making him stronger and more mad. This strengthens his overall strength but lowers his defense as he turns all offense. Often times throws.

Samurai+Ninja Twin Blades: Twin blades that were actually from a 2v1 special. R3X fought a ninja and samurai at the same time and eventually killed the two with their own blades. It wasn't an easy battle and so he took their weapons out of the dozens of combatants to pay respect.

Gatling Gun Arm: A futuristic gatling gun that uses plasma instead of bullets. This allows R3X to be more agile without carrying hundreds of bullets to weigh him down. It is a cybernetic and so can shift to a regular robotic arm.

Reason for coming to the tournament: Masters sold R3X for a very pretty penny to have him participate in these games. Also his masters want to give other gladiators the spot light for a while

His real name is Samuel Crow. His mother was a pirate while his father was a brewer. They met at a saloon and were probably a little bit too drunk but one thing led to another then nine months later Samuel was born. Luckily his mother was actually the captain of her ship so he lived most of his life out at sea pillaging and plundering. His mother loved him with all of her heart and he had more money than what any other teenager had. How else can life get any better?!?
Well it did, or so he had thought, when he recovered a map of an ancient artifact. Sailing on his own to find it, since his mother forbid him to even find the treasure, he eventually made it to the Bermuda triangle. Naive as he was he searched for the treasure and found it. But it was cursed..."Whosoever be the one to unleash this treasure shall become the new host of the ancient tyrant." Samuel was scared and tried to escape but was soon bonded to the ancient spirit. His boat drifted off into the ocean while unconscious accidentally sailing further into the triangle. Once in the center a whirlpool sunk his small ship.
That is where his tail ends, until you realize that it continues in a earlier time period of mankind's history.

He awoke in a cell with bars and windows that allowed a full view of the fighting going on outside. A Gladiator ring? Was he in Rome? No, it wasn't Rome, a much older and lost civilization that was so advanced and yet will eventually fall into the sea to become a myth. But as of now they enjoyed themselves watching slaves from all of time fight for their entertainment. Samuel remembered of his newfound curse and pleaded for it to help him before the gates of his cell opened. But he never heard the voice again and so had no choice but to fight anyway. As he progressively won his battles, Samuel eventually came face to face with the reigning champion.
He had lost his left arm during the fight and was on the verge of death. He cried out in agony finally about to meet his maker, that is until the spirit manifested itself and transformed Samuel into a mighty Tyrannosaurs-Rex. If it wasn't for the spirit Samuel would have died in the first round since it enhanced his physical attributes. With this new power he killed the almighty champion and gained the top spot in the contest of champions. From then on he was called "R3X". For the form he's capable of becoming, along with being the third champion out of all the gladiator games.
He's kept the top spot for five years now and so has faced all types of warriors from many time periods learning their fighting styles and gaining more weapons.
The advanced civilization of course couldn't have their champion as a weakling and so gifted him cybernetic implants into along with tweaking his genes just a tad. As the champion Samuel was bathed in luscious clothes, gossiped and fantasized by women, and was treated like a superstar. All seems well for Samuel...but he wishes to see his mother one last time, to at least apologize and tell her that he loves her. And so as he recalled his past while looking out toward the sky on his balcony he could feel another challenge approaching him. Will he succeed or will he perish? Well whatever it is he going to give it his all since being sold to the tournament by his masters doesn't give him much of an option.

Name: Victor Kevin Howlett

Age: 21

Alias: Primeval

Animalistic/Enhanced condition:
Super strength
: James' muscles are extremely strong as he's able to lift four to five times his body weight. Once recorded on flipping a car to its side. Running at three times the average sprinters speed, and allowing for extraordinary maneuverability via jumping, climbing, swimming, etc.
Enhanced durability: James is able to handle extreme force such as car crashes, high falls, and gun shot wounds (though they leave a bee like sting on his skin that's visible where he was shot and will eventually break through his skin), and many sharp objects either break or bend against his skin (though eventually his skin will be pierced just like bullets)
Enhanced senses: James is able hear more proficiently than the human ear, able to pick up sounds that humans can't hear and has twice the range. He can see in total darkness which prompts his eyes to appear red or glow during flashes of light, and finally smell's which is on par with a bloodhound.
Razor sharp claws/teeth: James is able to retract or summon three inch razor sharp claws that are strong enough to tear through some metals. Though the durability has not been measured it is said to be very dangerous natural weaponry that are available on his ten toes and ten fingers. His teeth are a little weaker though able to only rip through leather like butter and only denting metal. He's also able to shift between what are called "Carnivore teeth", which means all of his teeth are sharpened, or back to his normal human teeth.
Healing factor: An ability that has yet to be unlocked fully, which will be while undergoing immense amounts of stress, it's right now limited to healing 1.5 faster than a regular human whenever he does get injured. At it's full potential James should be able to heal large wounds and broken bones in a matter of hours. Anything less should be healed within the hour or so. Substantial injuries such as missing limbs, organs, and decapitation is unclear wether or not it will be regenerated. Further testing needed. Memories seem to not also come back if injury to the head were to occur.


Screen Shot 2020-03-29 at 1.22.07 AM.png

He stands at about 6'1" while also adopting a lean muscular build. Mainly keeps his hair either a bus cut or extremely long while always keeping his sideburns with some facial hair. Before subject was captured mainly wore leather coats with jeans and boots. But once going "primeval" can be found with torn jeans barefooted and topless with claws and teeth showing. Other than that James can't be seen wearing any other type of clothing besides a necklace with claw on it that he protects very dearly.

Role: Super

Background check: Citizens were afraid of a monster out in the woods that would walk into town bringing fresh kills when the weather hadn't let up for weeks. Subject was eventually found in the outskirts of Nome Alaska, USA while eating a Mux Oxen. Super smelled our troops which initiated it's attack. Survivors mentioned after the capture of the super codenamed "Primeval", for it's primal characteristics and powers, kept uttering "Not you again!" and "What more do you want?!" which prompted us to do more background research. The find revealed a massacre of a supers family who did not cooperate in Anchorage Alaska, USA just nine years before. It is suspected that James was the straggler that escaped and is the only one left in his family. DNA tests only confirm this further along with his harsh personality with the handlers more than the regular supers. Up till the age of 12 nothing else of his history is documented or is available and it's believed that the boy lived part time in towns and the woods up until his capture as a young adult.

