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Not Accepting Quest for the Moon Gem OOC

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Sapientia Sapenti Dona Data
'Wisdom Is A Gift Given To The Wise'

This is the school motto for Trinity Spirit Academy, an institution for the magically inclined.
Ranging from first grade through to college the goal of TSA is to prepare young witches and wizards for the life beyond their hidden worlds. Teaching everything from a normal school curriculum they will also learn the arts of
Potion Making
Spell casting

and many more.

The school has a mix of boarding students and day students. Set in the town of Freay, a large town hidden from the eyes of non-magical persons it has the rustic old world charms of an early Victorian era village while incorporating the modern conveniences of the new world.

It is the beginning of the new syear and everyone is returning to school, a change in the wind says it is going to be a fun.


It is the beginning of a new school year and everything is set to be great.
When suddenly a week into term a group of first year college students accidentally unleashes a spell that turns everyone in the school and town into stone.
Only a small group of students where unaffected by the spell as they where in the Ever Changing Forest for a group assignment, the forests magic protecting them from the spell.
Returning to find everyone in a statured form it is then up to our hero's to find a special gem that when added to the original spell has the power to break it.
They only have until the next full moon otherwise the spell can never be broken.

School dorms are located in the west wing on the second and third floors.
Cafateria and Potions labs are located on the bottom floor of the west wing.

Reception hall and office on bottom floor of at the front of the school.
Study hall and recreational room for the borders on the Second story at the front of the school.
Library on third floor of at the front of the school.

Large grass and paved courtyard separating the main school building from the back halls

War magic Hall on the first floor at the back of the school in a separated building
Summoning hall on the second story of the war magic hall.

Transfiguration rooms on the ground and second floor of the central tower.
Peace magic classes on the third floor of the central tower.
Divination rooms cover the top story of the central tower.

Regular classes and Collage classes are held in the East wing.

The ability to sense, see or perceive events in the future. Some divinations are merely minutes away, and some may not even be in your life time. Rarely are they ever clear, most are confusing, blurry and hardly ever make sense at the current time. Students with particularly strong Talent for this skill are prized and often have special classes as it is a rare skill.
[hide=Types of Divination]
-Crystal/Mirror Gazing
-Water Gazing
-Palm Reading
-Tea leaf Reading
-Star Reading

The act of calling a being or object into existence where previously none existed. Summons can vary widely, all according to the summoner's desire. However summoning has it's limitations. One has to have seen in person, and with their own eyes the object or being they wish to summon. Also if the summon is a creature, one must have the strong will to control it, as such summoning can be dangerous if a student is not trained and taught properly. Like all casting magic, summoning drains energy when used, the more powerful the cast the more energy drained. All students are proficient at summoning to some degree, talented summoners can control even dragons or summon houses.
There are many ways one can summon a creature or object. Most students prefer to use drawn signs and spells which are normally more controlled and precise allowing the summoner greater control over that which is being summoned.
Another way is hand signs. The down side to this is one slip and instead of summoning a small pot you may summon an entire kitchen.
The last way is by shear will if the mind. This is the most draining and dangerous for of summoning. Creatures summoned via this method tend to be had to control and can turn on their summoner easily. This type of summoning is not taught until collage.

An often underestimated subject, potion making is actually one of the most complex and rewarding subjects in the school. Often shunned by lazier students due to the large amount of studying, experimentation and careful memorization required it is still one of the most studied subject in TSA. From simple healing, medicine, muscle aching, to the more complex body modifying, hair colouring, and even temporary body copying, to the extremely difficult to make poisons, exploding potions, sleeping draughts and more. The possibilities and uses for potions are almost endless. And dangerous, the wrong mix of ingredients or a miss pronounced mixing spell could result in disastrous, if not fatal, results.

Transfiguration is a branch of magic that focuses on the alteration of the form or appearance of an object, via the alteration of the object's molecular structure. Very similar to summoning in a sense. Transfiguration allows a person to transform a stick into a sword, or a large stone into a car, a cat into a dog and so on. It, however is also one of the most intellectually challenging subjects ever introduced. Because one must fully understand the basic science, make, molecular, and biological breakdown of the transfigurations.

You must know what a certain kind of wood is made of to change it into a slab of steel, which you must also understand the molecular breakdown of. Transfiguration of sentient beings is even harder, and dangerous. Not understanding the basic structure of, say a dog will kill it if transfigured wrongly. The class is optional for all until the 5th year, in which they are expected to have at least rudimentary knowledge of the subject. Both for their own and others safety. Transfiguration of a human or magical race without license is forbidden to the penalty of death. It is also one of the most heavily monitored subject in the school.

