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Casual Intermediate Nesy's first roleplay check! (1x1)


The Roleplaying Astronout
Well hello, there people! Hey hey, buddy reader, I didn't see ya there! Heh just kidding! How are my lads and readers doing here today? I hope you guys are doing wonderfully. Because I am here to deliver you some plots and other fun things. So now. Let's get into the requirements and other miscellaneous information, shall we? Ah yes, let's do it mhm..

About me.

-- I am: Literate but also very adaptive to your roleplaying style and I do try hard to match to you.

-- I can do about 10 paragraphs maximum and I do want to mirror you. Usually I do 3-4! (But also can go lower or higher!) -- Quality matters though! ((Hey, I am a novella roleplayer too. :love:)

-- I can roleplay as NPC's in any gender but I typically only play male characters. -(Can roleplay up to 3 OC's at once!)

-- I love fantasy , sci-fi , science-fantasy , medieval roleplay and futuristic but also have a taste for modern. Romance is okay! :)

-- Multi-character roleplaying! -- Can roleplay up to 2 characters at once at max.

-- OC x cannon (Only: Lord of the rings, Chronicles of Narnia, Transformers, My Hero Academia , Campione and etc.)

-- Passionate about plots.

-- My grammar and spelling: Typically okay.

What do I expect from you?/Requirments?

Note: Oh trust me, I am very generous when I come to my requirements. I am not a person who is very picky about stuff. I tend to not picky about roleplayers.

-- Oneliner or above. (Just because someone is a oneliner doesn't mean they're necessarily bad at roleplaying. Cause that's just rude!)
-- Adequate spelling
-- Adequate grammar
-- You can roleplay as any gender you want.
-- Detail should be your choice.
-- Keep slang at a minimum.

-- (OPTIONAL REQUIREMENT THAT CAN BE DISCUSSED): Able to roleplay as NPC's or more than 2 characters at once.

Will be roleplaying as Nesy in all of these ideas!
My ideas! My OC's are called: Nesy.

Once upon a time there was a boy(My OC) who was walking home from school in his own world. Something unique happened to him and he was seemingly sucked into a rift that lead him into a world filled with wonders. This era would be the medieval times where there's a lot of magic and it's definitely a world filled with fantasy. Legends say that people who fall from the sky are technically a gift from the gods or meaning he or she was special. Since realm travel wasn't possible at that time and only demons and angels could do it.

Then when someone had found him, he was invited to a "party" of some sorts that are adventuring for: "The Realm Stone." Which was strongly related to Nesy because they thought that they had to send him back to where he had come from before enemies from around the realm find out about the boy and he would be in grave danger so of course there are obstacles along the way and there would be an epic journey through the entire flipping realm for it.

The realm stone acts like some sort of key towards the realms and it can be able to transport the most powerful mages throughout time. But also normal human beings and including others.

Character progression.

Plot: The world of magic has already corrupted with Dark magic. The evil group that was called: "The Dark Sun" apparently had caused a high death-toll world-wide in the magical world. There is a furious war between 2 sides called: "Divine Light" and "The Dark Sun". With no way of avoiding the war, there was a legend being surrounded by a boy with a pure soul; A hero with the purest heart(My OC: Nesy). The prophecy tells about a legend that will save the magical world, a boy with a pure heart, and with the golden heart. He's the one to fulfil the prophecy and save the era of magic and with an intent to stop the extinction of the era of magic as it was on the verge of extinction and including the source of all goodness itself. However the magical artefact the boy that has been intended to carry has been crafted by the "Goddess of Magic" She, therefore, hid it somewhere to conserve powerful artefact until one day to be found by someone with the purest heart. But he has to be careful because he does not know the unseen dangers with "The Dark Sun" with the intent of corrupting everyone under the Dark Empress/King of magic; Who wants to conquer the world for herself/himself to finally get what he or she wants.

(She or he) wants the artefact that can change the world and capable of changing the globe itself! But the "Divine Light" alliance lead by the Light Empress/King wanted to do the opposite and wanted to fight against the Darkness and they intend to stop them from invading their territories including pushing them back. But currently the war is all haywire and both sides are in a stalemate due to them fighting for possible locations where the artefact may have been in and one day when the boy had found the artefact; Would truly change the war. There is a constant magical war between "The Black Sun" and the "Divine Light" due to this artefact and one day when the boy finds the artefact. The situation would be directed on the boy because everyone would be looking for him and he would be pretty easy to spot due to the big artefact on his back. The boy himself is the key to the end of the war although there will be epic scenes of fighting and such on both sides.

