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Accepting PG-16 My Roommates Aren't Exactly Human, Cs

Character Sheet Template


Full Name:







Additional facial features:

Clothing style:

Personality traits:

Optional Background:

Optional pet:



Other things not stated:​
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@Fox Xalian @memelord69 @Devil’sDarlin please post your characters here once you are done! :3


Live, Die, Repeat
"Sure we'll go with that for now." or "We'll come back to that later." (I personally over-use both when talking to people)

Samantha Anne Houston (mah middle name tehe)

Sam or just whatever people call her, she reasponds to almost anything.




Short, about 5'4''. Blonde hair small streaks of brown and carmel, dark brown eyes that sometimes change color/shade with mood though it's not totally obvious, normal body shape -in other words- she's prefectly proportioned for her height. Small freckles (freackles? Can't spell xD) on the bridge of her nose and some on her cheeks though they are very faint and only really visable if she has a tan.

Normally wears a T-Shirt (xD almost said T-Shit) and blue jeans. Her shirts range in sizes though nothing to baggy or too tight, though her jeans she sometimes allows to be a little snug. She usually wears her hair up in a bun and only takes it down before going to bed, or on occasion for something else.

Pretty normal, girl grows up, gets good grades, goes to college, is loved by her parents, in other words. . .boring.

A kitten named Sneaker because he likes to run around and sneaks up on people. He's declawed and loves "slapping" people with the pads of his paws. If not with Sam he likes torturing the vampy girl because he likes her attention whether good or not.

Likes: Art, listening to music, curling up with a good book, the quiet.
Dislikes: Chaos, heavy-metal music, the vampy girl beyond almost all reasoning.
Quote: "What you don't know could fill an entire library of books"

Full Name: Dominique Angelic

Nickname: Angel (only her girlfriend gets away with calling her this). Monique. Edgy Goth Girl/That Edgy Goth Girl. Emo Vampire Bitch (random people at college, they call her a vampire as a joke...if only they knew...I refer back to the quote)

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Lesbian

Race: Human/Vampire

Appearance: Dominique, despite her very pale skin, looks very much like your standard Spanish woman. Her hair is jet black, naturally of course, with some pastel purple and pink through it, and she has piercing green eyes. She's athletically built. Did I mention she has pale skin? Almost like she doesn't go out in the sun. She wears black and purple make-up as well.

Additional facial features: Fangs, not that most see them because she rarely does an open mouth smile.

Clothing style: Purple blouse, a black corset and Victorian-era jacket. Black jeans, or a long, dark purple skirt depending how she feels. Ankle boots with stockings, or knee length leather boots.

Personality traits: Secretive, a bit edgy. Unless you're close to her, and then she becomes friendly and lets you in on a few secrets, depending how much she likes you. She also slight obsessed with making sure no disease comes into the house.

Optional Background: Dominique was a normal woman in 1200's Barcelona, when she was turned into a vampire. Lucky for her, she had a job working in the castle for the Duke of the area, and so she was able to sneak into the dungeons, she only focused on those who were condemned anyway. She also managed to sneak into the kitchens when this wasn't an option and feed off the blood from the animals from the hunts. She had lived for so long when the Black Plague came, she saw the coven of vampires she belonged to starve, and a fair few of them died due to contaminated blood making it hard for them to feed. She eventually moved to the Americas, as one of the first settlers. She left her settlement and lived with the Aztecs for a while, the whole "blood sacrifice" thing gave her an easy access to a new source of feeding. She even led a small village for a while in what would become modern day California, the village unfortunately no longer exists though. She moved around most of her extended life, not wanting to stay in one place more then 20 years at a time, so as not to arouse suspicion of why she never seemed to get older then 20.

Optional pet: Grey-headed flying fox

Likes: Her girlfriend. Night time. Bats, specifically her pet flying fox. Sam's kitten, even if he can be annoying sometimes when she's doing something important.

Dislikes: Naive people. Stupid people. The fact that the kitten is declawed.

Other things not stated: She is in college, studying medicine, specifically blood. She also volunteers at the local blood bank. For no reason what so ever. Nope nothing suspicious here about a vampire chick working at the blood bank and going to college to study blood.
Minor wip.

"What's the point of doing something when there's a nice couch over there"

Full Name: Alena Oceana Myron

Nickname: Lena, fish girl.

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Lesbian

Race: Mermaid, partial asian


Land form: Alena in this form is has long wavy black hair usually pulled over to one side of her head, and a single hibiscus flower on one side of her head. Her eye color is kind of a sea foam green color. She is somewhat tan, from lounging on top of the water. Ears are pierced with a pearl earring on both ear lobe. Around her neck is a simple seashell with some sort of symbol on it.

Sea form: This is Lena's natural form
Her hair becomes a bit more messy flowing down to her back, and a lot more wavy. Often obtaining light blue highlights and tips. She grows to about 5'8 in this form with the length of her tail though usually with this form she's not standing. Her tail is a deep blue from her waist, then slowly turns a bright cyan color at the end of her tail. When she's in her mermaid forms she tends to get a few scales that appear on her arm or one of her cheeks, that vanishes in her landform.

Clothing style: She wears a lot of loose clothes, specially shades of blue, shorts, and pajamas.

Personality traits: She's a rather lazy girl. That doesn't understand most things going on in the world today, specially electronics or the point of certain kinds of clothing. Often goes with the flow like if there's teasing going on she most likely will try to join in but it won't make sense. For her comebacks aren't really good. Minor wip

Optional pet: Doesn't have a pet but she befriended a rather nice dolphin in the sea that she often refers to people as her friend. Making the dolphin seem like an ordinary person instead of a dolphin.

Likes: Rainy days, her girlfriend, ice cream, couches, fluffy blankets, swimming, drama tv shows, forks.

Dislikes: humid weather, being dehydrated, cats, people who eat seafood in front of her, fishing nets.

Other things not stated:
  1. She's allergic to shellfish despite the fact that she comes from the ocean.
  2. It will take a while for her to dry when she is shifting between mermaid and human.
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Sorry for the absence holidays got me on lock down, we mostly need @Devil’sDarlin character now to start out


It’s Adventure Time
Empty your mind, be formless, shapeless — like water. Now you put water in a cup, it becomes the cup; You put water into a bottle it becomes the bottle; You put it in a teapot it becomes the teapot. Now water can flow or it can crash. Be water my friend :)

Full Name:
Marcus Dhelpir





Warlock (Human-Orc)

Stands 6'1" with a muscular figure but does't use it much as he prefers to use his spells instead of his muscles. Tusk like teeth that sprout from both sides of his mouth. Has a mohawk that stands about five inches above his head. Also has a nose piercing that has a metal ring occupying the the space on his nose. (Just look up Orc to see what I mean. He also prefers to wear leather jackets and t-shirts with jeans over anything. But when at home he likes to wear t-shirts with funny pop culture jokes on them. Along with funny fluffy dog slippers that seems like the opposite f what he would wear.

Personality traits:
Marcus is very chill and kind when talking to someone. Very few times has he lost his cool since he prefers to live a monk-like lifestyle. Marcus is also compassionate to mostly everyone but if he does feel like someone is in the wrong he'll point it out no questions asked. He does have an unhealthy habit of hoarding hence why his room is so cramped and smells terrible.

Optional Background:
Will be found out upon rp.

Video Games
Big Bang Theory
Spell Casting

Physical Confrontations
Peanuts (Allergic)
Loud Noises