Psychological Exam: James was very ill mannered and very uncooperative during evaluation tests. Often times roaring and screaming while going through evaluations like a rabid animal.
Through study of video footage, I was finally able to see his daily actions. Which show that James is curious, kind to other supers (especially younger ones most likely from being an orphan and understanding what it's like to have your parental figures suddenly taken away from you), and has an overall high moral standard. His holding cell also shows signs of cleanliness instead of clutter that's to be expected of someone who acts like an animal. James often times submits to primal urges which is thought to be a side affect from his animal like abilities.
Overall, James the capability to live peacefully amongst humans, evident of him doing so the past nine years, and indeed a great asset for task force. If only subject didn't hate everyone's guts that's connected to safely containing the supers.

Extra: James' roar sounds like a mixture of a Tiger, Grizzly Bear, and Crocodile's roar but fused together. The longer James uses his powers the more animalistic his mindset becomes.

"Power corrupts everybody"
Screen Shot 2020-03-29 at 1.25.05 AM.pngCredit to the artist: Imperium-792739106
Name: Norvell Adams
Alias: Chaos
Birthdate: August 18, 1998
Place of Birth: London, UK
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 130lbs
Core Power:
Norvell is connected to a formless phenomenon that occurs when order is absent. Otherwise known as chaos.
Depending on how much chaos is happening around Norvell, he’ll gain powers and a bigger radius to syphon off the chaos in a given area.

LEVEL 1 Tiny Turmoil
EX. Spilled coffee, Someone tripping, Arguing
Super strength, Durability

LEVEL 2 Moderate Disorder
EX. Broken items, Accidents involving harm to someone, Fighting (physically)
Fire beams made from pure chaos, Telekinesis

LEVEL 3 Absolute Pandemonium
EX. Destruction, Near death incidents involving many people, Riots
Teleportation, Minor weather manipulation (Storms, rain, twisters. NO tsunami’s, earthquakes, volcanos, unless given the ok by GM. Which would also then be “Natural disaster manipulation” then)

LEVEL 4 Day of Isfet
EX Annihilation, Mass death, War
Matter manipulation, Logic manipulation

Order will always work against whatever Norvell does or against him in general. He can only hold it off or run from it. Never fully ignoring it though. Order can be from a harmonic song sun in unison, perfectly groomed hair, etc. Order is like a really cold/warm sensation to him which burns like holly water to vampires.

Powers on lower levels will get stronger when he reaches a higher level.

Alter Ego Appearance: Screen Shot 2020-03-29 at 1.25.33 AM.png

Moral Alignment: Chaotic Neutral. Norvell usually doesn't choose sides. Whether it's good or bad, it just really depends on his values and morals.


Norvell's past is relatively unknown because his history has been only told from his lips which sometimes changes. But those who had a run in with him, before he gained his powers, know that he was a high class

Name: Oliver Mason Richards
Height: 6’2”
Age: 42

None natural.

Cybernetic implants all over his body allow for super strength, enhanced durability, enhanced vision (thermal, zoom, interface with technology), hacking, enhanced speed, weapons (Sharp Blades, Guns, Tasers), also has an AI

Oliver is a witty and calculative person often thinking a few steps ahead of anyone. He loves to tease those who are beneath him and toys with his food before finally getting what he went for in the first place. Oliver is also a good leader to rally those toward his side or manipulate for his own gain.

But underneath all of that villainy, Oliver is still somewhat kind and wonders what he's doing would be approved by his wife. He always struggles with killing someone and only does so by accident or as a LAST resort. He sometimes freezes with what he's doing when he spots a young girl which reminds him of his daughters. Oliver can show his compassion very rarely but when he does he's genuine.

Oliver was once a kind soft hearted husband and father of two that was living the American dream. He spent his time as a teenager through his twenties meddling with technology that he thought would revolutionize the world. Eventually after he finished college, and earning his masters in robotics, Oliver was approached by a university to continue his work.

After some time Mr. Richards was well known as one of the greatest minds in cybernetic technology. His inventions would lead to improvements in robotics that eventually brought him a deals with big companies to help produce products.

Eventually the military came to him for inventions to help in their endeavors which prompted him to come up with "Quad bod" which are four robotic legs used for traversing hard terrain or to scale walls, and other enhancements for other purposes such as armors or exo-skeletons. Along with an AI to help the soldiers in missions.

In the big day to showcase all of these inventions that he made, Oliver's meeting was cancelled after superpowered individuals were an option to become part of the military. Upset and almost to the point of bankruptcy, Oliver heavily relied on this deal to go through so he couldn't let the millions of dollars he spent to go to waste. Turning to other countries, Oliver held a secret meeting to America's allies but word must have gotten out because someone sent out a superpowered individual to sabotage the meeting.

It was hosted at the lab of his house, which was where the inventions were transferred after the canceled military showcasing, which ended in a massive explosion. The explosion resulted in his house burning to the ground. Oliver awoke within the rubble with cybernetic implants thanks to the AI saving his and his wife's life. His children were never found in the rubble and Oliver was now labeled as a traitor to his nation for committing treason by attempting to sell weapons to other countries.

Oliver lost everything that day. His reputation, his house, his money, a part of his humanity, and most importantly his family. Ever since then Oliver had turn to a life of crime. Robbing banks to pay off the expensive hospital bills hoping that she'll wake up from her coma one day. He also has a vendetta with the superpowered individual who took everything from him and so grew to have a distaste for other superpowered people often torturing them for information about who could have done it. Yet it's lead to a fruitless trail that he still follows till this day. But now Oliver can be seen stealing money from banks, finding and capturing potential leads that can lead him to the murder of his family, or with other criminals that can help reach his first and second goals.

Oliver Mason Richards may have been a kind and soft hearted but now he's a ruthless cold hearted cyborg out for blood.