One of the more famous subjects. War Magic is the act of casting spells, using potions, transfiguring or even summoning creatures in a manner that is aggressive or offensive. Casting fireballs, or summoning lighting. Throwing an explosive Potion or a cursed disease. Summoning war golems or carnivorous creatures. Students in this subject are taught how to use their preferred talents in combat. Not only using the most powerful spells, potions or summonings, they are taught to strategize, to use tactics. When to be patient and when to go all out, whether they should cast a spell to knock the enemy back or when to transfigure a curtain into a wall. History and tactics of previous wars are also taught.

Only 3rd year high schoolers and above are allowed to take this subject, as it is dangerous. Students proficient in War Magic are often athletic, physically active, and mentally sturdy as the constant physical drills alongside the sheer amount of energy used during combat is intensely draining. Student taking this class are also closely watched and monitored by teachers, punishments for misuse of War Magic are severe. Expulsion merely being a minor punishment. Being brought before Magical Court being one of the more serious punishments.

Peace Magic is application of abilities for non-violent purposes. Healing spells, plant growing, and manipulation of elements are some of the items taught in this subject. Students are taught various other ways to apply their talents. Magic repair, magical doctoring, plant growing, building magical structures, or creating magical devices and entertainment. Here they are taught skills that would be valuable in the magical world at large. They are taught skills necessary to acquire jobs, as well as the origin and history of the various magic’s. They are also taught how to integrate modern life into their magical world. All students are required to graduate this class every year, as it is THE essential subject.

Unicorns - Just like a normal horse unicorns come in a variety of colours and sizes. Peaceful creatures by nature they are rare and it is considered good luck to see one in the wild and a crime of the most horrid to slay one.

Wisps - These delightful little creatures show themselves as blue flames to help lead lost folk out of the forest or to play with children.

Jackalope - A rabbit with antlers, these small creatures live together in groups and are very common even used as pets.

Feay - These small creatures appear human but only stand two inch's tall, they are rarely seen preferring to work quietly to work quietly and out of sight. there are said to be hundreds of Feay living in and around Freay. The town is named after them.

Centaur - Part man part horse these fierce folk do not take kindly to humans of any kind. No one knows why.

Giant Spiders - Spiders that can grow to be as large as a volts wagon beetle. They live in colonies that are ruled by a king. The king is able to speak human dialects.

Orges - Typically big and clumsy, though smaller then giants. They are known for devouring their victims. The best way to get away from one is by hitting their big toe.

Spector - A ghost like being of souls that have died in the forest. They do not cause physical harm but can drive a person mad.

Hydra- A multi headed reptile known for inhabiting water caves and forested mountains. Legend says that when one head is severed more grow in its place. No one has survived to confirm this.

Satyr- a small half human half goat creature. They stand at just three feet high and are notoriously known for being lecherous perverts. They do not pose an aggressive threat to most they meet but maidens are warned not to wonder their territory alone.

Druvian - A summoned creature made up of shadow and plant life. Typically kept as pets by Dryads the creatures are extremely rare and most books that instruct how to summon them are kept behind lock and key as it involves dark magics.
Druvians can range in size from a small dog to a large bear and this is determined by the summoners power, concentration level and needs. These creatures are extremely loyal to their masters and anyone that shows them respect and kindness.

Any attack from a Druvian that doesnt kill has a near perfect chance for giving its victim shadow sickness. This sickness slowly turns the victim into shadows themselves. There is no known cure for this.

Places Of Interest

Town Center
A large paved circle that sits over the Feay River connected to the banks by large bridges a Large fountain stands at its middle with lush flower beds dotted around its edges. . Markets and festivals are held here as well as any special events.


The Ever Changing Forest
A simple forest full of magical creatures, but watch the trees they do like to wonder around at times.

Potters Book ShopA place of knowledge and learning. It is a small cosy book store where you can generally find all the text books and leisure reading you could hope for.

The Primrose Cafe
It is a large two story cafe that caters to the students of the town.

Dragons Head Lane
It is the shady part of town. Only people who are up to no good go there. It is best not to wander there after dark.

The River Gardens
A series of cafes and boutique shops and gardens that line the river running through the centre of town.

Character Sheet

Looks: (Pic or Descriptions)
Grade: first year to last year of collage
Best Subject:
Worst Subject:
Boarder or Day:

There is a certain way I want the opening posts to be just so we are all at the same pace.

First Post Requirements.