(Theme: Sci-fi + medieval)
Nesy newly arrived on a planet that he didn't know whoever inhabited on it. Suddenly Nesy found a city with a castle in the middle. He thought it was a monarchy kingdom which was indeed correct. On the way there he'd suddenly stumbled upon a noblewoman/nobleman who didn't know who he was or where he is from. The city was filled with elves of many kinds and apparently the planet was an elven planet with a lot of nations. Nesy had a mission! To improve relations with this planet because the Celvestians wanted to extract an unknown mineral which can enhance technology on a magical level. But without the elves permission, they cannot. Will Nesy make it? There will be a lot of discomfort when Nesy comes because of an alien/stranger. We can mess around with the plot too! If you prefer another race we can do that!

There are 2 mighty queens in this battle fighting each other for many or just specific purposes..The Queen of darkness and the Divine Queen. An epic war has broken out! Many fleed from their homes and villages and they attempted to seek shelter with the Divine queen. The Queen would welcome them with open hands and they were thankful. They wished to create an alliance and many other alliances joined along with the Divine Queen.. But some did the wrong choice. Who is the Queen of Darkness? She is ruling a kingdom filled with evil and despair. Darkness and pure evil. She wants all the power she ever wanted. She has executed many people who have turned against her or who she thought was deceiving her. She is powerful indeed... She wants all the land for herself and nobody else! She's indeed a power-hungry queen. The Divine Queen did not like this! She decided to declare war upon her forces! She rules a kingdom with good and purity..The entire alliance agreed with this! They decided to fight them. So far they have done well. They have managed to keep them out for a long time.. But The Queen of Darkness won't give up that easily. They might strike again.. Who knows? However, there may be undiscovered alliances who are left behind..

Roles: The Queen of Darkness, The Divine Queen and etc.

Who will I become? Nesy Celvius! Basically, Nesy is a leader of an unknown alliance that the queens/kings have not discovered yet. His race are martial-arts people which are called: Celvestians... But the Celvestians were very few and small in numbers.. But they were very famous for their kung-fu practice and KI practice. I'd be a leader of a small alliance of 10 people What side will I join? It all depends on the roleplay...

Alternate future: In a modern planet. Year: 2019 on planet Earth. The planet was a somewhat normal place at that time and it resembled our normal world today! Or maybe in the future where technology is good enough that we may as well call it advanced. This will happen on an alternate Earth in an alternate universe. But we do not know the knowledge of other realms and we simply think it is fairy-tail or a bunch of worthless magic that doesn't exist. But one day that fully changed when we had noticed that there were 4 gigantic realms colliding with our planet causing uttermost havoc and discomfort. We looked up to the sky and we saw it. The 4 realms: Heaven, Hell and 2 strange fantasy-alien realms that we have yet to discover about but they were on collision course as well with Earth. They were sitting there in the sky approaching our planet like it were to be a huge portal and it would start to merge together. The planet would soon turn into a huge post-apocalyptic battlefield where there are colossal amounts and various kinds of creatures fighting against each other; Leaving ruins and great destruction in its path. But there are also some beings who wish to protect the species and wildlife of this planet so they had created one gigantic alliance to fight against the forces who wish to set our planet in ruins. Our characters will have to make up strategies and solutions for it to work. To win this war and bring peace to our planet!

Nesy is a human who had gotten a school inviting in his own email. When he checked his email he saw this strange letter being sent to him about some random school boarding monsters. He was actually looking for universities at that time so basically his first period will start in May 4th and the current day that he'd gotten the mail was 2 weeks earlier then that. But what he didn't expect that these "Monsters" were not human at all.

Why was he elected? Nobody exactly knows and probabaly you're about to find out.

A spaceship landed in the coast of South Korea. Woah! Nesy is a Celvestian who doesn't even know what Korea or even what's up ahead. He just casually landed upon South Korean soil. On the way he meet a (You)Korean. There will be a lot of things that the alien has to try and including becoming a part of a Korean culture that he hasn't seen before. Celvestians are beings from an other multiverse and has traveled far and wide and ended up here on Earth. He has heard many stories of the place and hence why he had landed. But he found one particular continent interesting and that was South Korea.

A public outrage will certainly be commenced. Can he calm down the situation?

[TD]Post apocalyptic magic plot!

The Chosen One is the saviour of the realm of Xavira an ancient propechy that was told after the apocylypse that one day a hero will emerge and restore Xavira to it's former glory.

(. So the story goes like this.

The Realm of Xavira had somehow accidently discovered type of magic that is very smiliar to some cataclysmic and the most feared type of magic that resulted to it being very strictly forbidden to use in this perticular realm and that's forbidden by the great council of the realm of Xavira and it's inhabitants with it. But one group of induviduals decided to take it further and decided to put it to the test despite the warning from the deities and the council themselves but that ended up to their doom. They accidently set off a deadly explosion of magic pretty similar to a cataclysmic hydrogen bomb which caused a wave of magical energy that eradicated everything in it's path and rendering everything in the area a lifeless wasteland. Buildings were torn appart and forests were set on fire across the entire area which expanded the desertation of Xavira and storms and huge weather fluctuations flooded millions upon billions of homes.