(Think of Oliver as less muscular since he’s a scientist instead of a soldier. But since he's a villain he has to be in somewhat good shape)

(Has four robotic claws attached to his lower back)
Screen Shot 2020-03-29 at 1.39.29 AM.png

Name- Haruo Hiro
Age- 24
Bio- Haruo had lived in the West coast with his parents and siblings for beginning of his life but soon transferred to Japan because of a job opening when he was just 10 years old. After that he was a regular A to B student that finished high school and started going to college. He secretly didn't want to be in school though because his passion was drawing but his parents didn't approve. He just hoped for something exciting happened in his life.
Be careful what you wish for because while Haruo was sleeping he felt irrationally strange which startled him awake but soon realized that the feeling was gone. Haruo kept doing his usual routine but was startled to hear a voice in his head right before he blacked out. When he came back to his senses he saw a portion of his college destroyed and when he asked what happened apparently a giant monster appeared out of nowhere. Then the voice finally introduced itself as an ancient Titan called Rozirora which apologized for accidentally causing the destruction. Even though the damage would be costly no one was seriously hurt.
Physical Description- Haruo is from asian decedent and is a young man with an endomorph body type so he stands at about 5'11" while also being lean. He has short black hair with no facial hair at all. He usually has a dirty pair of sneakers with joggers or jeans. Finally having a white, black, or gray t-shirt with maybe a hoodie if it's cold.
Personality- Haruo is very clever since he learned how to deceive his parents who were so strict. He could sometimes be selfish but thanks to him being the eldest he developed a kind heart for his younger siblings that does come out at the best of times. Haruo can be a jerk sometimes but it's probably because almost every decision was done by his parents making him prone to try and prove himself in front of others and be rebellious.
Strengths- Clever, Endurance runner, Quick thinker, Smooth talker, Tech wiz
Weaknesses- Rebellious, Short fuse, Strength is not his friend, Fear of spiders is extremely high, Claustrophobia
Additional Notes- Haruo is super happy yet scared of this new Titan inhabiting his body. But he's unsure on whether he should've listened to his parents ironically or an ancient creature that's been with him without even knowing. Eh what could go wrong?
Titan Name- Rozirora
Title(s)- The Destroyer, Guardian of nature
Bio- Paintings show an ancient Titan that is capable of shapeshifting into three forms. She is also depicted as a destroyer of sorts. Wherever she went faced a higher death rate but not without reason. From the very few documentations Rozirora could be shown targeting human settlements who disregarded the importance of nature and the world. She gained worshipers from whom she spared and was soon seen as the protector of nature, and a destroyer of evil. Rozirora was truly a terrifying Titan that mainly focused on restoring balance than actually caring much for the other creatures besides her fellow Titan's. But that all changed when the war had broken out. Sides were chosen, battles were fought, blood was shed, so Rozirora chose to be neutral. But one day she fought a sinister Titan who threatened to kill her and all of her followers if she remained neutral. Rozirora stood her ground and fought the evil Titan. When Rozirora was close to death, along with losing a significant amount of her worshippers, a benevolent Titan intervened. After being saved she very quickly joined the side of good to repay the Titan who saved her life. As time went on her legends faded away when she disappeared which sprung up rumors such as death to the evil Titans or hibernation to heal her wounds. But soon she lost the rest of her followers. She was passed down from generation to generation, down the same family tree which her hosts soon forgot. Now Rozirora lies dormant ready to reawaken at any moment.
Physical Description- Rozirora's main form is a bipedal primate-like giant primate that stands at 357 ft tall. She has a stocky/built look and her legs are longer than her arms making it easier to walk instead of crawl. Her hair is brownish blackish as well. Her eyes, mouth, the back of her: head, torso, neck and arm to elbow has red fire that constantly burns. Rozirora's second form is a serpentine-like deep dweller that has a long body that's about 500ft. She has blue scales that are very durable along with some ice-fins that span across the top to bottom of her body that are purple. Rozirora's face is a cross of a crocodile and a monitor lizard with a forked tongue. Lastly she also has glowing blue eyes and mouth. Rozirora's final form is that of a bird resembling a eagle that's about 198ft when standing with a wingspan of 300ft. She displays two different colors split evenly with white completely on her back side including her head, neck, body, wings, and tail feathers while on the bottom she has the color of royal blue. Lastly she has electrically charged feathers on the tips of her wings while electricity surges within her eyes.
Personality- Rozirora kept to her self most of the time even from her followers or Titans. But she did have a few friendships from bonding over the love of nature and through the war. But overall Rozirora is a destroyer and will kill if necessary. She doesn't find enjoyment or satisfaction in killing though, she just doesn't hesitate like some of the other Titans. But overall she's a very down to earth creature that only wants the best for the world first and for her friends second.
Strengths- Rozirora's first form allows for strength, second form allows for defense, and third form allows for speed. She also has good integrity and will do what's right at all costs.
Weaknesses- Rozirora's first form lacks defense, seconds form lacks speed and endurance, and third form lacks strength. She's also a destroyer for a reason and will not hesitate to take anyones (Including: Titan, Human, or any other creatures) life in order for balance to be restored.
Good or Evil- Good
Additional Notes- Rozirora has lots of abilities in exchange for lots of weaknesses in any form that's she's in. The first form's main element is fire hence why she can use it in a fight. She can manipulate volcano's to a certain extent as well in this form. The second form allows Rozirora to control the element of ice, she can also summon a snow storm or cause a tiny tsunami. The last and final forms element is lightning which also allows her to manipulate storms.
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It’s Adventure Time
Name: Catticus Cornelius Drago
Age: Appears early-thirties, About 704 years old (Born 1316 A.D)
Gender: Male
Species: Cursed-Vampire/Demon
Height: 5'7”
Weight: 155 Ibs
Catticus looks like a well built warrior and has mix of a bulky and lean build thanks to his heritage. He’s also a handsome figure mainly because of his Vampire side. His hair is a long snowy white pale that ends at his shoulders. With two protruding horns that point forward at an angle toward the sky that are about a foot in length. His eyes are deathly red that glow no matter how dark the terrain he’s in. Catticus’ skin is as pale as paper and his finger nails are sharp like claws. Last but not least Catticus has a pair of demon wings that resemble a dragon’s/bat’s that are a light red with tints of black scattered throughout the whole appendage. His full wingspan is 8 ft but when folded behind his back can easily make him 6’5” from foot to wing claw.
Catticus can choose to turn into his true form or shift into human form which rids him of his wings, horns, fangs, and glowing eyes.
Screen Shot 2020-03-29 at 1.54.06 AM.pngScreen Shot 2020-03-29 at 1.57.49 AM.pngScreen Shot 2020-03-29 at 1.58.17 AM.png

