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PG-18 Random Scribbles From A Rambling Mind


The Phoenix
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Damian Monroe was sitting in his favourite booth at Brontios with a drink in his hand. He was barely listening to the young man sitting across him. He’d already decided not to help this one, there was nothing for Damian to be gained. The man had run down this guy’s paths and there wasn’t anything interesting happening. Nothing worth having a favour for either. It didn’t help the youth’s case he barely held it together, probably afraid Damian would shoot him if he said the wrong thing. Damian wouldn’t do that, though, it was bad for business. If word got out he shot potential clients on a whim at his wife’s nightclub both would quickly deteriorate.

Mikaela came walking up and Damian held up his hand to shut the youth up.

“Mister Monroe,” she started, not bothering to pay the potential client attention, “Iglesias just called with interesting news.”

Damian raised his eyebrows, waiting for her elaboration.

“You may want to take this one privately.”

He nodded and looked at the youth as he got up, “I’m sorry, I can’t help you. I suggest you try and find a woman by the name of Wanderer. She may be able to help.” Damian didn’t add that she may want too, nor waited for a response before walking away. Mikaela followed her superior and friend close behind.

“Speak,” Damian demanded as soon as the doors to the backrooms fell closed.

“Iglesias swears he saw Kenny in Toronto yesterday,” Mikaela said.

“Doubtful, why would Kenny leave Athens? Or Greece in general? Athena made it clear what would happen if we set foot there. He’s safe there. Kenny isn’t dumb enough to come back

“He was dumb enough to cross you,” Mikaela offered.

“The weasel learned from his mistake. His first instinct was to flee to Greece and make damn sure we knew about it. Without good reason he wouldn’t come back.”

“Friends? Family?” Mikaela suggested.

“Most of his old friends are loyal to me and I’ve had Simon monitor those that aren’t. All incoming and outgoing correspondence. Calls, emails, hell even smoke signals. What did Iggy do when he thought he saw Kenny?”

“Followed the guy to a shady, paid by hour, motel in the backstreets. He’s now waiting for instructions.”

Damian thought for a moment. The chances of this being really Kenneth Harlow were slim to none. On the off chance this really was him however, did Damian really want to let this opportunity slip? No, he didn’t. Nodding as he reached that simple conclusion, Mikaela already saw the decision as it formed.

“I’ll take the jet to Toronto, see if Iglesias was right and if so… fly mister Harlow back here. I’m sure you have a few questions for him.”

“I do, it’s time we catch up.”


The Phoenix
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Eira woke to the bustling next to her. Half opening one eye, it didn’t escape her it was still dark out and groaned. She lazily felt for Mirra, who was up already. When the young woman didn’t find her partner, she whined.
“Too early,” she mumbled sleep drunk.
“You know that delicious food you eat in the morning?” Mirra whispered, “People have to make that. I’m one of those people.”
She gave Eira a quick peck on the cheek.
“Don’t care. Don’t go.”
“Miss Vonder threatened to fire me if I show up late again.”
“Point being?”
I need money to support my family. Not all of us are spoiled princesses.”
“Get fired. I don’t care.
Mirra chuckled. It was the same argument every morning. It’d turned into an old joke between them.
“What would I do if I get fired, your highness? Would you still bed a beggar? As that is what you wish me to become.”
“If you get fired, there’d be one annoyed princess on the premises. What’s she going to do? Annoy me more? What good is my title if I can’t abuse it every now and again for a good cause and make sure you keep your job?”
Mirra snorted, “Ah yes, turn me into the laughing stock of the kitchen.”
Eira turned around and yawned and waved away all Mirra's objections, “Fine. Then I will marry you. I’m sure that comes with a title or two. If not, I’m sure I can convince Dad to give you one. And money. Maybe he can toss in some acres of land with a house. And a horse. A proper lady has a horse. Big. Strong. And a carriage. A proper lady doesn’t ride herself around.”
“What would the court think of that?”
Eira shrugged, “That once again I show my blatant disrespect for them. But they will admire my courage and spirit. They can’t really anything, can they? I’m the firstborn of the great Aleah, remember. It has it’s perks from time to time..”

