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Name: Lilith Nightshade
Age: 21 (10 human years is one for her, so she is technically 210 years old)
Gender: Female
Orientation: Unknown
Family/Friends/Pets: Father-deceased. Mother-deceased. Sister-unknown location. No friends or pets.
Powers/Special Skills: Shadow magic (can also heal with her shadows), levitation.
Skills: Good at combat up close and from a distance
Personality: She is Honest (sometimes she is brutally honest) and Loyal (to those she deems worthy of her loyalty), but can also be very Sarcastic and stubborn. She also speaks her mind. She never holds back what she is thinking.
Likes: Messing with people, flirting, chocolate, and lounging around.
Dislikes: Noisy environments or talkative people, large crowds, vegetables, her father, and whiners.
History: She used to be a normal human in an abusive home as a child. She normally got locked in dark rooms when she was being “naughty” and was terrified when put into the room. She always saw “creatures” in the dark. She would cry and bang on the door to be let out. Slowly her hatred took a hold of her and the “creatures” infused with her. Give her the ability to control and manipulate the shadows at her will.
Physical Description: Physically, Lilith is in good shape. She has a slim body and she is a little over average-height at 5ft. 7in. with pale skin, brown almost black hair and fire ember colored eyes. She wears a black dress that goes 3 inches above her knees and has one strap on the left shoulder. She has bow-shaped lips and she wears black lipstick. Almond shaped eyes with double flick styled eyeliner.
(if you don’t know what bow shaped lips or double flick styled eyeliner looks like you can look em up or something)


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Yes it works. Quick question, what role are you taking in the team? I figured for a long distance mage correct?


It’s Adventure Time
Name: Arthur Morgan Drago-Finnick
Age: 64 (Physically appears as 25)
Species: Demi-God/Dragon
Gender: Male
Orientation: Heterosexual
Logan Drago (Father), Sophia Finnick (Mother)
God/Dragon Powers
Dragon-Phoenix form: Arthur is able to transform into a Dragon-Phoenix hybrid
Shoot fire/lighting
Supernatural Strength
Supernatural Speed
Supernatural Durability
Supernatural Agility
Supernatural Stamina
Lighting and Fire manipulation
*Can only be in this form for 1 minute before needing to power down. Needs to sleep and be fed electricity or in a warm environment for 24 hours*

Human Form: Can use a small amount of power from Dragon-Phoenix form instead
Lighting and Fire manipulation
Longevity (Ages extremely slowly after 25)

Inferno: Sword that can ignite on fire

Thundercracker: Hammer/Axe that can summon/use lightning

Skills: Good leader, Fantastic Fighter, Knowledgeable of many kingdoms, Speaks multiple languages
Arthur has always been a noble and stoic hero standing for what's right and slaying any evil doers he comes across whether it be monster or man. But he's always been lighthearted and a child at heart often times being overly positive but when in combat turns into a focused and battle hardened hero.
Stories, Adventuring, Weapons, A smile on someone's face
Water (Weakness because of fire and lightning), Alcohol, Evil doers, Laziness, Cold
Arthur's parents met when they were locked in combat, his mother, the Phoenix Goddess, and his father, the Dragon of the Storm, were locked in eternal combat for over a millennia until they were banished into another realm full of monsters because of their destructive fighting. After a few centuries the two decided to work together in order to escape back to Earth and it wasn't long until romance fell upon the two. Arthur's mother was pregnant by the time the two escaped.
Arthur grew up in his mother's palace in his young years teaching him the ways of how to be a strong and effective demigod but as a teen he went down to Earth to see his father more and was geared with the armor and weapons necessary to be a hero. Arthur has since then become a hero and wanders the Earth hoping to make a name from himself to step outside of his parent's shadows hence why no one knows of his background very well.
Physical Description:

Arthur stands at 6'3" with a mesomorph body type training his whole life as a warrior keeping himself in lean to semi-fit state. He has a dark brown with a tint of red hair color. His fascial hair that's in ducktail fashion with his hair pointing out like a brohawk. The rest of his body is adorned in comfortable silk clothing from the gods while his gold plated armor covers only his chest, shoulders, knees and shins. His weapons of choice are a sword with a red hue emanating from it called Inferno and a war hammer/axe with an axe head and hammer head on each side to make it a double weapon that's stainless dragon steel forever shiny called Thundercracker.
Arthur grows to a massive 36ft tall and 58ft long beast that has black scales with red fire feather sprinkled throughout the body. Arthur has a long neck, overall body, arms and tail of a dragon. He's slightly on fire in regions where his feathers aren't and he has a slight beak on the tips of his dragon jaws. With six appendages 4/6 of them are Phoenix claws for his feet and wings which are on the top of his back. Last but not least he has tail feathers like a bird at the tip of his dragon tail.

Role: Leader/Wild Card

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Alright gang let me know if you want me to do anything with my character people feedback is always helpful and now it's time to vote.

1. Should we start off with MC picking up one of you two and trying to convince them to join him. Once that happens we then go pick up the second person and do the some process again. Then finally we go on our journey to stop Ragnarok


2. We're already a team assembled by the gods and have to go through many obstacles to reach Ragnarok

It can be a mix of these ideas or not it's up to you guys. I'm leaning toward 1 with a mix of 2 but I want your input.[/spoiler]
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Your Self Doubt Lingers
I don't mind starting with 1. there seems to be potential for plot building there as well


It’s Adventure Time
I also like the idea for character growth with the team. Obviously at some point they’ll get their ass handed to them but they will learn to be a team

Cahira Flores

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Choice number one. I like that idea. My character would be found in a bar. Not drunk or anything. Just observing and flirting.


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Ok cool. As long as we’re all in agreement. Who should Arthur pick up first? I think Lilith would be easier and she could help with confronting the Wendigo as backup so then Arthur doesn’t get ripped in two


It’s Adventure Time
Yeah we can use a fourth character. Go ahead and check the first post of the thread to think up of some ideas if you don’t have them already and check out the roles the characters already fill to see what roles are left. Welcome to the club Fatale :)