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Intermediate Of Men and Wolves {Semi-Lit WW 1x1}


Fully-Functioning Idiot
Claws clicking on the forest floor
Heavy pants emitting from its jaw
The beast had run for days and nights now
But it shall run no more


Greetings, SCRP! I'm FlamingPsycho, a brand new member on here, and since I'm new, that means its time to start hunting for my first roleplays on this gorgeous looking site.

So, let's present the first roleplay I'm going to look for here.

Now, normally I have plots. But because this whole platform is new, I'm going to start off with a slightly more basic "sandbox" roleplay, where I'll tell you a bit about the world and what species are characters are, and an umbrella issue, but there is no end goal, and it is modified strongly by our responses instead of an underlying plot.

So, we'll be starting this out in a universe where both werewolves, wolfless, and humans thrive. No happily, mind you, but they're certainly thriving. However, the werewolves live in fear of the humans, as humans and wolfless will hunt down the wolves for their fur. I will be playing as a near-blind Alpha wolf known as Axel Ozul, who, in wolf form, stands at 5' at the shoulder. You will be either a wolfless or human, and a hunter.

Now, first off, I think I should explain some things. Let's start off with my idea of werewolves for this. If you had to pick one fictional version to resemble them, they'd be closest to the Twilight werewolves, as they appear as MASSIVE versions of normal wolves. Additionally, their natural hair will be linked to their wolf's coat, so if they were to dye their hair, their wolf will be partially colorful too around the head and neck area, which is why very few will dye their hair.

Secondly, WolfLess! These are werewolves born to two pure werewolves that physically cannot shift. They were born mostly human, and so most often a pack will either kick them out or kill them, and if the parents don't abandon them, they'll bring them away from the Packhouses and into towns for their own safety. A lot of them are really bitter over that, and because they're so bitter, they'll often become hunters, specifically targetting the Alphas who through them out in the first place.

That's all I really have to say on the matter, though I am ALWAYS open to answer questions. If you've got a question, or you're interested, message me. Or respond here. I'll hopefully see it, though I'm still trying to understand the full set up of this site, as I've only been here for like a day.


What I'm Looking For In A Roleplayer

-Please be somewhat active!
- Please be capable of three or more lines!
-Please don't complain about my lore!
-Don't be boring, help with worldbuilding!

Do you fit the criteria? AWESOME!​