Catticus was born from a Vampire and Demon who fell in love. In secret the Demon gave birth to Catticus but soon after gave the boy to his father to look after and raise. Every few years Catticus would be able to see his mother but he soon eventually learned that he was extremely different as he was a hybrid. Catticus would go on to live a normal vampire life since he’s able to drink blood and eat normal human food or sometimes souls to quell his hunger. Although drinking blood is his preferred way of eating. Eventually becoming a knight, because of his love for fighting, Catticus would become a well known individual for his dedication for the cause. That is until he was burned by holly water when a priest tried to give them a protection which eventually led to the kingdom finding out. They casted Catticus out and so he rode on his horse back to his home until Lucifer found him. Lucifer was disappointed that one of his seven deadly sin demons had a child and so decided to take Catticus to hell to be his Ghost Rider as punishment for Catticus’ mother‘s actions. After ~600 years Catticus managed to make a deal to be set somewhat free and in return he will be cursed to be a Ghost Rider and bring those that Lucifer wants to hell. Now free Catticus has a lot to catch up on, and who is going to stop him?

Vampire/Demon Physiology
-Immense Strength
-Semi-immortal (Little to no aging)
-Enhanced Speed
- Flight (Wings)

Ghost Rider
As the spirit of vengeance Catticus gains a plethora of abilities
-Transform his form of transportation on fire and supernaturally demonic
-Prehensile Chains
-Enhanced durability and Regeneration
-Hunting (Able to pinpoint target from long distances)
-Penance Stare (Opponent feels all emotional/physical/mental pain that they’ve done on anyone)

-Anything holy (Cross, Church, Holy water, Bible, Blessing, etc) completely burns, or stings Catticus. If he were to be in contact with anything holly for a lengthy period amount of time, he could potentially die even in Ghost Rider form.

-Sunlight burns and disintegrates his body with long exposure. Although he is slightly more immune to it since he’s only half Vampire so he may deal with some sunlight before turning to dust.

-Reflection, Catticus cannot see his own reflection

-Exorcism may take Catticus out of his Ghost Rider form

-Stake to the heart will mortally wound him if he were to not take care of the wound

D4F06123-4BF5-4BD5-9336-9AE821A434C4.jpegName: Jonathan Cornelious Reyes
Nickname(s): Dracula (Codename given by Synth), John (What family and friends use to call him for short), Corny (Siblings calling his jokes bad)
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Role: Student/Asset
Orientation: Heterosexual
Nationality: Caucasian, Latino
Appearance: Coming from a wealthy family , Cornelious was gifted with the finest and newest attire. Affording just about anything. But ever since the massacre he’s stuck with very plain clothing such as jeans, long sleeve shirts, and sunglasses with a sunhat.
Height: 5'9”
Weight: 147lbs
Possessions: Umbrella, Sunglasses, Cape that was given by Synth, Sun hat. Necklace with family last name insignia
Likes: Cheesy jokes, a good book, snow, movies involving a western
Dislikes: Sunlight, bullies, physical activity, rule breakers, people who take anything for granite
Place of Birth: St. Abbs, UK
Family: Cornelious Reyes (Father), Elizabeth Reyes (Mother), Robertson Francis Reyes (Older Brother), Victoria Cristina Reyes (Older Sister), Sophia Sinclaire Reyes (Older Sister), Christopher Franklin Reyes (Older Brother)
Enemies: Himself as he struggles to fight the urge to feed
Power: Vampire Physiology
Life Force Absorbtion: Cornelious shares some similar traits of vampires. This is Cornelious’ primary power as all of his sub-powers rely on him taking the life force of humans specifically. Cornelious has a pair of fangs that he uses to pierce a victims skin, preferably the neck, and so goes the process of sucking blood. Drinking the blood parasitically drains the victims life force. Takes about five minutes to fully drain a life force.
-Enhanced Strength: Depending on how much life force absorbed Cornelious could either be as strong as a grown man or a world class olympian
-Enhanced Durability: Depending on how much life force absorbed could either have Cornelious take blunt forces with little effect or survive forces that a regular human being can’t
-Enhanced Healing: Fully relies on life force absorbed. If the “tank is close to empty” then no healing factor. Requires to take out impalements and time to heal wounds
-Power Absorption: If Cornelious were to absorb all of a persons life force then he gains fragments of their memories, feeling every emotion to the fullest, along with their powers (If any). He may also gain some attributes and skills but it’s at the roll of the dice. Absorbed powers take life force energy to use
=Obtained Powers:
Finale Precognition:
Cornelious’ only power obtained is the ability to see possible finale of any persons life. He sees it in a third perspective as if a hidden camera were placed somewhere in fast and a few glimpses until it freezes on what finally killed whoever Cornelious is viewing. But the death has to be within a month
Cornelious requires blood every two weeks or he goes into a frenzy that could be dangerous to just about anyone near him
Sunlight: Resembling a vampire, Cornelious is very sensitive to light and opts to wearing a large sun hat, sun glasses and brings an umbrella to shield himself from the harmful light. Causing a shocking/burning feeling that only gets worse as time progresses. Death will occur depending on the intensity and time that he’s been exposed
Personality: Cornelious is a very reserved person finding it hard to get to know people as they all are technically his prey. But he does try and make an effort to be on good terms with most. He also seems to be a leader instead of a follower evident by how he diverts from the rest of the assets without fear of failing as he sees mistakes to learn from instead of a life sentence. Something that he tells himself every day ever since the massacre. But when he’s hungry Cornelious could be dangerous. He turns into a manipulative, sly, malicious, and violent as he tries to gain the upper hand on his prey to feast. Usually after ’eating’ a large amount, instead of what Synth supplies to only have him function enough, he’s really energetic gaining an extrovert attitude followed by regret and sorrow for what he had done
Background: Jonathan Cornelious Reyes was born as the fifth and last child of the Reyes household; which were a wealthy family that was gained from various successful businesses. When Jonathan was born his family knew that he was different from the rest, born with pale skin, white hair, and red eyes, his family were a little shocked nonetheless but still love Jonathan. His family thought that John had some rare albinoism along with some other gentix disorders as he would get sick when outside. This left John to become home schooled as he was fine within the walls of his families mansion but also had him have a nonexistent social life, crippling his ability to socialize. That is until a maid offered her daughter, called Catie, that was around the same age as John to interact with one another. For ten years John grew up with loving parents that made sure John knew that even with his poor health they loved him with all their hearts, awesome and sympathetic siblings that tried their best to recreate experiences from the outside world such as: rollercoasters, watching movies at a theater, and going to school. But Catie especially made John’s heart fly out of his chest as he spent time with her. But soon John fell ill and no one had a clue why. When John seemed to be unable to make it the next few days Catie snuck into his room when everyone was asleep. John was confused and asked her to leave in case she were to caught his sickness but Catie loved John. So she decided to give him a farewell present before he passed. They made love with the love that they had between the two superhumans. Then John’s powers emerged while sleeping and entangled in Catie’s arms. He smelled this...wonderful aurora and so but down on Catie’s neck. Ironically Catie saw her death but thought that it was a nightmare. After ‘eating’ David saw in horror of what he’d done. Immediately screaming this awakened his family which only meant that there was more to eat. After that massacre happened John was found sitting at the stairs of his house waiting to be arrested. Not long after John was set in a containment cell that left him unconscious. John’s friend father didn’t want this for John for the rest of is life and so as an agent of Synth signed him up for camp Lycan. Wanting to forget what he had done, John now goes by Cornelious and strictly Cornelious as he often scratches off John or Jonathan and corrects anyone who calls him by that.

