Thank you! Can’t wait to rp with everyone!! 😊
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Is there any role in particular that’s needed? I’m open to anything and I’m having trouble deciding on one? I was thinking maybe a healer, Or maybe a bard of some sort?
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It’s Adventure Time
Flores is a character that has semi heals but is mainly a damage mage.

I mean we can use a tank, back up brute, wild card, or a healer as well.

MC is a warrior (Mixture of a brute/tank) so he deals less damage than V2 and can take less damage than a tank but he's capable of switching when needed.
V2's is just send them into a straight line as to what you want to be destroyed.
Flores' is pretty much stand back to cast spells but she can also handles herself in a fist fight.

It's all up to you so think of it like the Avengers. What would you bring to the table that can save the world?
Name: Kolette
Nickname: Kay
Alias: Kalypso
Age: 19
Gender: Female, She/Her
Orientation: Demi-Heterosexual



mother: Terisa (angel) Father: Nave (incubus) Sister: Niza Zoella (angel/succubus hybrid)

Angel Lineage: Granddaughter of the angel Balthazar.


Healing: Kolette is able to accelerate healing rates by using large quantities of light energy.

Light shield: condensed light creates a shield or force field of sorts.

Shape-shifting: Kolette is able to alter light waves to create false images and change the appearance of objects and briefly turn them invisible.

Flight: energy from condensed light can be used to fly or provide lift off the ground. A pair of wings will also appear.

Anti-Aging: because of her lineage of angels and immortal beings, she does not age once she has reached the age of twenty five and her brain has stopped developing.

(All of these abilities require an extreme amount of energy and can be used for a brief amount of time. Flight and Healing use the most energy, with Shielding using a moderate amount of energy and shape shifting is dependent on the situation at hand. Long naps and larger amounts of food are needed to sustain these powers.)

Special Skills:

Able to learn languages extremely fast, knowledgeable on the understanding of biology and living things. Great at comforting others and acting as a peacekeeper. Very charismatic.

Personality: She’s very caring and sweet. You can’t be sad around this girl, she simply won’t allow it. If you’re having a bad day she’s always there to help you look on the brighter side of things.


Anyone who exhibits abusive behavior, injustice in general, loud noises, yelling, black coffee, needles, deep water, any sort of drugs, aphrodisiacs, alcohol, etc.

Likes: rainy days and watching thunderstorms, campfires, plants in general; especially flowers, critters of any sort, any sort of affection like platonic hand holding or comforting hugs, cute mugs, tea, coffee, singing, drawing/making art, taking care of others.


Kolette’s mother and father had started out as friends before becoming enemies later on in life. Her sister retained more demonic features and Kolette proved to be more of a stereotypical angel. She spends most of her time taking care of small critters and plants, living a peaceful life (for the most part). By night she acts as a vigilante, watching over the land around her home.

Physical Description: she’s on the shorter side, standing at 5’4” with a curvier build and a fair amount of muscle. She has lavender eyes and very fair skin that always has a slight blush to it. She has thick and slightly wavy dark brown hair that fails to her waist when it’s not done up in a braid crown or other various braids.

Role: Healer & Tank
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What do you think? If there’s anything you’d like me to fix or leave out let me know!
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It’s Adventure Time
Approved! I totally forgot about angels and demons and think that she is a wonderful addition to the already diverse cast.

I like that she's a duel character as well, but would like to remind you that she won't be as powerful compared to other characters in the tank or healer roles in the future. MC is strong in his own right but will get owned by V2's, but MC has a better defense than V2's because he's a duel character as well. Your character will be really helpful but if a future tank comes then they would be able to take more damage than YC and if a healer comes in they will heal more damage than you if that makes sense? That way characters with one role can still be of use and characters who are duel characters can be useful by being versatile for what the team needs at that moment.

Love the character and she is officially added!

Please give me a few to figure out how the characters will find YC in the future as I planned only four. Shouldn't take long and if you don't want to wait I can set up an antagonist or dilemma for YC so when the others arrive it picks up right from where that filler ended like I'm doing with V2.


