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New Year, New Us


The Phoenix
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With this new month, we also start a new year. Let's start with wishing everybody a very happy new year!
May the best of your past be the worst of your future~
And if you have them, share your New Years resolutions with us

Now, to make that New Year even better, we hope of course to welcome new Community Volunteer to the team. Feel free to apply if you have what it takes :D

Of course, 2019 has brought us a lot of new friends but unfortunately we also lost a few. Staff has decided to amend the approach of keeping account. Once of twice a year, all accounts that have been inactive for over a year will be deleted.
With the new year, we'll also do another (small) overhaul of the site. We'll go offline for a few hours once we're ready and naturally staff will notify you before we do this.

We will soon also make a few changes do our Discord. This will include a few self-roles, a few new bots and loosening of certain rules. If you're not part of our Discord yet, come join the fun.

Staff has also decided to make feedback an annual or bi-annual thing. You can find them right here;
Site functionality and aestetics
Staff & events
This is cover most - if not all - areas of the site and it's workings and will be completely anonymous. We'd love the feedback from the community and can't wait to see what results we get 😊
If you fill them in, please give us as many details as you can. Because they are completely anonymous, we can't follow-up with you if we have further questions. Presume your answer cannot be too detail or too long.

Lastly, due to disinterest, staff has chosen to discontinue the monthly prompts for now. We'll still run (some) events but we're looking on how to go about this in the future.

Mandatory reminders
Contact Staff if you need help recruiting for your RP
Post here or contact a staff member if Staff forgot to hand you a medal
SCRP has a mandatory age verification in place for ERPs and erotica writers
Posts and private messages have a report button if you feel rules are being broken

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A couple of kitty'z new years resolution:

Work on not NEEDING other people around to feel comfortable and safe.
Eat one healthy item a day.
Finish deh book I'z been 'reading' for over a year now.