Name: Franklin Reynolds


Alias: Soundwave

Age: 36 (Physically), 43 (Chronologically)

Gender: Male

Wave Distortion: Franklin can manipulate one way that energy can move from one space to another within a certain area of himself. Like a sphere with a 10 meter radius surrounding him. Waves that can be manipulated are Longitudinal waves, and Transverse waves.

Longitudinal Wave Distortion: Franklin manipulates this by sound, Ultrasound waves (Sonar), and P-waves. So he's capable of amplifying sound, muting, seeing sound waves, etc with sound and even capable of shifting it hence why his voice doesn't sound human. For Ultrasound waves Franklin is able to use sonar, and detect vibrations. Lastly for P-waves Franklin can cause a compression in anything he touches depending on the amount of energy stored.

Transverse Wave Distortion: Franklin manipulates this by electromagnetic waves - eg light waves, microwaves, radio waves, and finally S-waves which can cause a literal wave in anything he touches depending on the amount of energy stored.

Wave Absorption: Franklin is capable of absorbing any type of the above waves and is capable of storing it for the future for P & S waves. This stored energy can be changed to any type of energy ex. microwaves, light, ultraviolet, etc. Energy can also be used to halt or slow his aging along with slightly increase his strength/density. It's unknown as to how much energy can be absorbed. CANNOT create any of these waves from nothing (Besides P & S Waves from).

Equipment: A suit that can be seen in the photo with a mask in that covers the upper side of the face. A portable speaker to give himself energy that blasts music at the loudest setting.

Brief History: Born in Seattle, Franklin two brothers and a sister and lived the average American life. Wanting to become a detective after graduating from high school,Franklin would instead joined the airforce for two terms before coming back to the states and working as a private pilot. He was actually flying when the sudden incident happened shutting down the plane and sending him plummeting down to the ground. Wanting to live Franklin decided to take the only parachute leaving the passengers to die which were Kiki Crow's parents. Franklin would survive the crash unharmed and was found by the recovery crew. Seeing that he may face the wrath of Kiki if she found out that he chose to save himself instead of her parents he vanished once catching a ride back with the recovery crew.

After a couple of years of unsuccessfully landing a new job, Franklin decided to go back to school to become detective but soon found out about his abilities. It wasn't long till he became a target for The Black Templars and was forced to cut all ties with his loved ones. He was almost annihilated until a secret organization found him in the sewers hiding. Finding usefulness in him they added Franklin to their ranks. Franklin Reynolds disappeared from the world for a few years but Soundwave took his place.

Throughout the years Soundwave has become a very high target for The Black Templar along with a respected individual within the secret organization. He's had run-ins with Lawbringer while out on his missions/personal agenda's. Sometimes helping Lawbringer find clues or take down a foe that seemed a little too above for Lawbringer and Soundwave to manage (I'm not sure who it is or what their powers are and nor am I downsizing Lawbringer and or Soundwave. Just throwing something out there for future plot or a one time story) perhaps hinting that Soundwave in fact didn't work alone. But Lawbringer would help Soundwave more from escaping The Black Templar which he was grateful for. Soundwave has also met Etratsa as the two have similar careers and sometimes negotiating info for info or just requiring help while also lending a hand if she were to ask as well.

As for the negative confrontations, Astarte has been a thorn in Soundwave's side for a very long time. Obsidian has gotten in the way of the secret organization's plans and so they frequently send some individuals to take care of Obsidian which Soundwave is usually a part of. But he frankly highly dislikes Astarte as she's remarkably capable and has proven a challenge for Soundwave during their confrontations. Astarte has consumed one of his beloved companions who actually was the one that saved him from The Black Templar. Soundwave prefers to not be limited by the desire for revenge but if there's anyone that can make that emotion arms from his very being it's Astarte.

Personality: Franklin is very quiet sometimes speaking when only spoken to or whenever he thinks it's important to say something. But don't think that because he's quiet that Franklin doesn't interact with the people around him. His loyalty is unquestionable when earned as he's willing to go through hell and back when finding someone who he deems worthy of his loyalty just like the secret group he's apart of. Franklin is also fairly good at following orders and being a role model/leader to those around him. Although he does not speak and his intentions are unknown, Franklin's motives and actions usually are good. But if he is on a mission then he will let no one stand in his way.

Alignment: True Neutral but has a good moral compass

Alliances: Himself and some secret group of powered individuals with a trinity symbol tattoo somewhere on the individual's body. (Anyone can join the group but please DM me because - will interact differently with your character.

-Secretly anyone who poses a threat to the organization he's a part of
-Astarte& Obsidian

Other: Franklin sounds like Soundwave when he talks (Duh). The secret group that Franklin is a part of is not known by many besides maybe Lawbringer and Etratsa because of how they can gain info very easily but even then the ground members are a mastery and what they stand for is also a mystery.