It’s Adventure Time
Ok @FemmeFatale so I’ve thought of a few ways to introduce YC ^-^
(Assuming what you meant by home as in a village. If not then the options can be shifted to living near a village)

1. When the trio finally unite and are on their way to Asgard they pass by a town that has rumors of a vigilante. They camp out and spot YC and think to maybe ask if you would be willing to join Their group hearing what you’re capable of. Maybe she tries to fight the Wendigo thinking he’s here to eat up people? Truly depends on how it goes.

2. The very same town that the Wendigo resides next to is also the place you call home. You know of the Wendigo and once Flores’ character and MC arrive to try and recruit him we have a little team up. You get people in the town to not be eaten anymore and our team gets a brute. But during the fighting Flores’ character and MC think that you would be a great addition to the team.

3. When Flores’ character and MC are traveling we spot YC in the woods tending to an injured creature by healing them. Intrigued we ask what your name is sparking a conversation. Eventually we get to know you more and lightly bring up the question if you would join us for a mission to save the Earth/Everything.

I have a few more ideas such as meeting with the council of gods (Bunch of gods together like United Nations) and having some bring along one of their own champions to fight. Maybe God or Jesus hand picks you, I’m open to anything.

But let me know if you also have an idea of your own! Half the fun in roleplaying is hearing everyone’s input so everyone can have fun 😃.
They all sound great! I’m thinking option number three would be able to showcase my character’s healing abilities and her soft spot for animals. Option number two could maybe show my character’s caring side towards the people of her village but also that she’s not a total pushover. It’s your pick because I’m torn between both lol. They’re really good ideas!


It’s Adventure Time
Coolio, we could do a mix. While on our way we spot YC’s healing and ask if the village is nearby striking up a convo. We then get to talking and eventually ask if you’ll aid us. We find the Wendigo and realize you could really help us and so ask you to join the team as an official member as well instead of as an ally.


It’s Adventure Time
I’ll ask you to work on one when Lilith and Arthur have been talking for a while because right now they’re far from where YC’s and the Wendigo’s location.


It’s Adventure Time
Would you like me to provide you with a filler before YC gets introduced like what I’m doing for V2?

It would be before Arthur and Lilith meet Kolette.


It’s Adventure Time
Cool. So this is all for you. What do you want to roleplay as the beginning of YC’s journey in this fictional world? Want me to play as a thief while you’re a vigilante trying to stop me? Perhaps I’m the evil man/woman who’s injuring poor animals and just as you finally stop me Arthur and Lilith come in a bit later?

Whatever you want :)
Yeah that sounds like a good idea! I think my character could be seen going after someone whose been messing with animals around the village? If you want me to start it off I can do that, of just reply to whatever you write.


It’s Adventure Time
Ok so I finished with @V2r2 ’s part in his story. I loved how Wendigo is scary and strong at the same time. I imagine his voice as somewhat of Anubis from Smite and I love it. Sorry that we won’t get to you soon enough but I’m going to speed things up faster because I hadn’t expected a new person.
So this is how it’s going to go.

First, Lilith and Arthur talk for a bit having character progression because you always need a team to bond. They get to know each other to the point of becoming low tier friends or good acquaintances.

Next, they bump into Kolette as they travel to pick up Wendigo. She would have shortly defeated Azazel someway. Maybe he retreats or she outright killed him, we’ll see.

Then, the three try to recruit the Wendigo (God help them) but of course it leads into a confrontation after he massacred the Vikings sent by Odin to recruit him. Eventually they all become a team and travel to Asgard.

Finally, (This one is up for debate) the team will practice their skills and get armor/weapons from the gods until Ragnarok comes earlier than expected. They finally take on the threat head on, on the moon (Moon gods will provide transportation) before it can reach Earth
Last part will also be character progression for everyone. You can’t have a functioning team work if they are strangers to one another.

Does anybody have any questions or input?
@V2r2, @Cahira Flores, @FemmeFatale?
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It’s Adventure Time
Ok so Flores hasn't been on since Thursday and I know you two are waiting for our characters to go and pick you two up but do you want to do another role-play for a filler? I'm not sure what the heck to do for the Wendigo but for Kolette I'm sure I could make a new villain for her.

Let me know what you two want and I appreciate you guys waiting ^-^