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Question Time


Queen of Ducks
Staff member
Hi Duckies

This thread is for any and all people that need a little help around the site. From general rule questions to the more obscure things, feel free to ask them here and a Moderator (Purple People) or a Community Volunteer (Blue People) will come around and answer them for you.

Don't forget we do have a FAQ section that I highly recommend you check out first before posting a question as the answer might just be there.

Please remember that staff and volunteers are all in different time zones around the world so replies are not always going to be fast or instant. Please give us time to get back to you.

With that said. Ask away :)

Squigglez Queen Duck


A Necessary Evil
Hi. So, I want to verify my age for NSFW, but Don't know where or who to send it to. DO I send it to you?


Queen of Ducks
Staff member
You can send a request to anyone whos name is red or purple. I am online for the next few hours if you would like to get it done now


The Phoenix
Staff member
You can find the triple dots on your markup tools (right above post), it should reveal more coding, among which SPOILER. Click it and follow the instructions. You can also can create the spoiler tag by using the [ spoiler=TITLE] text [/spoiler] (without the spaces adn title is optional)
All our BBcode is also explained on this page :D


I tried posting an introduction thread in the Introductions and Goodbyes section and could only type about 7 words before it cut me off. Just curious if I'm doing something wrong.


All I managed to type was (Alright, a bit about me. I've ) after typing I've I would hit the spacebar and it would shrink it down to Ie like I hit a character limit or something. @Robyn


The Forever Tired Void
Staff member
Of course!
We encourage all site members to reach out and interact with new members. Especially to welcome and help them feel comfortable here!