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Intermediate Action Horror No Hope Left


The Affectionette, Yet Stubborn One.
"Sooner or later, there will be no hope left..."


It's been seven weeks since the outbreak.

Nobody knows where the virus came from. A few months nefore the outbreak, patients were sent to the emergency room with a strange, new sickness. At first, nobody knew about it, but slowly, hospitals began fill up with more ans more people showing the same symptoms as previous patients had. The news began to spread about a strange virus that was slowly plaguing a city. Then the virus spread to other cities and the press began to tell people about how the dead were rising. The dead were eating other people and those who were bitten turned into dangerous, hungry, killing machines.

The U.S. government have sent soldiers to guard checkpoints everywhere around the world. They have also been going to different parts of cities and towns to perform mandatory evacuations. They have set up loud speakers across the checkpoints and pick up zones so that anytime an airplane bombs a certain area, the people know to duck into a building for some sort of safety. People have already began to show their true colors. People who were good turn out to be the worst possible because they are scared. People leave others behind, lie, steal, do anything to to save their own skin.

A new mandatory evacuation has been sent to a small twon in Ouray County, Colorado, United States. People desperately try to follow the coordinates they wrote down that was given in a radio transmission to find the area soldiers are stationed. While they try to find the station, people have to hide in various houses to not get hit by bombs or be caught by any straggling infected. (Your character) has found their way into Ouray County and is trying to escape like the others.


Additional Information

Basic Idea

•This is a zombie apocalypse roleplay. It's only been 7 weeks after the initial outbreak, so people still are not sure about what exactly happened. They know nothing about the virus except that a few minutes after a person dies or is infected, they turn into a zombie.

•The beginning of this story starts in Colorado, during a hot summer day. Each of our characters has landed in the small town to reach the evacuation point.

Evacuation Points
•The U.S. army has randomly set up mandatory evacuation points due to the virus having spread faster im those certain areas. Upon reaching an evacuation point, poeple are scanned for any weapons, bites, or injuries, and their eyes are checked as well. They must show their identification cards and pass the physical tests to be allowed on the evac trucks. The army doesn't even know what is going on amd they are still trying to keep the plaves they are in formations.

The Virus
•So far all that is known about the virus is that it turns people into the undead; zombies. Once someone dies or is bitten by a zombie, it only takes them 5 to 10 minutes to turn. Some take about 20 to 30 minutes. The zombies' eyes are completely white and can still run.

•Your character can be anything you want them to be-- to a certain degree. This is not a fantasy or supernatural roleplay, so no werewolves, angels, demons, etc. Only human characters, please. They can be a cop, a teacher, a grandmother, a kid, an army officer, anything.

•Since this is still kind of the beginning of the apocalypse, people can't be super badass. Not everyone has a gun or a knife. No asaault rifles (unless we find or steal them) or armoured cars just yet. Haha. There aren't any colonies or communities made either.

•There is still running water and working electricity. No internet or phone service, though.


•Do not be too OP (Overpowered).
•Do not metagame.
•Do not control another person's character(s).
•Ask permission before attacking or killing another character.
•Please be patient with replies.
•If you decide to kill off your character, feel free to add another in later on in the story.
•Ask questions if need be. I'll do my best to answer them!
•Have fun killin' some zambies (and possibly some other people)!


Character Sheet Template

Full Name



(Caucasian, Latino, African American, etc.)

Short Bio:





(If they have any. Remember, most people don't really have a guns yet unless they just found one off a dead person, or they worked in a job that required a firearm. Other than that, they can use just about anything. A two-by-four, a rock, a brick-- anything they can get their hands on.)

Appearance Description:
(Describe what they look like. What type or color hair do they have? What color eyes and skin do they have? What kind of clothes do they wear?)

Appearance Photo:
(Please use a realistic photo or realistic art piece.)

