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Dear Diary

It's me again! However, of course, you already know that! God, I'm talking to my book in my writing still. I need to stop doing that… Anyways, should get to the point of today's entry. Life seemed like it was going great! I graduated from high school with honors, receiving a partial scholarship to a junior college in a neighboring city! Dad acted thrilled furthermore, buying me the most precious little kitten, haven’t decided upon a name quite just yet. The right name will come eventually, right now I need to focus on unpacking. As I just moved into my new place for the next year. Three people already live here though. Oh god, my roommates are very weird! There’s this one guy he seems the most normal so far, his room is a few doors down. Then there are the two girls, One is super pale she almost looks like she is dead and almost always dressed in dark clothing like some sort of emo goth chick? And what I presume to be her partner since they share a room, the girl you can barely get to listen is named Alena.

There's also a basement here, it's got some weird lock on it. Plus, the goth chick is super picky on who they let down there? Like what do they have down there!? Are they running an underground fight club? Nah too little foot traffic. The guy living here said it's where gothy stores her dead bodies that can’t be true though can it?. She seems like the kind of person to want to murder someone! She's super weird, always wearing black lacy clothes with little signs of emotions. Not to mention all the attitude issues she has so far, super rude makes fun of others outfits, very blunt.

Now Lena is somewhat questionable; she acts like she doesn't know what anything is! And she's afraid of my cat! How can someone be afraid of a tiny kitten? Not to mention how lazy that girl is! She hogs the couch all day! Then walks around in a bikini top! If I try to comment or suggest a normal shirt for Lena to wear Gothy gets all pissy saying "If you don't like it, why not shut your trap and look away!" thought it was common decency to remain fully clothed throughout the communal living quarters. At least the dude is normal! Yet I heard him saying odd things last night then all of a sudden the power went out. What am I getting myself into?


Basic Idea
The General plot is a somewhat supernatural genre. On this girl who just graduated from high school with an honors roll. Living her happy go average lucky life, where she finally got her license, a new pet, and ultimately is getting to stretch out on her own moving out of her parents and into a charming little college town. Everything in her life seems to be going smoothly, that is until she meets her rather odd roommates that aren't exactly human. Slowly this human girl has to come to terms with the fact that they're not humans, that supernatural beings are, in the event, real along with so much kept away from regular human's eyes.


The house is your typical one-story ranch style house, at the end of a new regular neighborhood with the layout being somewhat average. Inside the house, there are four bedrooms, two bathrooms on the main floor. A decent kitchen that isn't super spacious, leading to a shared living space and dining room. Around the corner of the living room, there is a narrow stairway that leaves down into the basement. In the basement is a large master bedroom, complete with a full master bath. Finally, the house is a single-car garage with a partially wide driveway.

They live somewhere off in the state of Oregon, about 25 minutes away from the college in which the group frequents. The town itself is right off the coast with a lot of small touristy shops and a few restaurants and basic stores.

There is a realm of magic they will be progressing too in the future but that isn’t to be brought up yet.

The kinds of characters I am looking for and what to base your characters around, please take the template if you’re interested and build the characters of the descriptions to fit the idea I had in mind.
All ages of the characters should be around the age of 18-21sh.

  1. The So far average Human Girl - @JodoBird180
She’s the straight human girl just stretching out on her own into the house. Completely unaware of the abilities that the others in the house store inside them. I'm looking for a responsible character who is outdoorsy, smart, maybe a bit quirky and likes the arts. That is also trying to befriend everyone in the house with not the best of luck. Owns either a feline.

  1. The Chill Warlock Boy - @Reytian
Now for the magic boy and the only boy living in the house. He’s the quirky charismatic guy with probably a lot of instruments, friends, and books. Probably the most sane and nicest member out of the house. The kind of person that would wake up at 3 a.m and make you pancakes if you’re feeling down. The guy is also a warlock and in the process of studying magic but isn’t very good at magic. Maybe bisexual.

  1. Edgy Vampire Chick - Confirmed Lesbian- @Fox Xalian
An ashen girl not quite alive, since she is, in fact, a vampire. Having somewhat of an attitude issue people tend to look past her. Simply thinking that she’s the rude chick often the girl can be seen playfully making fun of people she sees lesser than her. Getting pissy in large group situations or when dragged into something she doesn’t want to do, however, of course, has a softer side to her that she only shows to those she chooses. Who looks to be around her early 20s but is much older. Usually hangs around the mermaid with it being unknown if she and Lena are a thing or not. Lastly, she shares the basement with the mermaid.

  1. The Clueless Mermaid - Confirmed Lesbian - Taken by me​
Fresh from the sea is a girl named Lena. A rather lazy girl who spends a lot of her time either on the floor or the couch, often wearing a bikini top and pajama shorts is a young mermaid who transforms just from the slightest drop of liquid. Being new to the land she doesn’t understand half the things going on in modern civilization or things like shoes and is actually afraid of cats. Lena is the closest to the vampire chick and often follows her around when this mermaid isn’t drifting off into shenanigans. She also sleeps in the bathtub in the basement’s bathroom.
(Her OC sheet will probably be up tomorrow, cause getting sleepy.)


  1. Please be active.​
  2. If we're full, then we're full. Don't force your way into the roleplay.​
  3. At least 4 lines per post.​
  4. Grammar needs to be readable; minor mistakes are acceptable. (I have dyslexia, so my grammar isn't always on key.)​
  5. Age is a big thing for me when roleplaying. I will not roleplay with anyone under the age of 18.​
  6. Please follow any rule that is in the amino guidelines.​
  7. Lastly, be capable of Rping as more than one character. While we have our main characters, side roles will be in the roleplay that will gradually begin showing up in the roleplay.​
  8. Keep it clean, no m rated stuff, please.​


Character Sheet Template


Full Name:







Additional facial features:

Clothing style:

Personality traits:

Optional Background:

Optional pet:



Other things not stated:​
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