Name: Storm
Height: 4'6"
Age: 45
Race: Wizard
Element(s): Wind & Water
Weapon(s): Umbrella/Staff hybrid (Helps cast/control spells. Also uses it to fly or protect him from his spells affects)
Personality: Storm is a calm and calculative individual knowing when to cast his spells and making sure to not get ganged up. Any player who's ever met him would say that he's well versed in just attacking when the moment is right and being a great damage dealer. Though they also say he sometimes gets upset or angry when he's been targeted too many times while his spells are on cool-down or he's out of mana which resorts in him losing his cool.
Other: Storm cast spells that cover large areas to deal out damaging attacks to get the job done. But once those spells are used up he can't do much. Say Storm is caught by surprise without his abilities or sufficient mana, then he's an easy free kill. He can't defend himself without his spells with just his umbrella-staff for the life of him. Hence why he's also given the nickname 'Glass Cannon' referring to his all damage and no defense build.

Also the reason why he's called Storm is because of the spells he uses. With wind and water at his use, Storm is capable of casting weather spells like 'Hail Storm', 'Tornado", 'Piercing Rain', 'Water Spout', 'Blizzard', 'Tsunami', and his most powerful spell yet 'Hurricane'. (Those spells are not an actual natural disaster but an area affect within a radius of the spell. Everything outside of it isn't affected at all)

Screen Shot 2020-04-07 at 3.43.50 PM.png
Name: Toto Sakigami

Age: 18

Height: 5'1"


Enhanced Endurance: Toto (while being possessed by Hagire Rinichirō) has displayed an incredible amount of endurance by surviving a high loss of blood, fourth-degree burns, cuts, stabs, surgery without anesthetic, even losing his two right limbs and being crushed by a giant tower. This was all due to his incredibly high interest in Shiro or what he calls "Love" and for wanting to know what love truly meant.

Branch of Sin: As a Deadman, Toto has the ability to freely control his blood out of his body.

Regeneration: As seen, he can heal himself immediately. However, unlike Shiro, he can't regrow lost limbs, but only re-attaching them and more serious injuries require treatment.

Branch of Sin: Love Labyrinth (ラブ・ラビリンス, Rabu Rabirinsu): This allows him to copy the abilities skills and weapons of other Deadmen easily, either by tasting their blood or eating their flesh, which makes him one of the most powerful Deadmen in the series. While he can easily copy other Branches of Sin and use them with ease, he cannot evolve them like Ganta and Senji did nor use their evolved powers if they have already evolved, due to them being different people and having different personalities. So most of these sins.

Toto is considered to be a childlike individual who often carries a smile on his face. While in battle, he happens to be quite ruthless and dangerous among all of the branches of sin and Deadman Wonderland. Toto had a habit of clapping.

However, despite the fact that Toto was generally friendly to those who approached him, he was a bit of a loner up until he met Mitsuzaki Yosuga, implied by the people who were bullying her, pointing out that he didn't care what about what they were doing up until he overheard Yosuga saying she wanted to die. It can be assumed that Yosuga was probably his only real friend, if not the only person in Deadman Wonderland he genuinely cared about. Almost everyone else appeared terrified of Toto, due to his reputation in the Carnival Corpse, and as one of the most powerful Deadmen in existence besides Wretched Egg.

Not much is known about Toto before Hagire implanted his own memories into him. The only known fact about him was that he was an extremely strong Deadman. He never lost a single match in the Carnival Corpse, and is the only one to ever stand against the Wretched Egg.

During his time there, he happened to chance upon a girl named Mitsuzaki Yosuga, who was being bullied by two other Deadmen due to her being new there, as well as her frail looking appearance. He took a quick glance at her, but just kept walking away and merely ignored their presence. Out of the blue, Yosuga began talking about how she knew that if she were to enter the G-block Area, she may die, which was fine with her because she herself desires to die and believes she has absolutely no reason to live. Hearing this triggered something in Toto, which compelled him to slice up the two Deadmen and save her. He also unexpectedly calls her "Nee-chan" for the first time.

Ever since Toto saved Yosuga, he began "breaking in" to her room every day, gleefully telling her of his victories and basically spending most of his time with her. He even offered to earn her the "Candy" she needs in order to survive because he thinks "Nee-chan is such a weakling". He starts addressing Yosuga as "older sister", much to her surprise because not only is she a year younger than him, but she is also not biologically his real sister. Toto dismisses this and states that those factors do not matter. It was later revealed that Toto was actually an orphan, whose older sister died protecting him during the Great Tokyo Earthquake. Toto just decided that Yosuga would be a good substitute for his deceased elder sister, despite not being biologically related.

He later gives Yosuga a plastic gun he bought using his extra CPs. He tells her that no matter what unpleasant things may come their way, it is always comforting to know that they can just die together. Yosuga will use the gun to shoot Toto full of holes and Toto will tear Yosuga into pieces. He also says that the gun may be her reason for living, causing Yosuga to tear up a bit. Yosuga soon realizes that the gun is not real and simply made out of plastic, which makes her and Toto burst out into fits of laughter on the floor. At some point, Hagire has transferred his mind into Toto's body and took full control of him.

This character is from the Deadman Wonderland universe.

I used to play this character on twitter under the username @TheeMockingbird. I loved him so much and he's probably the only character I would play that wasn't created by myself.

Role: AI 1

Full Name: Sparrow

Age: In service for 87 years

Gender: Body is male but other than that neither.

S.O.: Straight as in he’s able to have a straight mind while his human companions can’t keep their pants on.

Crush: At first he loved the robotic voice but she turned him down when he refused to stop watching human movies. But now he has his eyes on the printer, just something about those beeps gets his circuits all ecstatic.

Strengths: Smart (Has the internet saved but it’s 87 years out of date), Strong thanks to his body, has tools from within his fingers, battery can last for one week before giving out on him. Sparrow can also self repair himself. Thanks to his decades of studying human culture he can blend in but still doesn’t grasp human emotions.