Miro's Character Sheet

Full Name
Rebecca Leanne Jones

July 23, 1997



Short Bio:
Rebecca was born in Georgia and had been raised by her mother due to her father having left them when Rebecca was ten. She always knew her mother was having a tough time with handling the bills and when she turned fifteen, Rebecca began to work her first job as a bagger at a local grocery store. Although it was a little difficult to balance a job and her school, Rebecca still made straight A's. Her mother had been cleaning Rebecca's room one day and found the large sum of money hidden in a box beneath a floorboard underneath her bed and as soon as Rebecca got home, she was confronted about where the money had come from. Rebecca had explained to her how she had been working and why she'd kept it a secret and her mother ended up crying with happiness. She told Rebecca how thankful she was and eventually the two agreed that Rebecca would stop working for a little while so she could focus on her grades.

By the end of her high school career, she had gained enough scholarships to pay for her first four years of college. Rebecca moved into her first dorm room and had her first non-relative roommate name Ashley and the two got along judst fine. The both were book worms and loved to learn new things, though Ashley also loved to party a lot. She'd go to frat parties and drink and dance and come back the next day with a horrible hang over. Each time Rebecca had told her that she should probabaly take a break from the parties, Ashley surprisingly agreed. The two helped eachother on projects and various homework assignments if either of them needed help. On the holiday breaks, they'd stay in touch with eachother when they'd go home and then the next year, they'd try to be roomies again.

During the middle of her first semester, Rebecca began to intern a doctor at one of the nearby hospitals. She loved it. She loved learning how each part of the body worked, how to stop pneumonia, how to heal others when they needed it. Just everything was amazing. While she had been interning Doctor Keith, they had found a few patients with the strange disease. Nobody knew what it was, so they'd had given the patients medication that would hopefully work. When the results of the odd virus were sent to other scientists and doctors of higher status, most didn't care to look into it since the patients didn't have enough money to pay for everything. What was the point of trying if they didn't get the money, right?

The outbreak hit during her third year of college and Rebecca and one of her classes had gone on a trip to Ouray County, Colorado. She and her fellow university students didn't even know about the outbreak until they got to Ouray and they'd been stuck there for a week, afraid to go outside. When someone did go out, most of the time they didn't come back...

° Chocolate
° Helping others.
° Learning anything she can.
° Anything dealing with health.
° Reading and writing.
° Travelling around the world.
° Meeting new people.
° The color gold.
° The cold/snow.
° Being outdoors.

° Zombies.
° Violence.
° Hot weather
° Brussel Sprouts and Beans of any kind.
° Watching others get hurt.
° Horror films.
° Feeling helpless/useless.
° The color pink.

° She is pretty smart in most situations.
° She is a quick learner.
° She can hold her breath for ten minutes.
° She knows how to do first aid.
° She knows how to use herbs and other things the wildlife offers to make any use of them for medical reasons.
° She knows how to read and write.

° She is physically weak against big people.
° She doesn't know how to use most weapons.
• She doesn't know any sort of self defense.
° She doesn't know how to do anything related to camping (depsite loving being outdoors).
° She can be pretty naive.

° Rebecca doesn't really have any weapons on her person, but she does carry around a hunting knife an old man gave het before he died.
° She has her first aid kit bag strapped to her belt, which has equipment used to make different medicine and other medical aids.
° Her backpack has some extra bandages hidden in one of the pockets as well as a few other supplies and an extra change of closthes.

Appearance Description:
Rebecca stands at a height of 5 feet and 6 inches and weighs 124 pounds. She is very skinny, has a pretty small chest in size, the color of her skin is very pale, and her short hair is brown. Her large eyes are brown with bits of green in the mix and her lips are tainted with a pink color. Her attire usually consists of pants or shorts, T-shirts or long sleeved shirts, tennis shoes, or boots, and fingerless gloves. She doesn't weat skirts or dresses often since a guy kept trying to look up her skirt and she hates hI ogh heels or stilettos.

