Intermediate MxF OC x OC // romance plot including a child



I've been roleplaying for 3 years, but not constantly, and there were always some breaks in between the years. I consider myself as a semi-literate/literate roleplayer – I usually write 2 detailed paragraphs, but it depends on how much material I'm given to work with or how inspired I am. I can respond once a week, once a few days, or even once a day. Sometimes I'm busy with schoolwork and such, but there are also days when I have more time. English is not my mother tongue, so I apologize for my mistakes in advance!

Regarding my RP partner, you should have proper grammar. You should be able to adapt to my post-length, so I'm not accepting one-liners. However, keep in mind that I appreciate quality over quantity. It's essential to stick to the character's original personality and not changing them in any way (character development is another thing). I want to RP with someone who is as patient and respectful as I am, and who perhaps enjoys OOC talk from time to time as well.

As you can already tell, I'm interested in a romance roleplay including a child who's only father's. In this case, I'm searching for someone who would be willing to play a male for my female character. I have a specific plot (not mine), but brainstorming is still welcomed! HERE is the link for the plot. Lastly, I have a character sheet, but I'm not including it here and won't require it from my roleplay partner. I want my roleplay partner to imagine his (or hers) ideal character, so I'll perhaps avoid describing my character's physical attributes in the roleplay. It would be nice if my roleplay partner did the same!

So, feel free to PM me if interested!


Hi Quelraven, I'm Cayale.
The plot is interesting and I can see it filled with drama and strife. I can only try to avoid one liners. If I do I'll try to add more character actions to enhace the scene. I am a little impatient, a flaw I always have to deal with but I don't impose it on others.
I believe I can play the plot pretty well and I don't mind describing characters. Ideal is in their actions not their appearance in my eyes.
I hope I am accepted to rp with you and I plan to discuss it ooc in detail. I will be able to reply daily at the very least.
Have a good day and may you have continuing good luck with roleplaying in the future.