"Go back to sleep, love," Mirra said before walking out. The pillow Eira threw didn't even make it halfway to the door and she huffed before throwing herself back into the remaining pile. She hugged another pillow now that Mirra was no longer available and went back to sleep for a few more hours.


The Phoenix
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Did a thing.

Gabriel eyed Vanessa. For the past week he'd come to know her on a professional level but there was still one question he hadn't been able to answer. He also knew the answer may not be what he wanted to hear.
"Vanessa, can I ask you a question, off the record?"

"This should be good," she smiled, "Sure, why not."

"How did you ensure Damian's cooperation? Several people failed and then you came along. From one day to the next, he's... still a loose cannon but with a few boundaries."

Vanessa chuckled. She'd expected this question sooner. She understood why Gabriel asked this off the record. The UN had turned a blind eye several times where Damian was concerned. They had too. They couldn't afford to lose him as a ally and the man knew it.
"How does one get Damian to do anything?" she asked, "I made him a deal he couldn't resist. "


The Phoenix
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Found this back today, might rewrite soon. This is a first draft and probably written in like 10 minutes. Just don't want it to be buried again
Was for a writing prompt I find like 2 or 3 years ago

Demon to some, Angel to others

Evangelina swam around the corals, enjoying the different scene from her usual waters. Being from the artic, the green and yellow and all the other colours were a welcome change to the cold and ice blue. What she was less happy about was how she stood out amongst this new scenery. She had been born in the Artic triton pod, making her scales icy blue to blend in with the ice. Her hair was a natural blue as well. Even her skin had a blueish hue. The same went for her entire pod.
He heard the humans before she saw them and hid as well as she could. Hiding behind some rocks and corals would have to do. Humans were so loud. Evangeline liked watching them, though. They seemed very similar in many ways, but also not in a lot of others. She was curious to find out how they breathed. They didn’t have a hole like dolphins and whales did, nor gills like tritones and fish. Their bodies clearly weren’t made for water-life, yet they tried. The humans that were currently swimming around the corals had something attached to their face. One of the humans was smaller than the others. Evangelina presumed it was the calf of the bigger human.

As they swam about, regularly going up to the surface, the triton girl kept close. She could hear her brother and father silently scold her already, but she pushed their voices in her head aside.
They went back too soon for Evangelina’s taste. Why couldn’t they stay longer in the water? They appeared to be enjoying themselves. They were at the floating houses her father had once explained were boats. It was different from the ones around the artic. Smaller, for one. Prettier as well.

She popped up just far enough to be able to hear the humans, making her best effort to stay out of sight from them. The calf was talking about everything he and the other human had seen. He thought the flowers were pretty and the fishes too. He asked if they could bring some home, to which Evangelina heard laughter and the explanation they shouldn’t. These fishes belonged in the ocean, to roam free as they wished.

Evangelina listened and learned until she knew she had to return to the pod. When she did, the others seemed intent to know where she’d been. Her father seemed intent to hear about the humans. He usually didn’t mind them watching the humans as long as they stayed out of sight. The last thing they wanted is to be hunted down and humans had this knack for hunting things they shouldn’t.

Evangelina noted how her brother and father questioned about these humans specifically, going as far as to ask the name of the boat. Her father’s face hardened for a moment when she named the boat.
“Aella, stay away from him,” her father warned, “The calf will do many thing in life when he matures, few in which we should be involved.”

“Who is he?”

Her father thought for a moment and sighed, “That boy is a demon to some, and an angel to others.”

“What is his name?” she asked curiously.

“If he is the one about whom Clotho speaks, his name is Damian.”


The Phoenix
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She eyed the person across the table, a stubborn glint in her eyes and her jaw locked. Tears started to prick the corner of her eyes, but she refused to back down.
"Judge me all you want, but don't, not even for a second, claim you'd have done anything different."