The attire she is wearing during the beginning if the roleplay consists of a green, short sleeved shirt tucked into a pair of blue jean shorts, which end a little above the middle of her thighs, a leather brown belt with her large, dark green first aid pouch (it's on her left side),
white socks that are tucked into her hankle-high, brown hiking boots, a white jacket is tied around her waist, and a black choker around her neck.

Appearance Photo:

(The choker is thicker and does not have anything attached to it.)
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GQ's Character Sheet

Full Name:
Bay Diamond

July 15, 2000


African American

Short Bio:
When Bay was just a few weeks old, she was found on the side of the road by a gay couple. The couple took her in and raised her as their own. They cared for her and loved her dearly. They were willing to do anything they could for her. She was everything to them.

As Bay grew up, the couple began to realize that she wasn't like many other little girls. She wouldn't really socialize with anyone and the only time she wore a smile was when she was with her parents (the couple), but she'd never smile publicly, always privately.

When Bay was in high school, she had a hard time fitting in. She honestly didn't care to fit in. She didn't care about popularity contest or making friends. She was like a lone wolf, but that was until she met Willow. Willow was a really energetic and goofy person. She loved to make everyone laugh and kept a smile on everyone's face, so when she saw Bay, she felt like it was her mission to make her smile.

Willow would often approach Bay and just talk to her. Bay would never really give a response back except the occasional head nod or hum of an answer. Bay eventually grew annoyed with Willow and asked her to leave her alone. This upset Willow and, in a state of anger, Willow shouted "You should be greatful that I tried to make your miserable ass feel better about life!"

Bay just stared at Willow and as she did, a smile slowly grew on her face. Willow was never the type of person to get angry. She was always so happy and positive, so to see her angry was amusing to Bay. After that happened, Bay allowed Willow to be her friend, but she later regretted that decision when she found out on social media that Willow died two months later.

Bay didn't cry and she didn't appear sad. She didn't know how to feel. Willow was her first friend and she didn't know how to react. Her parents expected her to cry or at least feel a little sad, but she appeared to be fine.

When Bay was a senior in high school, her parents died in a really bad car crash. She found out from two police officers that asked the principal to pull her out of class. When Bay found out her parents were dead, at first she was motionless. She stood like a statue. The officers became concerned, so one of them reached their hand out to touch her shoulder. Before they could even touch her, she started screaming and crying.

Bay threw things around the room and screamed so loud that people down the hall could hear her clearly. All she felt was pain. Pain that was so strong. Pain that she's never felt before. She wasn't only dealing with the the death of her parents, she was dealing with the death of Willow too. Bay realized that she was completely alone and had no one else in her life.

After that day, there were no more tears. Bay appeared to be the same person she'd always been. No one knew that Bay was hurt on the inside. No one knew that she was extremely lonely. No one knew anything. Everyone just didn't care.

Bay soon went off to college to study Psychology. She worked at a library to pay the parts of tuition her scholarship didn't cover, which wasn't a lot. When she was in her second year of college, she had heard news about a virus going around.

She didn't really think much of it until she saw a video online of this woman acting so deranged. After this video came out, the city she lived in went into a panic and things weren't ever really the same afterward.

•Dark Humor
•The Dark
•Night Sky

•Loud Noises
•Thinking about past
•Being Alone

•Really Strong/Tight Grip
•Reads People Well
• Weirdly Flexible
•Hard To Read
•Light On Feet

•Social Interaction

(Bay was always taught that she could use anything as a weapon, so she doesn't really carry much)

Appearance Description:
Bay has smooth and pretty skin that goes well with her curvy figure. She is 5'8 and weighs 168lbs. She has red (dyed) curly hair that goes pass her shoulders, but she often cuts it at a shouder length. She has dark brown almond shaped eyes with long and curly eyelashes.

Bay usually wears oversized shirts and sweaters with jeans and boots, but in the beginning of the roleplay, she'll be wearing a black crop top with an oversized flannel that is buttoned up. She's also wearing black ripped skinny jeans and combat boots with a black beanie.

