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You bet your Rom Tom Bottom!
Hm.. yes.. experience. But boooooks!

Hype is gud. Hype means support.
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You bet your Rom Tom Bottom!
You cannot run from the twins! They will follow you- at a reasonable distance.
When you think you're alone in the dead of night, you just might catch the twin emerald glow of a pair of night vision goggles down the hall (they're trying to figure out what you're reading..).
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You bet your Rom Tom Bottom!
Nothing but screaming from the twins. The fear.
Once they calm down they asses the situation the only way they know how: Flirting.

"You come around here often?"
"I don't think I've ever seen your faces before. I would've remembered those strong jawlines."
"Absolutely gorgeous."
"How 'bout we get your number? Your room number." *WINK*


The Forever Tired Void
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Tamwin is actually a wandering soul bound to a raven. Liam got bored one day and created him. Tamwin has no memories of his previous life, which is ok with him since his current life is an interesting one.


I put the ass in potassium deficiency
Hmm, interesting facts...
Sable is technically pretty weak for a demon of his kind, since he doesn't do what's necessary to make himself more powerful.
He has a deep love and appreciation for plants and would like to grow some in Obsidian, but is often too busy to have any time to care for them.