Weaknesses: Not invulnerable (If Sparrow takes too much damage he can eventually be unrepairable), not many emotions but still has a dry accidental sense of humor, if power-cell compromised then practically useless until fixed by humans, anything else that humans consider a “weakness” like the damn ability to smile, why can’t I just stare at you Sharon?!?

Likes: Loves old human movies and old
human literature

Dislikes: Dogs......they like to pee on him. I’m not a fire hydrant! Also anything that requires too much emotion since he doesn’t understand them well

Appearance: Always in a standard crew suit that is flexible and able to handle strenuous jobs

Appearance Description: Sparrow stands at 6’3” with a standard crew outfit with shoes that also are standard for running or walking. But he does grow out hair which is a new feature that for some reason his human creators thought was a great idea. He hasn’t cut his hair since the start of the mission (Started out bald)


Name: Joseph "Boogeyman" Abduh
Age: 5,034
Race: Vampire
Gender: Male
Personality: Mature and twisted. If anything has kept his cold body going it's his love for frightening mortals and spreading fear into the world. He occasionally shows up in human history known as the Boogeyman in order to spice up his long life. He acts maniacal and laughs insanely to his joy of spreading fear. But when he isn't scaring people for decades, Joseph is quite the opposite of his persona. He becomes a calm and collected individual who's almost always serious who thinks critically in any situation.

History: Joseph can actually be found in many works of art, in the background of some famous paintings, one time being a Pharo in Egypt, to even being at the birth place of where the founding fathers decided to enact the articles of confederation. This is just the tip of the ice berg of what impact Joseph has had on the world. He's unaware of his first or second original name before turning so he just eventually stuck with one when traveling though the middle east. But his nickname was added for his middle name once the humans all around the globe began calling him "The Boogeyman". But going into the modern day, Joseph is highly respected amongst vampires not because of his immense powers or long list of accomplishments, but because of how long he's been alive for. Some actually steer away from him since many think he went insane in his first millennia of eternal life hence why he has two persona's and sometimes talks to himself. But all that is known is that he's never actually helped the Vampire community besides spread fear, and the black plague, for the Vampire race. Until one day he decided to take a newly turned under his wing.
Screen Shot 2020-04-24 at 10.10.18 AM.png

Powers: Boogeyman
Joseph can immediately see what everyone fears just by looking at them and so allows him to shapeshift into that said fear. If he chooses he can emit a terror radius that basically allows him to put anyone in an illusion that makes it seem like he's manipulating reality to enact the user(s) fears.

Only weakness is individual(s) who don't believe in the illusions (Even though they feel 110% real) or they fear nothing.
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It’s Adventure Time
Name: Arthur Morgan Drago-Finnick
Age: 64 (Physically appears as 25)
Species: Demi-God/Dragon
Gender: Male
Orientation: Heterosexual
Logan Drago (Father), Sophia Finnick (Mother)
God/Dragon Powers
Dragon-Phoenix form: Arthur is able to transform into a Dragon-Phoenix hybrid
Shoot fire/lighting
Supernatural Strength
Supernatural Speed
Supernatural Durability
Supernatural Agility
Supernatural Stamina
Lighting and Fire manipulation
*Can only be in this form for 1 minute before needing to power down. Needs to sleep and be fed electricity or in a warm environment for 24 hours*

Human Form: Can use a small amount of power from Dragon-Phoenix form instead
Lighting and Fire manipulation
Longevity (Ages extremely slowly after 25)

Inferno: Sword that can ignite on fire

Thundercracker: Hammer/Axe that can summon/use lightning

Skills: Good leader, Fantastic Fighter, Knowledgeable of many kingdoms, Speaks multiple languages
Arthur has always been a noble and stoic hero standing for what's right and slaying any evil doers he comes across whether it be monster or man. But he's always been lighthearted and a child at heart often times being overly positive but when in combat turns into a focused and battle hardened hero.
Stories, Adventuring, Weapons, A smile on someone's face
Water (Weakness because of fire and lightning), Alcohol, Evil doers, Laziness, Cold
Arthur's parents met when they were locked in combat, his mother, the Phoenix Goddess, and his father, the Dragon of the Storm, were locked in eternal combat for over a millennia until they were banished into another realm full of monsters because of their destructive fighting. After a few centuries the two decided to work together in order to escape back to Earth and it wasn't long until romance fell upon the two. Arthur's mother was pregnant by the time the two escaped.
Arthur grew up in his mother's palace in his young years teaching him the ways of how to be a strong and effective demigod but as a teen he went down to Earth to see his father more and was geared with the armor and weapons necessary to be a hero. Arthur has since then become a hero and wanders the Earth hoping to make a name from himself to step outside of his parent's shadows hence why no one knows of his background very well.
Physical Description:

Arthur stands at 6'3" with a mesomorph body type training his whole life as a warrior keeping himself in lean to semi-fit state. He has a dark brown with a tint of red hair color. His fascial hair that's in ducktail fashion with his hair pointing out like a brohawk. The rest of his body is adorned in comfortable silk clothing from the gods while his gold plated armor covers only his chest, shoulders, knees and shins. His weapons of choice are a sword with a red hue emanating from it called Inferno and a war hammer/axe with an axe head and hammer head on each side to make it a double weapon that's stainless dragon steel forever shiny called Thundercracker.
Arthur grows to a massive 36ft tall and 58ft long beast that has black scales with red fire feather sprinkled throughout the body. Arthur has a long neck, overall body, arms and tail of a dragon. He's slightly on fire in regions where his feathers aren't and he has a slight beak on the tips of his dragon jaws. With six appendages 4/6 of them are Phoenix claws for his feet and wings which are on the top of his back. Last but not least he has tail feathers like a bird at the tip of his dragon tail.

Role: Leader/Wild Card

Name: Setanta Steven Abadeer
Nickname: Steve
Race: Human
Age: 19
Gender, sex & pronouns: Male, he & him
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Place of origin: Destroyed Earth Village

Physical appearance: Setanta is a relatively skinny-fit late teen who has long blond hair that can cover his eyes but he usually has it combed back. His features are soft and innocent with no facial hair to be found. He has heterochromia which is why one of his eyes are purple and blue. His preferred clothing is makeshift since he was considered too large for Dwarf clothing. But he has purchased some clothing that fits him that's in the colors of blue, green, and white.