Appearance Photo:
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If you notice any spelling errors, just please let me know. I read over it a few times and found nothing, but I overlook things. ♡
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Character Sheet Template

Full Name
: Marcelle Boutet

Birthday: 11th August 1987



Short Bio:
Marcelle was born the middle child of a French father and French-Canadian mother, so it is safe to say she is very close to her French roots. Her family moved to the US when she was 8 from Canada, they lived in a few cities, before eventually settling down in Denver. Marcelle was a very curious girl; she liked reading books, especially history books, but also was highly athletic. When she turned 18 she applied with the FBI and was quickly accepted. She excelled in her training, which included some hand-to-hand training, mostly boxing and a bit of Krav Maga. She was moved into FBI SWAT by the time she was 23. One day she met a paramedic from the Denver Health Paramedics. They became friends, and quickly fell in love. By the time she was 25 she was happily married. Her husband had made sure to teach her a bit more about saving lives outside of a hospital in addition to her basic first aid training. When the outbreak occurred, she was tasked with helping with security and crowd control, eventually she would also be put in charge of helping with the evacuations to a designated safe zone in Ouray County, her husband was also in the same group.

Likes: A good cup of coffee
Relaxing on the deck with a nice glass of wine
Her husband
People in general

Dislikes: Starbucks and cheap coffee (she's visited family in France, she knows what good coffee is)
The thought of losing those she is protecting, especially her family.
People not listening to her, either because they are outright ignoring her, or because they just decided to do the opposite of what she told them.

Strengths: Martial arts training, including some HEMA
Basic first aid
Weapons training
Leadership skills

Weaknesses: She can be stubborn
Her job has turned her into a bit of a hard-ass
Thinking she's not as good as she is

Pancor Jackhammer shotgun, alternate loaded slugs and flechette rounds (first round is actually a single breaching slug for breaching doors). MP7 SMG and riot shield. Single axe (modern working replica of an actual French-style medieval battle axe). As for equipment she has her FBI SWAT uniform, including full armour. Backpack with basic survival and camping gear (she was planning a camping trip with her husband before zero hour).

Appearance Description:
Black hair, pale skin and brown eyes. Marcelle is every bit a classic French woman. You mention French women, and Marcelle is likely to come to mind. Her slightly athletic build hides her strength, and has made people under estimate her in the past. She has a few scars and tattoos on her body, the most noteable ones being a sword, wreathed in flames and topped with a crown on her chest, the blade of the sword sitting along her breastbone, a fleur-de-lis on her right shoulder, and of course a large burn scar on her left hip, the reminder of an accident from her childhood involving hot water and an inattentive older brother. As for clothing, she has her standard work uniform and her body armour. She also has her exercise gear, which is simply a tanktop and sweatpants.

Appearance Photo:


The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.
Full Name: Judas Marie Alberdingk

Birthday: February 6th 1996

Age: 23

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Short Bio:
pronouns: they/them. non-binary.
Their parents emigrated from Italy to the Americas in search of a better life before they were born. Judas has no memory or first hand connection to the homelands. Their father was a doctor, mother a writer, and the two of them did their best to raise the little hellraiser. Starting fires, being abnormally intelligent through their youth, it was no wonder that Judas didn't get along with neighborhood children. They only found a comrade in the dog that their parents got them.

Starting in middle school Judas learned that they didn't quite fit in, even with everything that they did to slide into any of the groups. After several failures, after school itself had become a boring waste of time for them, they brought a gun to school.
They were caught, dragged to a police station, and questioned for hours. Judas was charged with negligence and got six months community service as a sentence. They met several other "outcasts" through the program, made some friends for the first time in their life, and started the journey of finding themself. Their dog died before they graduated.

After high school instead of going to college Judas opted to go military, and was deployed overseas within months. They haven't talked about their experience, and have no plans on doing so.

Two and a half years they served the country before they dropped out, shaved their head and became an activist for LGBTQ+ communities. With military training under their belt Judas spent most of their time on the front lines of protests, holding people back on both sides and knowing where things went too far.