Luckily some survived while a few either died or became injured due to the flooding or the huge explosion. Perhaps even malnutrition or shortning of water. Due to the massive accident that happened the energy wave was so cataclysmic that it had affected the deepest roots of the realm or heart of the realm: Yggdrasil. Which was unlucky to be in the risk-zone. That was located in the highest point and due to the huge wave of energy that made it's way over there that inflicted slight damage and alteration which made things even more worse. A horrible mutation happened since the magic could inflict the roots of Yggrasil. This resulted in more desertification of lands and nature simply died out out of mysterious reasons causing many creatures to seek refugee in areas where the wastelands hasn't reached them. But it's the matter of time before everything else dies out and including the inhabitants. The roots of Yggdrasil are starting to decay due to the damage and so does the life in the realm.

Nesy was strooling around in the modern world basically. He was the choosen one because he is the fated one. The one to save the realm of Xavira.

This story is like an Isakeish plot. Anyway why he was choosen is a mystery. But Nesy woke up in a middle of a wasteland and he basically walked for a brief moment until he had finally found life in the horizion. Yes, this is a post apocalyptic- magic era where people and all kinds of creatives live in huge cities as refugee.

But one hero emerged from the chaos and tears.(Nesy). Who is they key to save the tree of life and to prevent the lands of Xavira from extinction. Maybe a few people will follow him throughout the journey. But the deities in the skies are watching.

The story is in our hands.

Will he save them?

An intergalactic war has broken out between two nations. Those nations are controlled by 2 queens that are fighting against each other. The opposition is called: “United Galactic Nations” while the other nation is called: “The Synapses.” which is lead by a queen who calls herself: “The Dark Empress.” and the other leader would call herself the exact opposite to it. They are fighting each other. The Synapses wants to take over the entire galactic system and their reason is just power. While the United Nations wish peace and prosperity onto their nation. The war actually started for years ago when the two nations were not in proximity of each other but now when their galaxies collide the enemy made their opportunity to capture their territory. That is why the war had started anyway on the Synapses. The two nations technological capabilities are also magi-tech along with some actual technology too! Meaning that they are magical nations that have developed on an intergalactic level.

The peace does not last long because one day a powerful race discovers that the region was in a war. The Celvestian United nations, or TCU had spied through frequencies of the universes before picking up what seemed a signature of something strange. TCU would choose one warrior to investigate and that one warrior was surprisingly Nesy! Due to his strength and bravery. Nesy is a space-soldier who does solo-missions to save people on other worlds, came to intercept the war. When the two queens found about him, a search on two sides for Nesy began. The reason for that is because Nesy could be taken advantage off and there might be companions that will help him. Though, the two queens had a long burning romantic feelings for Nesy because they knew that there was something special with him. But will their love be true love or just fake love? It will be the time to find out. Join Nesy on a huge intergalactic adventure and start something new!

Celvestia their home planet in the middle of the Celvestian universe, a civilisation that has superior technology compared to any other space-nations in the multiverse. They are a peaceful race but don't let it fool you. Their military is beyond what anybody else could comprehend, magic and technology but with higher technological atvantage. One of the Celvestians, Nesy Celvius who is currently a general in the military of the Celvestian alliance. A powerful alliance where multiple nations are together in a huge colaboration for peace and prosperity. Where Nesy lived, it was a huge city with skyscrapers reaching high to the skies. One day, a gate of asome sorts appeared in the middle of the capital of Celetron.

Invading beings sweeped into the town of Celetron and people fleed for their lives, in response of the gate appearing. However, the Celvestian rapid response team: CRT. Managed to push the beings that intended to destroy the town. Luckily, they were able to pull them back before it was too late. Nesy ordered that the gate was to be isolated until further notice and guarded with caution. One day, a few people were selected to go through the gate and find out what was beyond it. The general, Nesy was choosen along with other companions. Beyond the gate, awaited a medieval world with suprises to come. Their mission was to make peace, but will it happen? What enemies and allies will they meet? The story begins now.
But if you want to do Japan or an other country. Perhaps the same plot. Feel free to launch me a PM! I am always open!


🥰I hope I didn't discourage you there! If you've read this far then you are great! Honestly, these plots are really good in my opinion but if you'd like then you can brainstorm with me! Do not be shy, pm me and we'll sort it out! I am open to your ideas too! See you in my PMS!
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The Roleplaying Astronout
Hi guys! I am sorry for being inactive, because I had life issues to deal with.

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