Start: Wednesday morning at some point (Characters thinking its going to be a typical day for them)
Must include: What happened to your character from the beginning of the week (Monday) to Wednesday morning. (This can include but is not limited to, meeting people, setting up rivalries, Noting old friends and the like.)
End: In the Ever Changing Forest for some reason or other.

Please do not make other peoples characters do or say things without the other players permission and if possible ask the other player to write that bit for you so the characters not become ooc for any reason.

@Musa Ink
@Laurelin Valinor
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Name: Kirie Bennet
Age: 18 years


Grade: 1st Year Collage Student
Best Subject: Ruins and Potions
Worst Subject: War Magic
Boarder or Day: Day Student

Personality: Sweet and caring Kirie takes pride in being smart and strong willed. With a dreamers ideals and the heart of an adventurer Kirie hopes to follow in her fathers and grandfathers foot steps in being a world class archaeologist.

Background: Kirie Bennet as spent her whole life in Freay never venturing further then its forested borders. Her mother owns a local flower shop along the river gardens while her father travels the world as a leading archaeologist and magical artifacts expert. The pendent around her neck was brought back from one of his many adventures and is said to the amulet of Atoni. Kirie as attended Trinity spirit her whole life and is more then excited about entering collage to continue her studies.
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With that said, The minimum post length is only a paragraph and there is no maximum. Be nice about it though and dont just steam roll ahead and leave everyone with no way of stopping you lol.


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The Forever Tired Void
Staff member
Name: Lux Carlisle
Age: 19
Race: Half Human, Half Demon
Grade: 2nd year of College Collage
Best Subject: War and Summoning Magic
Worst Subject: Peace and Divination Magic
Boarder or Day: Boarder

Personality: Tends to be quiet and reserved. This is mainly because he knows most people do not like his race. When he does talk to people, or interact with them, he tries to be friendly and warm to prove he is not a threat to them. Only when he is truly enraged does his demon half show, but he tries to keep an aloof and logical state of mind to avoid this.

Orphaned at a young age, Lux tends not to talk too much about his past. He was adopted when he was nine by Abigail Carlisle who saw Lux’s potential in the magical arts. She home-schooled him for several years to see what the range of his capabilities were. Abigail taught him many things and found that Lux excelled in the War and Summoning Arts; specifically, in shadow magic. When he was around 13, Lux managed to summon his first familiar, which was a young Shadow Drake he named Neven.

However, Lux wanted to attend school and make friends with people his age. Abigail tried to caution him against it, but he eventually won out. Through this, Lux learned that his race was not wholly welcome in most communities. He noticed many people tended to avoid looking at him or talking to him, and a few even threatened him. The school was even hesitant at first to allow him to practice War magic, but eventually let him after testing Lux’s abilities and seeing his control over his demon half. He eventually made a goal for himself. Lux wanted to not only excel in War and Summoning Magic, but also prove that just because he was half demon didn’t mean he was evil.


The Forever Tired Void
Staff member
Name: Jason Lithron

Age: 21


Grade: 4th year (senior)

Best Subject: War Magic and Peace Magic

Worst Subject: Summoning

Boarder or Day: Boarder

Personality: Charming and always optimistic about the situation at hand, but also known for making the occasional sarcastic joke. Rarely anything wipes the smile from his face. He will do just about anything for a good friend. If someone threatens to harm a person he cares about, he will retaliate with a vengeance and burn them to the ground.

Coming from a long line of well renowned Elven mages, Jason Lithron began his training in the magical arts at the age of six. His family drilled all the basics for each subject, as well as the art of swordsmanship, into him before Jason was 10 years old. He was also popular in school, but eventually came to loathe it. Every time he introduced himself to someone, they would always ask him the one question he hated replying to:

“Oh are you Great Summoner Uthor Lithron’s son?”
And when he would reply yes, the inevitable follow-up would be:
“Amazing! Can I see one of your familiar’s?”
To which he always replied, “No.”

Summoning was Jason’s weakest subject. No matter how hard he tried, the best he could do was summon small or weak animals. Never the great elementals that his father boasted about or even the lesser demons his sister could conjure, and both would tease Jason about the fact. Most people were disappointed to learn of this from him, but he would usually brush it off with a smile and talk about the two other subjects he favored; War and Peace Magic. He was also decent with Transmutation magic, and would show people tricks with it, but he could see that wasn’t what they expected from a son of a grand mage.

He started to keep people at a distance, learning to be kind enough to be included and hold his status as being popular, but only regarding most as acquaintances that only wanted to be friends due to his family. That was true, until he met a young man named Lux, who had been so sheltered that he had not heard of the Lithron name.
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