At the beginning of the breakout Judas hadn't paid any attention to it, deciding there was bigger fish to fry than some flu that got out of control. Once people that they knew started dying did they began to realize how dangerous it could turn.
They have several guns registered to their person, after being trained in the military they had more reasons to have them than not.

  • the sound of silence
  • perfection.
  • safety
  • dark chocolate
  • bigotry
  • slow reaction times/hesitation/indecision
  • conflict
  • mold/fungus/infections
  • discipline
  • patience
  • versatility
  • emotional stability(depression, PTSD)
  • confrontation
  • forgiveness
M16A2 5.56 Rifle
Beretta M9 Pistol
They're trained in just about everything else if they can get their hands on it, gun-wise. They're more than capable of hand-to-hand combat, and carry a hunting knife on them at bare minimum.

Appearance Description:
5'7", slim and feminine, flat chested
When their hair grows out, Judas has a light brown color; but having their hair long hasn't happened in a while. Their eye color is grey, almost silver. They're pale, and don't tan even during the summer months. Burn and then go back to pale. They have scars along their body from their years in service, and again won't talk about it.
They wear darker clothes, and as the danger picks up cameo; as desperate people are just as dangerous as the dead. They aren't afraid to coat themselves in mud if it's needed to survive.
At the beginning of the rp they'll be more casual, a tank, light sweater, shorts and boots.

Appearance Photo:


Lady of Lavender and Tattoos
Louisa Nyma Esperanto

26 | August 26 | Virgo | Puerto Rican/Dominican | Demisexual/Panromantic | She/Her​

Appearance Description:
Lucy was always considered the most graceful of her sisters. Tall, quiet and astute, it made her stand out amongst her rambunctious crowd of siblings. She's about 5'11" with a slender body packed with muscle from all her years of swimming and archery. Her back muscles are especially impressive and aid to her broad yet slender shoulders. Lucy takes after her father's side in looks; hooded almond shaped eyes, a long, wide nose, thick brows and full lips that sit nicely on her diamond shaped face. She has long slender fingers to match slender hands that have a tapestry of scars, and burn marks. When Lucy speaks her tone is a bit deep for a woman but with her soft and polite manner of speech added with her accents that tends to make her drop certain vowels or consonants, it adds to her charm.

Lucy likes to wear comfortable clothes not to lose or to baggy, and covers her skin. Shes not very big on showing off skin all the time and prefers being wrapped up. You'll often find her in traditional Puerto Rican dresses and shirts and blouses. But she also loves street fashion and Boho.

Short Bio:
Louisa and her brother were born in New York to a large family of Eleven. Louisa being the second youngest daughter of four and her brother Matias, the younger of two sons. For a long time they lived in Harlem, where family was abundant, a lot of their family had come to the states before them and settled in the area. Louisa could go a block down the street without passing an aunt or uncle or cousins house. The family stayed this way until Louisa was 12.

Her father found work out of the city which forced then to move, all the way to the other side of the country. For the rest of her years Louisa and family lived in Washington. Now with the addition of her mother's parents who were too sick to take care of themselves. Until college graduation Louisa was in charge of helping her mother care for them. At school she picked up Archery club and was on the swim team all the way through college. Graduating with a premed degree Louisa continued her education to be a doctor.

When they epidemic broke out Louisa was completing her last year of residency. At first when cases started showing up she and the rest of the staff assumed it was a nasty outbreak of the flu but as time went on they got worse to the point that wings were designated for the patients and blocked off. Everything went fine until the patients started eating their nurses. Soon the military arrived and their hospital had to be evacuated and shut down. Louisa was then told to prepare for the worse, unaware of how bad the situation already was.