Height: 5'7"
Weight: 145 lbs
Body Type: Mesomorph-semi-fit/lean
Hair, eye skin color: Wavy/Straight golden blonde, Purple (Right)-Blue (Left), Peach-White skin
Notable traits like scars and tattoos: Scars and bandages across the hands because of black smith work
Setanta doesn't like evil or sinister people and likes to give everyone a chance. His moral compass points him into the direction he believes is the right way and he often times follows it even if others choose a different direction. He's also selfless usually thinking about how others feel and sympathizing with them. Overall he's a kind and animated person but at times can be annoying. He hasn't been around many races before much less humans and is very excited to be.
Notable character traits/mannerisms:
Beyond Noble
-Fantastic Integrity
-High Morale
-Strong Will
-Hard Headed
-Once he Starts Something he Plans to End it no Matter What
-Holds Grudges
-Can at Times be Annoying
-Making Items
-Practice Fighting
-Playing with Morgan
-Monsters (Creatures not included in race options)
-Long Monotonous Tasks
-Become an Icon
-Go on Amazing Adventures to Tell
-Try and Find Any Human Family he has Left
-Make Known Weapons or Armor
Demon Slayer: Axe blessed by a priest making it so when a demon touches the weapon it burns them.
Catticus' Wrath: Armor that allows user to enhance strength by a multiplier of 2
Dawnbreaker: Shield charges Sword and requires sunlight to charge. When activated can act as a light source for 5 hours like a camp fire. Can also shoot 5 fire projectiles but it reduces time for illumination by an hour with each blast used.

Setanta was only a newborn when the Dwarf known as Orin came to the village to ship some weapons they asked for but instead came to a ravaged village by a rampage demon. Orin had been friends with Setanta's Grandfather and Father so he went to the house to see if by any chance they had survived. Yet in a burning house Setanta was crying in his crib with the fire shielding his voice from the demon that laid waste to the village. Orin took the newborn and named raised him as his own child. Setanta sees Orin as his father and Orin's wife (Darilla) as his mother. Setanta knew that he was always different since he was usually taller than everyone and aged quicker than his siblings since humans have a shorter lifespan. Although Setanta is technically the youngest out of the five, he's tied with the second youngest since they both are teenagers.

Orin made sure that Setanta wasn't treated differently because of him being Human and after a few years of adjusting Setanta was accepted into the family. The human was well known because of being of a different race but this only sparked his rise of looking past race and culture and instead focus on how the individual is as a whole. Setanta grew up preferring to be good hearted and altruistic but being different only further developed these qualities. But once he turned 18 Setanta was told the truth as to how he ended up living with Orin and his family. Something deep within him wanted to find the demon responsible and end their life which was a very abnormal thought of his while the other felt whole yet still lost. He knew where he came from yet the info is coming from a second hand source. Setanta then had the urge to move out and understand his human side better and perhaps complete a list of what he would like to do before he passed away, one of which was to become an adventurer.

So when he turned 19 he kissed his Grandmother goodbye, gave the biggest hug to his mother, and waved goodbye to his siblings. Once at the village's edge, Setanta was given a last gift from his father which was a puppy he had purchased while on Earth. To keep him company while on his journey. Setanta then took off to Earth and wandered right into Hope Valley. He had heard that all races were welcomed and hoped to start a business as a blacksmith from the skills he learned from his father. With his dog Morgan at his side Setanta plans to go on wonderful adventures and see what it truly means to be human.

Name: Adam Sevant
Age: 39
Gender: Male
Orientation: Heterosexual
Elizabeth (Significant other)
Joseph (Bestfriend)
(Would add more but felt like no family would make him feel even more miserable 😭)
Skills: Great at handling other people’s shit to the point of it not fazing him, tolerant to a lot of abuse, hard headed mindset so once he’s focused on something then he’ll most likely finish it, good at cheering others up because he knows what it’s like to feel like shit
Adam is usually a quiet push over because throughout all of his life he’s been the underdog and seen as a push over. But when he’s in a position of power he instead turns into an antihero/antivillain as the power currupts his very being allowing him to do what he’s always wanted to the most, make those who deserve punishment pay. So he may go a bit overbored but he means well usually above all else.
Ear plugs, slow walks by himself, the morning sunrise, affection, karma, power, nice cup of coffee, hearing children laughter (Reminds him of adoptive niece and nephew)
Rudeness, yelling, things out of his control, being used, bullies, alcohol (Usually)
Adam used to live in an abusive house hold with his mother being the only safe and caring person in his life but after one night from when his father came in a little bit drunker than usual, this lead to a confrontation that left Adam without a mother and his father going to prison. Adam never did really get over that and so grew up to be a push over taking it from his mom. Adam was eventually adopted by a family which taught him the basics on how to function like a normal human being but he soon loss touch with them after dating Elizabeth who hogs up all of his attention.
Physical Description:
Adam stands at 5'6" with obviously little to no grooming of his hair having it comb to the side and his fasciae hair looks like a five o’clock shadow. He’s overweight by at least fifty pounds and the stress in his life has made his hair begin to thin out and in some places make him go bald. Overall though he’s a pretty unattractive man with a beer belly and a jungle of hair to match.

Powers when transformed

Perfect Body: Perfect body to be strong and good looking.

His body will literally be perfect with no imperfections, he will no longer hunger, tire, or grow ill, He will be able to exert 100% of his muscle mass permanently and will be able to go beyond that up to any percentage above that while it will damage him to do so, he will heal far faster than any human to the point that he may be considered something else due to healing alone.

Eyes of Truth: Can see lies

Not only will he see through all deceptions, he will also know when something is concealed his eyes cannot be obstructed by anything, including darkness and blinding magics, Even if he is blindfolded his eyes will see through it.

Command: Can force others to do as he says

Will be active at all times, all of his words will be considered as law by the world, if he says something is then the world will make it so, if he tells someone to die, they will instantly die, if he says that the water is hot, then so shall it be.

Karma: Can make everything anyone's harm ever done be directed at them

This one is going to be interesting, He is able to see all the wrongs that someone has committed in their life, this is an activation ability, meaning he chooses to use it, and if he does he can make the person he is looking at experience every wrong they have ever committed from the others perspective (think penance stare from ghost rider)
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