+ Reliable, Caring, Observant, Quick Witted, Adaptable, Calm, Realistic, Cautious, Witty
- Wary, Irritable, Over Thinker, Insensitive, one track minded

Her culture
Rose water
Jazz music
Playing cards
Long breathable skirts
Black and white movies (reminds her of her grandparents)

Excessively loud people
Those who don't contribute but love to complain
White chocolate
Light roast coffee
Peanut butter ( will eat almond butter)
Close minded people
The cold
Self entitled people who don't understand or know of their privilege
Clothes that show to much skin

- Louisa is bilingual (English and Spanish) and knows ASL
- In training to be a doctor she's knows her way around wounds, and illnesses. This make her to be a very observant person and partial to her instincts based on years of education and training.
- Extremely good with a bow and arrow, this allows her accuracy in other areas to be great as well.
- learned a bit of Brujería from her grandmother and aunts. Incorporates it into her daily life.

- She is easy to annoy and fluster
- Though she is strong, any one with fighter experience can easily over take her.
- She's allergic to cat hair
- She can't say no to those in need.

35lbs Recurve Hunting Bow
First aid kit (not a weapon but she always has it on her)

Matias Anuel Esperanto
"Manny, Mat"

28 | July 31 | Leo | Puerto Rica/Dominican | Bisexual/Biromantic | He/Him​

Appearance Description:
Matias was always on the chubbier side as a kid, but as he started getting active in sports and working out, that fat turned into muscle. He stands at a height of 6'3" with long, curly brown hair that reaches his mid-back. Usually in a bun or ponytail due to Matias active lifestyle. When he's not doing anything strenuous he'll leave it down or let his sister braid it. Her and his sister share the same thick brows, hooded eyes and full lips but Matias' nose is wide and flat like his mother's, they also share the same milk chocolate complexion. Unlike Lucy's which is a light caramel color she got from their father. Matias large thick hands calloused over from wrestleing and weightlifting as well as helping his father and brother with heavy house chores. His voice is a deep, expressive baritone, when he laughs loudly it tends to make people jump.

Matias doesn't have a specific style of clothing he likes to wear just anything that allows his body to move without restrictions. Unironically wears a lot of muscle tees.

Short Bio:
Growing up Matias was always close to Lucy and his older brother Enrique. But is was mostly him and Lucy that did everything together. Matias was picked on as a kid for being chubby, this got him into a lot of fights and officially branded him as a trouble maker when they lived in New York.

When his father got a new job and they moved to Washington Matias decided he would change his image by becoming more active in sports and working out. That combined with his sudden growth spurt made him a very popular guy. It gave him a major confidence boost and made him more out going. He also decided to try his hand at boxing at the local spot near his house. During their highschool years Lucy and Matias didn't hang out much between sports and after school activities, and Lucy helping their mom out as well as her academic stuff it allowed little room for them to hang out at home. The gap deepend when Lucy went to college in California while Matias stayed in Washington to go to trade school and moved put shortly after getting his license.

They still kept in touch but by this point they were young adults with busy active lives. Fate obly brought them back together when a strange virus broke out.

+ Playful, Admirable, Charismatic, Witty, Confident, Loyal, Sensitive, Fast learner
- Aggressive, Fixed, Argumentative, Curious, Demanding, Strong Willed, Intense

Energetic music
A home cooked meal
Large dogs
Street Markets
Online games
Card games
Action movies

People who let titles get to their head
Green tea (smells to gross to drink)
Staying up late
Grahm crackers
rainy mornings
Those who think they can push his sister around
Self entitled people who don't understand or know of their privilege.

- Incredibly strong, and with his years of experience with wrestling and boxing along with various fights as a kid, Matias can throw down.
- He's good at lightening the mood when things get to serious
- With his stamina he can carry and run a good distance with items as heavy as 120lbs.

- Sometimes Matias doesnt know his own strength
- In moments of excite he does not know personal space and becomes very hands on with people. He often doesnt realize not everyone is into physical effection.
- Matias can a little to hot-headed, he is the opposite of his sister in which he angers easily

Pocket knife
Glock 17 9mm
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The Affectionette, Yet Stubborn One.

I don't think there should have to be one, but you guys can choose. I don't mind either way. :)

I was actually gonna ask you guys if anyone wanted to know eachother, or if we should all meet at different times. Like one or two characters meet eachother and another few meet eachother and they all get to the checkpoint at some time? Does that make any sense? Lol
I like the idea of all of us not knowing each other at first and slowly meeting one another over time. I think that could be very interesting.

As for a post order, I'm going to leave that to everyone else. I'm a go with the flow type of person. ♡


Can we pretend airplanes are shooting stars?
Full Name: Jade Jay Jackson

Birthday: Jan 18th, 2005

Age: 14 but acts like 35

Race: Caucasian

Short Bio:


“Mate, bro, man, dude, mate”
Magnus Bane
Emo bands
Cool drawings
Pinterest (tough luck dude)


Telling him how to live his life
Assuming you’re better than him just because you’re older
Anyone who tries to parent him


Resourcefulness: He can make something to help himself out of pretty much anything. He also knows all the best sources of food, supplies, and water.

High Charisma: He’s a great actor and can bullshit his way out of many situations.


“She, her, lady, young woman,” It drives him nuts to be mistaken for a girl, to the point he’ll do dumb things to prove that he is in fact a guy.

Binder: He can’t exactly breathe. Because he wears a chest binder 24/7, not only does he have terrible stamina, but one punch to the chest is all it takes to crack his ribs.

Depression: He ran out of meds a few weeks ago. He can’t sleep and even though he tries to stay positive, there are times he’ll just stop. He won’t be able to go on without help.


A kitchen knife which is duller than it looks. He also has the blade of a sharpener in his pocket, but it’s no larger than a fingernail, and he can’t really use it for anything...productive. He has taken to carrying rocks around in his pockets, and grabbing anything that might be useful. He has ten ripped up sheets from a ‘dumb book’ he’d found at the library. They are detailed descriptions on how to survive a hypothetical zombie apocalypse. Of course, most of the stuff has proven to be absolutely useless, but there are tips on how to purify water and find food.

Appearance Description:
Short and curvy in a way that makes him dysphoric. He has brown hair he’s been hoping to dye for a long time, mundane brown eyes and fingernails chipped to obsession. Despite several months spent weight lifting, he still hasn’t grown any stronger, or changed in appearance. He stands at a 5’5, which is rather unfortunate since he’s constantly trying to pass for older than he really is. His clothes consist of hoodies at least three sizes too big, jeans which hug his body in a way he absolutely hates, and an old, ripped up belt on which he’s drawn in sharpie. He wears two rings. One on his ring finger, the other on his thumb, and when he’s nervous he’ll take them off and start playing with them. On a good day, his clothes are covered in grime. On a bad day, he’s rubbed every inch of his skin in zombie blood, hoping the scent will throw them off and they won’t try to eat him.


Appearance Photo:


The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.
Personally I would prefer post order. I feel it keeps more order
and I know I won't be able to post everyday with irl stuff getting in the way like work
Post order would give me a time frame as to when I need to be on, how long I have, and a deadline instead of dropping off the face of the Earth like my procrastinating bum does.

No preference for knowledge of each other, would need conversations with other rpers to see if/how it would tie in


The Shy One
(If it's not too late can I join?)
Full Name
: Jakaria Tori Smith

Birthday: November 23, 1999


Race: African American
(Caucasian, Latino, African American, etc.)

Short Bio:
Jakaria was always a nerd growing up. But when she was 5, her mom died due to breast cancer. She was really sad when this happened. She started to isolate herself. Everyone in her school thought she was weird because she would often stand by herself and not talk to anyone. She has 3 sisters: Amia, Jordan, and Starr. Her sisters treat her how Jakaria wants to be treated. She never got along with anyone at her school.
black(the color)
taking photos
talking behind her back
talking about her mom
very energetic
Asthma: She had asthma ever since she was 5.
Baseball Bat

Appearance Description:
She has curly brown hair, brown eyes often wear black at times, wears her mother's necklace, and has a nose and ear piercing.

Appearance Photo: